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Mahek 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Mahek 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update. Mahek 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update Latest.

Mohit says i can marry sonal simplest, balwant says lock him in room, he is going mad. nehal says he isn’t always wrong, he is doing right. kanta says mohit you dont love sonal, you re favoring her, relations dont paintings like this, mansi says marriage takes place for life long. ravi says shetal wont allow this marriage occur and also you dont work, you dont earn then why anybody will provide you with woman? jeevan says dont ever say this again mohit, we are with sonal but you wont marry her, mohit says i’m able to not listen to you, jeevan is set to overcome him however ravi takes him away, mahek cries seeing all that.

Shaurya is in his restaurant and sees very much less clients, he recollects how buyers warned him to carry people to restraurant in any other case they may end deal, he has to offer cause to people. shaurya requires espresso. shaurya asks receptionist how lots billing took place today? she says bearly 10,000rs.

Mahek says to mohit that i recognise sonal is important however you cant cross towards own family like this. mohit says how are you going to say that when you went to shauya’s residence towards your family for man who doesnt love you but i recognise sonal due to the fact that childhood. mahek says you wont understand my motives, i recognise your feelings, i might be happy for you and sonal however you cant marry against circle of relatives’s desires, you cant marry with out their blessing, i went with shaurya due to the fact my mother in regulation blessed that relation but in case you marry sonal then our circle of relatives and sheetal aunty wont be given it, you have to flow ahead with your circle of relatives, i’m able to set the whole thing right but promise me to no longer do any mistake.

Mahek comes to sheetal. sheetal says mohit become behind sonal? for the reason that whilst this affair became occurring? your entire own family has affair occurring, i dont like kanta at all, i’ve grudge against her, i wont make her my inlaw. mahek says you saw how rohit beat sonal then why you are marrying her? sheetal says he is mba and earns 25lacs annually, sonal used to roam around with him, he just beat her, however i cant wreck marriage for that, i wont get appropriate man like him, my daughter will no longer get husband like that, once daughters start getting old, no person is prepared to marry them, i have talked to rohit however make your brother remember the fact that dont come close to sonal in any other case i’m able to beat him to pulp. sonal hears it and cries.

Mahek comes to kanta’s domestic. kanta says have you ever long past mad? sheetal might in no way come to be our inlaw, mahek says what must i do? i cant permit sonal’s existence to wreck, if mohit and sonal have determined to marry then i will be with them. mansi says we can no longer visit request sheetal. mahek says then i can go to police, i cant on my own make sonal and mohit marry but i cant allow sonal marry rohit. ravi says dont you understand what police do? they locked me jeevan without any reason, jeevan says police dont take any action, you maintain playing that. mahek unluckily leaves.

Shaurya is lamentably sitting in eating place at night time and recalls how his food isn’t serving precise as it lacks mahek’s flavor, how karona requested him to contain mahek in commercial enterprise, how mahek requested him to allow her work there. mahek comes there and sees sharya sitting alone. shaurya says you? he gets angry and asks what are you doing right here? mahek says i got here to fulfill you, i want your assist. shaurya says you wanted me to bring about proper path, wanted to make me proper guy from being animal, that character wishes her half of husband’s assist now? you wouldnt come to me without any motive, blo*dy middle magnificence. mahek says stop taunting me, i didnt come for myself,

Shaurya says you then could have come in your circle of relatives. mahek says i got here to take your assist to stop sonal’s marriage with that animal rohit. shaurya says i ought to cope with my issues, i dont have time to clear up your every day life issues, i helped her as soon as and what did i get in go back? even if i help her once more, what’s going to be my gain? mahek says what? shaurya says you are saying that i dont assist even myself with out advantage so tell me what is going to i get with the aid of assisting sonal? mahek says sonal’s life is going to be hell and you’re thinking about benefit? you went to conquer rohit however now when its time to help her for actual so you are backing away? your businessman awoke? blo*dy high elegance.

Shaurya says hey.. i went to conquer rohit, and what did ravi chacha do then? mahek comes nearer and says did you feel reality sour? shaurya appears away not capable of solution and says leave, i wont help. mahek brings chair and sits on it, she says i’m able to no longer move anywhere until you name police and prevent sonal’s marriage. shaurya tries to tug her however she says i wont cross anywhere, shaurya says maintain sitting right here, die here and i can make your grave right here only. mahek says i will become ghost and roam here, i will not leave you alone even then. shaurya sits on different seat and huffs in anger, he seems at mahek and she mischievously smirks at him. mahek receives up. shaurya asks in which are you going? mahek says i am hungry, i can cook dinner. shaurya says this is my inn, no longer your dhabba.

Mahek says these are my mom’s recipes, you stole them you thief, shaurya says how dare you call me thief, he attempts to drag her however she hits him with pan. shaurya grabs her arm and says go away, she says i wont move everywhere. she goes in kitchen and throws veggies on him, shaurya starts throwing vegetables on her too, mahek takes watermelon, shaurya says dont however mahek hits his arm with it, shaurya hits her head with tomato, they throw knife stand on floor too. mahek throws flour on shaurya. shaurya takes water jug and throws at mahek’s face, she begins nudging and pushing him away, they each pull and push each different, fighting like kids, they slip and falls on ground with shaurya lying on top of mahek, mahek tries to push shaurya away however shaurya pins her hand on ground and appears in her eyes, yeh ishq ha music plays, they’re lost in every other.

Shaurya laces his palms with mahek’s finger, pinning her hand to floor. shaurya leans into her, mahek closes her eyes watching for kiss, shaurya closes his eyes to and is nearly approximately to kiss her but mahek opens her eyes and appears away, she says what were you doing? shaurya says what did i do? mahek says dont take benefit of danger, first accept this relation, make me your complete spouse infront of all and then kiss me. shaurya says i can kiss you? you seem like fat cow, your face is like aloo paratha, mahek huffs and pushes him away however shaurya falls on her, mahek’s necklace gets caught in shaurya’s shirt’s button, they are attempting to free it, mahek says allow me do it, why you are in rush? are you scared? shaurya says why might i be scared?

Mahek says scared that you may now not receive with words but heartbeats tell the whole lot. shaurya jerks her necklace away and says cross for treatment of your brain, he receives up from floor. mahek gets up too. mahek comes in the back of shaurya however she slips and cuts her foot with knife mendacity on ground, she screams and sits down, she cries. shaurya sees her foot bleeding and says you’re a hassle your self and attracts problem. he sits down and holds her foot, hr brings chair and enables mahek to sit down on it, he holds her foot and says it’ll ache a little however i’m bandaging wound. he brings dettol and applies on wound, mahek screams in ache, shaurya says dont cry, mahek says i am not crying due to wound, please listen and assist my pal, you’ve got connections, please shop sonal, that rohit shouldnt marry sonal, sonal loves mohit, they have to marry each different. shaurya says mohit? mahek says sonal and mohit love every different, they need to marry, shaurya seems on.

Precap: Shaurya says to Mahek that lets go home, Mahek says home? will you take me to your home? Shaurya says you live there only? he smiles and lifts Mahek in his arms. Later Shaurya calls Mohit and says what you should have told you brother in law, you told that your sister? you should have told me that you want to marry? Mohit says you will help? Shaurya on condition, Mohit asks what i have to do? Shaurya says groom has to take bride away.


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