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Mahek 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Mahek 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update.Mahek 28th March 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Scene 1
shaurya lifts unconscious in his arms, tadap tadap ke iss dil se plays. shaurya asks mahek to open her eyes. shaurya brings her out of wooded area, he attempts to locate a few help. he brings her to his automobile and lies her in backseat, he says i wont permit whatever occur to you mahek, he cries for her. shaurya takes tissues and puts at it her wound on belly, he tries to forestall bleeding, mahek breaths closely, shaurya finds water bottle in automobile, he says not anything will occur mahek. he sprinkles water on her face and asks her to open eyes, he attempts to make her drink water however she lies limply. shaurya sees his automobile’s tyres punctured, he kicks it in frustration, he doesnt find his telephone in pocket. he comes in jungle and appears around for cellphone, he unearths his smartphone but its not working, shaurya leaves it. shaurya involves mahek again in automobile and says i wont allow whatever take place to you, he tries to forestall any automobile to help them, he pleads and begs cars to stop, she will be able to die but no person stops. shaurya brings mahek out of automobile, he runs from there with mahek in his hands. he tries to wake mahek up however remains subconscious.
Jeevan is crying and trying to find mahek on street. ravi and kanta comes there. kanta comes to jeevan and says you knew it turned into shaurya’s trick all alongside and you saved sitting in room? jeevan says i didnt know rohit and ajay had been right here too. kanta says i just recognize that its both shaurya’s fault or your fault, nothing must show up to her, ravi says i were given to recognize that they took mahek to faridabad, we could cross there. they sit in vehicle and begins driving looking to mahek.
Shaurya is strolling on road with mahek in his hands. he stops one automobile and begs him to help but man drives away. shaurya sits down and asks mahek to her eyes however she doesnt. shaurya lies her on road and says not anything will manifest. shaurya tries to take elevate from all people however is unsuccessful, his head is bleeding and paining too. he hugs mahek and appears round. he sees guradvarah on a ways end of road, he lifts mahek and begins taking her there.
Ravi and jeevan arrives near forest, they locate shaurya’s car on aspect of street.
shaurya comes to guradvarah with unconscious mahek in his arms. he pleads them to open doors, she will be able to die. monks open door for shaurya. shaurya sits on ground with mahek bleeding, he pleads priest to store mahek, he says keep my mahek.
Ravi and jeevan sees no one in automobile, they look for mahek around, he shout for her but doesnt discover her. ravi says this car’s tyre is punctured, kanta cries and sees blood stained tissues in automobile, she hysterically cries and says god i want my daughter again, all of them cry for mahek, kanta breakdowns. ravi screams for her, jeevan is helpless.

Shaurya lies mahek in room at guradvarah. priest says health center is a long way away from here and we cant go away till morning comes out, shaurya says why not? deliver any ambulance or something, priest says there may be protest going on toll road, we cant reach there now, and she isn’t in condition that you could elevate her and run together with her to health center, believe in god and we will strive our nice, he is going to bring medicines. shaurya helplessly seems at mahek, he rubs her fingers and says i wont let something show up to you mahek, open your eyes, we didnt same our things. he cries for her and cleanse her wound with antiseptic. priest says she has misplaced a lot blood but still respiration, it looks as if a few energy is preventing her from giving up, if blood stops oozing out then she could be saved. different man asks shaurya if he have to dress his wound? shaurya says no, she should come to be fine first, if she becomes first-rate then my wounds might be healed too. shaurya says to mahek that our fight is ultimate, you cant go away me until we complete our fight, you cant go away me, i wont allow you to go away me. priest offers kaada to shaurya and asks him to present to mahek, its true remedy. priest says to shaurya that you love your spouse loads, dont surrender, keep attempting, love has energy and god will listen to authentic love, prayers have biggest electricity so pray, shaurya sadly appears at mahek and attempts to make her drink kaada.

Police stops ravi and kanta and says there’s protest happening avenue, we have informed to find shaurya and mahek, you have to wait. kanta says i cant wait, she runs from there to discover mahek. jeevan and ravi looks on.
shaurya lies mahek’s head in his lap and caresses her head, he remembers their moments, their love confession. he silently cries and recollects their moments after marriage, how mahek got stabbed to save him. shaurya cries and says mahek dont leave me, i want you a lot, i did so much with you, i dont have proper to mention this but i like you lots, i definitely love you.

Scene 2
Police stops Ravi and Kanta and says there is protest going on road, we have informed to find Shaurya and Mahek, you have to wait. Kanta says i cant wait, she runs from there to find Mahek. Jeevan and Ravi looks on.
Shaurya lies Mahek’s head in his lap and caresses her head, he recalls their moments, their love confession. He silently cries and recalls their moments after marriage, how Mahek got stabbed to save him. Shaurya cries and says why you did it? why you came infront of me? Mahek please dont go, dont leave me, i need you a lot, i did so much with you, i dont have right to say this but i love you a lot, i really love you, please get fine for my sake, please dont give up, you cant deceive me like this. Shaurya keep sitting with Mahek’s head in his lap whole night. Morning breaks out, Shaurya sees sun rising, he puts Mahek’s head on pillow and goes from there.
Shaurya comes to Guradvarah’s prayer area, he close his eyes and prays to lord, he falls to his knees. he says I never requested for anything from anyone, I always snatched what I wanted but today when you are snatching my everything from so i am requesting you, I am pleading to give me my Mahek back, take anything from me in return but give her back to me.

Precap:  Shaurya comes to Mahek in Guradvarah’s room and sees her unconscious. Kanta comes there and says we are here to take Mahek to the hospital, Mahek is in this state because of your stubbornness, stubbornness which you identify as love, if you truly love Mahek then this time dont even be seen near Mahek, leave her and go away. Shaurya sadly looks at her.



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