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Mahek 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Mahek 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Mahek 29th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

Scene 1
Shaurya comes in prayer region of guradvarah and prays for mahek, he spread his palms in prayer, one flower falls in shaurya’s hand. priest comes there and says your prayer were given fulfilled, mahek has opened her eyes, shaurya gets emotional, he wipes his tears and runs to mahek.
Shaurya comes to mahek’s room and sees her starting eyes slowly. shaurya is unable to say something, he caresses her face, he lifts her and embraces her gently, mahek seems around and whispers water.. water.. shaurya lies her down and goes to carry water. shaurya brings water, he makes her lie on his lap and makes her drink water, he wipes her face as water falls from her mouth, he caresses her cheeks and says thank you.. mahek says whom you’re thanking? shaurya says dont realize, perhaps thanking you or maybe every body, or perhaps to god. priest comes there and says mahek your husband is specific, all of us loves but he has passionate love for you, he’s obsessed for you and god cant deny love like that. man comes there and informs that protest has stopped and roads are clean so we will take her to clinic. shaurya lifts mahek in his palms and says i by no means gave proper to each person to irritate me this an awful lot however i dont realize how i gave that proper to you, after you grow to be first-class, i’m able to take my revenge, mahek smiles however receives teary eyed, she lies her head on his shoulder and looks up at him, jo tu mera humdard hair.. suhana har dard hai..play.

  • Shaurya brings mahek out of guradavarah. kanta, ravi and jeevan comes there and sees mahek’s head mendacity on shaurya’s shoulder and slumbering. kanta takes mahek’s hand, mahek wakes up and is shocked to find her, kanta sees mahek wounded on belly, she asks ravi to take mahek. ravi takes mahek from shaurya. shaurya says be careful, wounds are clean. kanta says you have to know as you’ve got given the ones wounds, she asks ravi to take mahek to vehicle, shaurya says this was all due to the fact rohit and ajay.. kanta says dont even deliver your shadow close to mahek, you didnt depart any risk to hurt, you’ve got performed sufficient, mahek is on this state because of your stubbornness, stubbornness which you pick out as love, in case you surely take care of mahek then this time dont also be visible near mahek, depart her and depart. shaurya regrettably looks at her. shaurya says i will depart however now not now, as soon as her wounds heal then i’m able to go away her on my own however proper now she needs medical doctor, ravi says dont even touch her. kanta says we are right here to take her to sanatorium, you are the cause that she has were given wounds, dont even be visible near mahek, dont even consider her now. priest comes there and asks kanta why she is getting indignant on him? mahek were given saved due to his prayers, where will you find such loving husband for your daughter? kanta says husband? he isn’t her husband, he’s black mark in her life, she is in this country because of him, she says to shaurya that you without a doubt take care of mahek then dont you dare to be seen near mahek to any extent further, shaurya unluckily looks at mahek, mahek attempts to speak however cant form phrases. ravi and jeevan starts taking mahek from there, mahek alas maintain searching at shaurya. shaurya is pained to look her go. ravi makes her sit down in vehicle and leaves from there with mahek, shaurya seems on.

Mahek is added to kanta’s residence. medical doctor checks her and says thank god she got medical interest on time in any other case anybody may want to manifest. mohit says i can break legs of rohit and ajay, kanta says you wont try this, pd says so we ought to depart those animals unfastened? mahek says i wont take a seat quiet till i punish them, i need to file fir in opposition to them. kanta asks jeevan to file fir, i desire i ought to file fir against shaurya too. mahek says dont say that, not anything became shaurya’s mistake. kanta says each time shaurya comes close to you, it brings ache to you, you’re so blind in his love that you cant see it, dont you recall he delivered all troubles upon you? shaurya calls sonal but she cuts his call.
karona is bandaging shaurya’s head, shaurya is busy calling sonal. karona says permit me bandage your head first then name these important calls, what befell? how you got those wounds? tell me? shaurya sees sonal no longer picking his call, he leaves.

Scene 2
sonal says to kanta that mohit went to police station, they’ll take time to file fir. kanta asks if mahek’s smartphone is together with her? she says yes, kanta takes mahek’s telephone from her and says to mansi that placed this telephone away after switching it off, mahek desires rest and that i wont need shaurya to reach mahek by way of any approach. door knocks. sonal opens it and sees shaurya there. shaurya says i want to peer mahek. kanta says i asked you to no longer come here, why did you come? shaurya glares at her, he dodges her and goes upstairs, kanta runs at the back of him and says forestall.
Mahek is in her room, nehal says what if shaurya didnt reach in time to help you? mahek says i wish i could say way to him once. shaurya is available in her room, he sits beside her and asks mahek are you best? he puts hand on her face. mahek leans into his hand and shakes her head. kanta comes there and pushes shaurya away, shaurya falls down, kanta says what do you think about yourself you goon? you can come right here whenever you want? shaurya says i just desired to look if mahek is fine or now not. kanta says while you may remember the fact that she could be fine only when you go away her? move and die someplace away from her. mahek says please dont say that.

Kanta says whilst you’ll take into account that he’s cause at the back of all your pain? ajay, media and all different issues have been introduced to you because of him, his dying got here to as much as him but you stood inbetween them and were given hurt. this shaurya isn’t best black from heart but even his destiny and luck is evil, he is the evil of you lifestyles, mahek is pained to pay attention all this approximately him. pd says what language are you talking kanta? why you are announcing such awful phrases? cant you see how a great deal they love every other? they positioned their lives in chance to shop each other. kanta says you have got seen too many movies, if this guy remains in mahek’s existence then she can remain in pain only. mahek says dont say that, if shaurya was not gift final night time then.. she grunts and screams in pain. shaurya runs to her facet and cups her face. pd asks mansi to take kanta out of room, mansi takes her away. nehal says that ajay and rohit should burn in hell, mahek has accidents on her entire body. mahek says no they’ll be punished on this life only, they must pay for his or her deeds. mahek says they have to be punished in such manner that they assume thousand instances before misbehaving and abusing any other woman ever. shaurya hears it and thinks approximately it. mahek holds shaurya’s hand and squeezes it, shaurya seems on and leaves from there.

Ajay and rohit are with sheetal, sheetal says dont fear, i’ve requested my cousin, he’s going to disguise you both in mandir and will make you both move bald and then shaurya wont be able to locate you. rohit says if there could be any problem? sheetal says no, nobody will find you each. shaurya comes there. he brings out iron rod from his car and begins beating them, shaurya says i can beat you each so much today which you would in no way ever consider harassing any woman. sheetal screams for help and says is there no law and order right here? shaurya ties rohit and ajay’s palms, he puts them in vehicle and leaves.


precap- shaurya brings rohit and ajay outdoor mahek’s house. he drags and throws them in mahek’s toes, mahek seems at him a bit proud. nehal says he loves her so much that he did this for her. kanta says this is not love but natural insanity, his obsession is so excessive that if anything comes inbetween then now not simplest it’ll burn down mahek however will burn us all too, we ought to stop his obsession, mahek appears at her tensely.



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