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Mahek 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Mahek 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update. Mahek 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Scene 1
Mahek and shaurya are in white chilies. mahek is trying to take field from shelf in kitchen however her hand doesnt reach there, shaurya comes behind her, he’s taking box. mahek turns round and sees shaurya lovingly searching at her, shaurya gives the box, she hesitantly takes it, shaurya begins transferring toward her, mahek movements returned, her back strikes with kitchen slab, mahek seems faraway from shaurya, tere sang yara performs.


Full Details of Mahek 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Shaurya turns to leave but coughs and loses balance, he is ready to fall however mahek rushes to him and grabs his face, she seems at him with challenge, mahek will become aware and actions away. mahek asks shaurya to head and relaxation. shaurya is going and sits outdoor kitchen, he maintain looking at mahek. mahek brings kada again and says dont spill it again, drink it, shaurya take it, mahek says drink! shaurya looks at her with pleading eyes, he liquids one sip and says its very sour, i cant drink it. mahek takes glass from him, she forcefully makes him drink and says this is remedy now not your restaurant’s dish, she smiles at him however it fades away, she seems at him and wipes his mouth with her dupatta, she recollects munjal’s phrases that he killed her dad and mom, she turns to go away, shaurya holds her hand and says what can i do to make you forgive me? i cant live like this, what do you need? why did you come back right here? mahek tries to leave but shaurya pulls her closer and says i’m a bad man, you dont need to peer my face?


I simplest do errors right? then why did you come? why did it rely that if i didnt comeback domestic? if i died? how does it depend? mahek says i am no longer like you, if whatever happens to you due to me then i wont be capable of forgive myself, i cant will let you die too, she actions away from him and says i’m going domestic, till day after today you may be quality, goodnight. she turns to leave however shaurya gets dizzy and falls down. mahek turns and is taken aback to look him mendacity on floor, she rushes to him and says your fever has elevated, she takes off his shoes, covers him with sheet, shaurya seems at her with dizzy eyes, mahek brings water, she wets her dupatta nook and places at his head, she says you’ll be nice simply concentrate to me, mahek rubs shaurya’s hands and assessments his fever, mahek makes treatment for him, she opens her shirt’s buttons and applies remedy on his chest, tai hai performs. mahek maintain tending him complete night, mahek applies cream on his chest and attempts to transport away but shaurya’s holds her hand and says now you may by no means be capable of love me ever, mahek says take relaxation, shaurya says forgive me, i like you, he falls asleep even as mahek cries.

In morning, shaurya is napping on floor at the same time as mahek is mendacity her head on his chest and dozing in his arms. shaurya wakes up and sees mahek in his palms, he smiles and kisses her hand, mahek will become extra comfy in his fingers, shaurya kisses her brow, he keep searching at her dozing face and caresses her face, muhj mein raha sada performs. mahek wakes up and sees shaurya close, she says what are you doing? she pushes him away and runs out.
Kanta is working at meals truck, she sees mahek walking faraway from shaurya and crying. she says why are they going for walks? jeevan and ravi comes there. jeevan asks kanta if there is any problem? kanta says not anything, mahek can be coming together with her husband today then we should be in house, they agree and leaves.


Mahek comes to house and thinks this wouldnt have happened, it was wrong. shaurya comes there and says pay attention to me, mahek says despite the fact that i try to forgive you, you do something so awful that i cant even see your face. karona brings cellphone there, she gives it to mahek and says its kanta. kanta asks mahek to come domestic with shaurya for pag phera ritual, mahek says k we can come, she offers smartphone to karona, karona leaves.


At sharma residence, all are decorating, ravi is dancing. mansi says kanta doesnt even give time for decorations, she asks ravi to dance when shaurya and mahek comes here, ravi says you dance with me too. jeevan asks mohit if he is aware of wherein is pant’s elastic? mohit says no, jeevan searches for kanta.


Last Part of Mahek 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Mahek says to shaurya that tomorrow is our pag phera(first time bride and groom going bride’s house after wedding ceremony) and i informed kanta that we are coming however in case you dont want to move then i will inform them some lie. shaurya says i’m able to go with you, mahek says that doesnt mean that i’ve forgiven you, we’re residing a lie due to handiest my circle of relatives’s happiness, shaurya says i recognise you believe you studied like that however i will change your questioning due to the fact not anything is larger fact to me than our love, mahek takes to the air her hand from shaurya’s, shaurya leaves. mahek weeps.


Precap- Shaurya and mahek involves sharma house for pag phera. mahek tries to smile however seems at shaurya with harshness. kanta does their aarti and thinks what is trouble among them? i will discover nowadays.


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