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Mahek 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Mahek 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Mahek 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update.

Scene 1
Nehal is in kitchen, mahek comes there and asks what are you doing? nehal says i am hungry and i’m weight-reduction plan too, mahek asis if she will devour bread roll? mahek starts making it, nehal says i am on eating regimen. mahek says i’ve answer for your food regimen, i’m able to make in fortune oil with the intention to make you healthy simplest. mahek smiles and begins cooking, nehal says thanks, its accurate that i will consume and may be careful approximately my pores and skin. sonal comes there and says there’s shaurya’s interview in newspaper, mahek says i understand everything about shaurya so it doesnt count number, sonal says definitely? then tell me what’s it these days? mahek says not anything, sonal says intellectual case these days is your darling husband’s birthday, mahek receives tensed.

Full Details of Mahek 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Shaurya comes out of house, he looks like someone is watching him. mahek calls him, he takes name and asks yes my love? she says we need to go to buying, he says k i’m able to come, she ends call. mahek says to sonal and nehal that i can take shaurya to shopping, you arrange for celebration in the back of his back, they nod.
Shaurya and mahek are in marketplace and shopping. shaurya preserve looking behind him, mahek asks if he is looking ahead to a person to come? shaurya jokes that some vintage female friend is following me and i dont need her to satisfy you, mahek says sincerely? ex-lady friend? shall we go now. mahek and shaurya comes in shop, mahek says you recognize in youth i used to have fun on my birthdays but when my parents died, i misplaced faith in birthdays but then kanta chachi took responsibility of making my birthdays a laugh, you already know birthdays are critical for me, i plan for them a lot, what you used to do to your birthdays? shaurya ignores her question, he gives her sleeveless gown and says that is exceptional, try it, mahek takes it from him and says ok permit me attempt. someone is spying on them continuously. mahek is available in trial room and says i am giving him birthday recommendations but he is idiot. nehal calls mahek and asks if she were given to recognize some thing? mahek says he didnt speak approximately his birthday, nehal says how can we understand if he has any birthday plans? mahek says you just prepare for his party, i will convey him home in a single hour, nehal nods and leaves. mahek wears gown and tries to zip it up however zip breaks, she says oh god how did it ruin? shaurya comes there in trial room and covers her along with his coat, he brings safety pin and stitches robe’s returned, mahek says i’m able to do it, shaurya says dont fear i have a lot of enjoy. shaurya ties her robe and says i sense my love is making you extra beautiful and s*xy, he pulls her nearer and smiles, she blushes, kaise mujhe tum mil gayen performs as they share eyelock, shaurya leans in towards her lips however mahek lightly pushes him away, she runs away being shy, shaurya smiles.

Mahek comes out of shop and says i must pass one hour as nehal is making ready for birthday celebration, she sees ice-cream stall and says to shaurya that i need to devour ice-cream, shaurya says i’m able to positioned shopping baggage in car and could come. shaurya involves his vehicle and sees equal car which had attempted to hit mahek earlier, he sees car wide variety and says its equal ambassador automobile that attempted to hit mahek, he runs in the back of car but car drives away. mahek comes to him and asks what he’s doing here? shaurya says i advised you about my ex-female friend, i used to be seeing her off, mahek says you’re mad and laughs.

Nehal and mohit are decorating shaurya’s residence living room, svetlana comes there and asks why they’re getting ready all of this? are you coming right here with mahek too? nehal says we are making ready for shaurya’s birthday celebration, svetlana says truly? so that it will be brilliant, shaurya may be so amazed and satisfied, she leaves, nehal asks how she have become so sweet all of a sudden? svetlana thinks that shaurya will provide them quite a marvel.

Shaurya buys chaat for mahek. mahek calls nehal and says how much time will they take? nehal says half of an hour, mahek says i’m stalling shaurya here, she sees shaurya coming and ends call. shaurya comes there and says first ice-cream and now chaat? i feel such as you now not most effective like to cook however you consume loads too, mahek says i am from true magnificence family so dont you my appetite, he laughs and shares chaat along with her.

Scene 2
karona comes domestic and sees it embellished, she asks what is this for? nehal says its shaurya’s birthday so we’ve arranged surprise birthday party for him, karona gets concerned and says but shaurya.. they hear shaurya’s automobile horn, nehal says he’s here, transfer off the lights, karona attempts to prevent however they transfer it off. shaurya and mahek enters house. mahek and circle of relatives surprises shaurya on his birthday. shaurya sees complete room adorned with balloons and ribbons, he sees cake and gets indignant, mahek says surprise and claps for him. shaurya kicks cake away and tears all decoration, he grabs mahek’s shoulders and yells how dare you do all this? on whose announcing you did all of it? who asked you to do that? mahek gets scared seeing him that an awful lot indignant. he shoves her. shaureya leaves in anger. svetlana says to herself that it changed into a very good surprise for sure. karona says i’m sorry however shaurya doesnt celebrate his birthday as nowadays his mother died too. mahek is stunned. svetlana enjoys the drama and smirks.

Shaurya is using vehicle at high pace. mahek follows him on her scooty and shouts for him to stop.
karona apologizes to kanta for shaurya’s conduct, kanta says shaurya is our son in law too, we adore his goodness so we can endure his awful aspect too, kanta leaves along with her own family. svetlana comes there and asks if she will eat food? karona says why you didnt stop them whilst you knew everything? svetlana says i couldnt leave out this properly drama and i didnt realize that shaurya nonetheless miss his mother and its weird that he nevertheless keep in mind her and you don’t have any cost in his life, you wasted your motherly love on him, karona receives call, she gets tensed and leaves, svetlana says who referred to as her that she left with out caution to throw me out of residence?
Mahek comes infront of shaurya’s vehicle, shaurya stops his car. mahek brings shaurya out of his car and says i’m sorry, i didnt nowadays.. i’m sorry, we didnt want to hurt you, i did mistake but please achieved go away from me, mahek cups his face however shaurya pushes her hands away and says i cant neglect these days, these days years returned i lost everything, mahek tries to cup his face, he holds her palms and says i am sorry, i were given angry on you but there’s hatred in me that’s like fire and doesnt let me live peacefully, mahek weeps seeing his nation. shaurya says i turns into a man that tries to push human beings away to punish myself, i will come to be that man anywhere, mahek pulls him closer and hugs him tightly, she says its okay, in case you get angry then show it, dont maintain it inside you.

Shaurya and mahek enjoys tea on tea stall, shaurya thank you her, she says welcome. shaurya sees karona leaving in a cab, shaurya says wherein is she going at night time? she was no longer at home entire day too, shall we move there, mahek says we shouldnt follow her, shaurya says sit down in automobile and shall we power.

Last Part of Mahek 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

An vintage female sits in karona’s toes and pleads, she cries and says beat me as oftentimes as you need however just permit me see lalla(puppy name for shaurya) once and i can depart. shaurya and mahek comes there, shaurya is taken aback to peer woman and says grandma? karona is shocked to see him there.

Mahek 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap- Shaurya comes to karona and says you said that grandma had twist of fate then what is this? you knew the whole lot but even then you definitely lied to me? she became alive a lot of these but you kept mendacity, why did you lie to me karona receives tensed.

Update Credit To: Aneeta

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