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Mahek 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Mahek 30th March 2017 Written Episode Updates. Mahek 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update.

Scene 1
Shaurya brings rohit and ajay outdoor mahek’s house. he drags and throws them in mahek’s toes, mahek appears at him a bit proud. ,, police comes there, ajay says inspector keep us, he beat us so bad. shaurya grabs their collars and says i will punish you both, i wont spare you. mahek says shaurya thank you but let police do their work. shaurya nods and pushes them away. inspector says to shaurya which you are eye witness so you must come with us, it’ll advantage case. shaurya looks at mahek intensely, kanta sees this, shaurya turns and leaves. mahek is emotional. nehal says he loves her a lot that he did this for her. kanta says this isn’t love however natural madness, his obsession is so high that if something comes inbetween then no longer simplest it will burn down mahek but will burn us all too, we ought to prevent his obsession, mahek looks at her tensely.

  • At night time, sonal and nehal are with mahek. nehal mimics shaurya and says love have to have intensity, he beat them so properly, sonal says he taught them best lesson. mahek says dont say lots, if kanta hears it then you each will crushed greater badly than ajay and rohit. mahek gets shaurya’s name, she blushes and is going on terrace to take name. sonal teases her this is it your non-public bodyguard calling? mahek takes call and asks is he high-quality? shaurya says its approximately you, are you first-rate? if you are first-class then i might be quality too. mahek is stunned to pay attention it, she tries to control her smile but cant. mahek says i am first-class, sonal and nehal had been praising you. shaurya says they’re my fan however i might be glad whilst kanta praises me, i want to speak to you, can you come down your road? mahek sees him standing outside her residence, she says you’ve got commenced on my road once more? go away, shaurya says i want to speak to you, mahek says we cant talk, we need to continue to be away for few days. shaurya says i’ve to talk to you and i can communicate if no longer these days then perhaps tomorrow however i will, you go to sleep. mahek appears at him alas from window. shaurya begins leaving. kanta comes out to throw away trash and sees shaurya leaving and mahek standing near window, she seems on.

Karona calls commissioner and says you understand shaurya’s anger, i will make him understand. shaurya comes there. she ends name and says did you go to meet mahek? is she fine? shaurya says she is nice, cross and meet her quickly, she will get happy to look you. karona says you care for her that lots? that you may positioned yourself in threat? that you could risk whatever for her however you cant say easy sorry to her? you probably did mistake by leaving her at wedding ceremony adjust so why now not express regret to her? shaurya says i’m attempting to reveal her that i’m repenting my mistake, i dont ought to verbally say it, we fight with our close ones however we win them another time, they’re my personal human beings so i’m able to repent the entirety. karona says i am a lady, i understand you should flippantly take a seat down with her and tell her gently about your errors, this manner her circle of relatives can have peace too, they’ll get to understand which you realise your mistake. shaurya says if i needed to calm explain the whole lot, if i needed to be gentle in love then i wouldnt be shaurya khanna, he leaves, karona seems on.

Kanta is not able to sleep and says this shaurya khanna is way worse then eclipse for moon, dont know how we will get free from this evil shaurya. she remembers how shaurya beat rohit and ajay and the way he got here at night time to fulfill mahek. she says i need to locate somehow.

In morning, mahek is serving meals to own family. sonal asks her to sit down down, you aren’t totally excellent. jeevan asks kanta to come and feature breakfast. he asks mohit to move and search for her, mohit says let me eat, i must look like i’m from suitable magnificence family, he is going to see kanta. mansi asks mahek to no longer do an awful lot movements. ravi says in case you dont sit down now then i wont assist you to come to meals truck, mahek says dont worry, i am nice. mohit comes and says kanta isn’t seen everywhere. kanta comes there, jeevan asks in which she became? kanta says i was right here handiest, shall we visit paintings.

  • Shaurya is at his restaurant, he’s rehearsing what he’s going to say to mahek, he says i’m able to ask her how she is, no i will ask how she is doing, no thats pathetic line, i can inform her that i want to talk to her, thats suitable. vicky comes there with group of workers, shaurya says you all are overdue, vicky says why did you name us early morning is there any function? shaurya says something like that, did you bring stuff? he says yes.

mahek comes to food truck together with her own family. they see whole food truck adorned with vegetation and board there saying ‘welcome back mahek’. nehal says wow what a love, this love isn’t easy but its going to sail. shaurya comes there and says mahek i want to talk to you, kanta says dont even come near her, shaurya says i just need to speak to her, i got here closing night too, i will communicate to her infront of you all too. kanta says she is not going to talk to you, go away her on my own. shaurya says i can talk to her and thats very last, he grabs mahek’s hand and says i need to speak. mahek says go away my hand, dont misbehave, shaurya says if you are embarrassed to talk infront of they all then we could cross interior my restaurant and talk, i will see to it who dares to prevent me, he glares at kanta.



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