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Mahek 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Mahek 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Mahek 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update.

Scene 1
shaurya says grandma? all look on, karona is greatly surprised, mahek says shaurya’s grandma? grandma attempts to run but shaurya stops her, grandma cries seeing him, she says god you should have taken me to you, she cries, shaurya asks her to inform what goes on? wherein were you? grandma says no i cant.. shaurya comes to karona and says you said that grandma had coincidence then what’s this? what is going on? you knew the whole lot however even you then lied to me? she became alive these types of but you saved mendacity, why did you mislead me karona receives tensed. grandma feels dizzy seeing all this, she faints, mahek shouts grandma.. shaurya runs to her, mahek and shaurya is going to grandma, shaurya asks her to awaken.. shaurya puts grandma in automobile, karona and mahek sits too. karona angrily glares at grandma.

Full Details of Mahek 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Grandma is mendacity in room in shaurya’s house and medical doctor is checking her. karona says i’m sorry shaurya, shaurya says i need solutions about why you lied to me for years? mahek says atleast deliver chance to maa to inform you her aspect of story. karona unfortunately leaves, shaurya is going at the back of her. medical doctor asks mahek to assist him get dressed grandma’s wounds.
Shaurya involves karona and says why you kept this a good deal vital from me? karona says not the entirety is simple, i desired to tell you but.. shaurya says however you didnt tell me, you have become that plenty egocentric? mahek comes there and sternly says shaurya! will you assert some thing in anger? shaurya looks down and leaves. mahek hugs karona, karona cries.
Shaurya comes to his room, mahek comes there, he says depart me by myself, mahek says i wont go away, i could be with you, shaurya says i dont need you, depart me on my own, mahek hugs him from behind and says however i need you, she holds his hand tightly and hugs him, tum hi ho instrumental performs, mahek turns him round and hugs him tightly, she consoles him, he close his eyes and attempts to loosen up, mahek cups his face and asks him to sit down, he does. mahek sits on her knees infront of her, he asks how is grandma? mahek says she is vulnerable due to no longer get right vitamins however she might be best, shaurya says i cherished karona like my mother however she disowned me today, mahek says she have to have helplessness, try to understand her, shaurya says she should have requested me to help her, i’m able to deal with my grandma, mahek says you want to cool down after which talk to them, calm down and then go, servant comes and says grandma is looking you sir, shaurya leaves, mahek seems on.
mahek involves karona, karona wipes her tears and says dont understand where is harish, he turned into coming home nowadays. mahek pulls her in hug and says you are shaurya’s electricity for many years, whilst shaurya’s anger will calm down then he’s going to apologize and hug you, he loves you lots, karona says i didnt need to mislead shaurya however.. mahek says atleast tell me, karona says i wanted to store him, mahek says from whom? karona says from his past, you know i cant do horrific for him, i did everything to shield him from his past as.. she stops and thinks oh god i was approximately to say an excessive amount of, mahek asks her to say it, shaurya calls mahek and asks her to convey tea, karona says you pass mahek, we will speak later, mahek nods and leaves.

Mahek brings tea for grandma and shaurya, shaurya offers tea to grandma, shaurya says grandma that is mahek, your might be daughter in regulation, grandma says i’ve seen such lovely daughter in regulation that now i’m happy, shaurya says why you were hiding from me for decades? where have been you? karona thinks what if grandma tells him everything? grandma says i used to be simply wandering around, what may want to this vintage woman do. mahek says grandma i am positive shaurya is very happy to see you, shaurya asks grandma why she changed into pleading karona to allow her meet me? what secret you have been hiding? grandma says dont pressure me, my honor isn’t always plenty, i needed to go away you, how may want to boost you? how ought to i feed you? i am an old female and i couldnt upbring you but karona has given you such proper existence, she became god mother and did such best upbringing so i kept myself away. shaurya says you saved faraway from me, lived a bad existence only for me to have excellent life? now you’ll not depart, you may live with us here, mahek says yes, it seems like our own family is entire now with you here, we are able to start our new lifestyles along with your blessing, please stay here, karona is greatly surprised to listen it. shaurya asks karona to request her, karona receives tensed, grandma glares at her and shakes her head, karona says to grandma that live with us, shaurya says please, grandma gets worried and appears at karona. karona says we have to let grandma relaxation, you drop mahek to her domestic, he nods. mahek touches grandma’s toes, she blesses her, shaurya and mahek leaves. karona says to grandma that you have to depart from right here earlier than shaurya comes here, sufficient of your drama, i’ve given you money as an awful lot as you need, flashback suggests how there was usually grandma sitting in mysterious car, how it was her in vehicle that attempted to hit mahek, how karona become usually giving her money and grandma stored blackmailing her, karona says you go away, i dont want every person to recognize about shaurya’s beyond. grandma says if i open my mouth then your home will burn down, shaurya is my blood however i like money greater than my blood and some thing else, karona glares at her and leaves, grandma smirks.

Scene 2
Shaurya brings Mahek to her society, Mahek holds his hand and says sometimes we take decisions for our family that might hurt them but please gently talk to her, Shaurya says thank you, i try to give you happiness of world but at the end i just give you tension but you handle it, i love you. They hug each other and smile. Mahek pulls away and close your eyes, he does, she says i am coming. Mahek goes and brings chocolate pastry, she lights candle and asks him to open eyes, he does, Mahek says i know you never celebrated your birthday but today is special, you have got your grandma after many days so this day deserves to be celebrated, he smiles at her and takes knife, Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega plays as Shaurya blows candle and cuts cake, Mahek feeds him cake, Shaurya makes her eat too, they smile at each other. Shaurya says to Mahek that i am lucky to get sweet, mental life partner like you, Mahek smiles. Shaurya says remember I promised you that i will never leave you, now i want you to promise same, Mahek curls his lips into smile and says i promise to never leave you and be with you always, she winks at him and gives him flying kiss, she gets shy and runs away, Shaurya laughs.

Last Part of Mahek 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Svetlana comes to grandma’s room, she throws away blanket and her tea cup, she grabs her hand, Svetlana says to grandma that do this acting infront of your grandson, it wont work with me, she drags her to door and says your grandson has taken money from this house more than his standard,, i will not bare you in this house, i will throw you out and wont let you take a single penny from here, she pushes her out of room but Gradma comes there again, Grandma says listen carefully, my grandson’s mind can be filled easily and he can throw you out in a blink so if you are evil then I am more evil and can destroy whole house, i have come here after 10 years so i am not going back without money, i would take some amount for sure, Svetlana glares at her.

Mahek 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update PRECAP- Kanta gives will to Shaurya and says take these papers back, Shaurya says not only property but my whole life is in Mahek’s name so I dont care about my wealth being hers. Kanta says I am scared about Mahek, if she gets to know that I demanded you to give your property to Mahek then she will be miffed with me a lot. Kanta turns and sees Mahek standing on door in tears, they are stunned.

Update Credit To: Aditiya

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