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Mahek 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Mahek 4th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Mahek 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
Shaurya is riding his car in daze. he stops on aspect and calls, he says on call that i need to satisfy you, come to domestic and meet silently.
shaurya involves his home and practices what he’s going to say to mahek. he says i will say ‘mahek i really like you’ however its simple, i can say that mahek i cant live with out you, my heartbeat has your call on it, no that is cheap line. mohit and sonal comes there. shaurya doesnt see them and maintain rehearsing, he says mahek i would make portrait of you if i was painter, i would provide you with inns, he turns and sees mohit and sonal there, shaurya says do something, help me to convince mahek, i am your brother in law, mohit says shall we assist you, sonal says what approximately kanta’s restraining order? shaurya says i have an concept however i need your assist.


More Details of Mahek 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

In mahek’s society, mahek is serving meals to humans. ratan comes there and says i’ve were given large catering order for mata ki chowki, they are wealthy humans, kanta says why they’ve referred to as you ? ratan says that your food truck and mahek’s meals is getting well-known, kanta says i experience like shaurya is worried in this, nehal says this is limit of doubting, you sense like everything is performed by shaurya, ratan asks if he ought to verify catering order? ravi says why no longer, take this order, we are able to visit mata ki chowki.
Mahek’s circle of relatives involves mata ki chowki to cook food, all start chanting and singing bhajan for maa in mata ki chowki. mohit and sonal are tensed. sonal says shaurya gave us contract and called us here however he didnt come here. shaurya is available in mata ki chowki. mahek is cooking food with kanta in kitchen. she sees shaurya’s back and sees him entering there, she gets tensed and appears if kanta saw him however kanta is busy in cooking. mahek comes out of kitchen and looks around to search for shaurya however he’s hiding from right here and sees her searching around for him, mahek turns to look if he is status in the back of her however he hides. mahek leaves.
Mahek starts serving meals to humans, mahek turns and shaurya comes infront of her, mahek’s jaw hangs open seeing him. mahek attempts to ignore him, he smiles at her.. janam dekhlo mit gayi dooriyan.. main yahan hoon yahan.. performs, mahek serves human beings meals and shaurya preserve following her and smiling at her, mahek turns and sees shaurya gone.. she realizes she turned into dreaming approximately shaurya. mahek shakes her head and serves human beings, she maintain hallucinating approximately him, imagining him everywhere, she says i have gone mad, why i’m seeing shaurya anywhere? she gets angry. mahek is available in kitchen and shaurya pulls her nearer, she sys what are you doing here? shaurya says its not me here, its my ghost. mahek says how did you come back here? shaurya says i arranged this mata ki chowki so we will meet, mahek says what? you have to live from me, if chachi sees then you definately she will be able to send you to prison, shaurya says in case you need me to head away then i can depart but i wont visit jail on your chachi’s pronouncing, i couldnt whole what i desired to in theater, mahek says permit me go, please apprehend. shaurya says look in my eyes, he cups her face and mahek i.. mahek sees kanta coming there, she tries to move far from shaurya. mahek stand in door of kitchen and shaurya is hiding behind door and keeping mahek’s hand. kanta comes there and asks why you’re standing here? mahek says i came to top off dish, kanta says i can fill my dish too, mahek says no, no, i will bring it, kanta asks if the entirety is first-rate? mahek says sure, please move, shaurya smirks and kisses mahek’s hand he’s still protecting, mahek gulps. kanta leaves. mahek involves shaurya and says please leave for my sake, i wont be able to see you visit jail, please depart for me, she starts crying, shaurya wipes her tears and says you have got shed many tears for me, i’m leaving for you however i promise you that earlier than nowadays ends, i will say what i wanted to say, he sees mahek conserving pasrad in her hand, he holds her hand and eats parsad from mahek’s hand and says now you have got fed me parsad too so i can see which restraining order can prevent me from assembly you, he caresses her and says i can see you. shaurya goes out of kitchen and turns to go away but strikes with kanta, mahek receives tensed seeing but kanta doesnt see shaurya, shaurya is going to wish to mata, kanta turns to leave but gets dubious, she sees someone standing near mata’s idol, she is going and pulls man towards him but its not shaurya, mahek have sigh of remedy considering the fact that kanta didnt catch shaurya.
Scene 2
Sharma own family comes to station to visit domestic, ravi says it become top day, kanta says even i sense it turned into exact day, ravi says you were taking anxiety, mahek is strolling in daze and recalls her assembly with shaurya, kanta says parsad become accurate, mahek recalls how shaury ate parsad from her hand. mohit whispers to sonal that i notion shaurya might mahek. mahek sees them talking in hushed tone, she says you each romance later, lets get to educate, all family individuals move towards teach, mahek stops feeling like shaurya is close to, she turns to look if he’s there.. she says shaurya.. she doesnt see him everywhere and is going to teach. mahek stands in bullet train along with her family but sees someone shouting at her and pronouncing her telephone is with him, he asks mahek to return and take her cellphone, mahek says to circle of relatives that i can be again, mahek comes out train and is going to guy to take her cellphone, he offers her phone but mahek says this isnt my cellphone, man says sure i understand this is my phone, mahek turns to back interior train once more but sees educate’s door final and its leaving, family is shouting for mahek, mahek is shocked to peer schooling leaving from station with out her, mahek runs in the direction of educate, she attempts to prevent it however train leaves. mahek gets concerned. in educate, kanta panics for mahek and says is this going on due to shaurya? ravi says you act like shaurya is railway chairman, kanta says to mohit that you get down on subsequent station. she calls mahek, mahek says i am excellent, i’m taking every other metro teach, kanta says dont worry, we’re coming lower back to you, she ends name.


Last Part of Mahek 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek sees educate at station, she tries to move closer to it but someone pulls her inner. mahek stumbles and falls in shaurya’s arm as he has pulled her in train that is all embellished with roses, crimson heart-fashioned balloons and mahek’s images, they’re by myself in teach, shaurya smiles at her while she is in shock, kuch kuch hota hai instrumental song plays.


Precap- Precap of Mahek 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update. shaurya says to mahek in bullet train that i deliberate all this today to show you that i will love you for my whole life, i will love you till i breath, i love you mahek, he cups her mahek, mahek is in daze listening to all this. later inspector comes to shaurya’s residence and says you broke limits of restraining order, karona says what is all this shaurya? inspector says we need to arrest shaurya, shaurya seems on.


Update Credit To: Aditiya


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