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Mahek 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Mahek 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Mahek 5th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Scene 1
Balwant and pd are crying seeing mahek’s mother and father photograph, ravi comes there and asks why they are crying? balwant says these days is sushel’s this is mahek’s father, its his birthday today and today is mahek’s pag phera too, they havent left us, they’re with us, we cant see them but they deliver us blessing thats why mahek has were given such first-class inlaws and is so glad.


Full Details of Mahek 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Mahek is available in front room after getting ready. karona asks her to comeback domestic with shaurya, mahek says if i do something like that then my own family will be hurt so i wont do it. karona says forgive shaurya, she folds her arms and says forgive us, we did mistake, mahek says dont apologize, most effective bless me, karona says i constantly repent that day, if i didnt permit shaurya that day to take care with grandma then this wouldnt have befell. mahek says i am more harm with truth that you humans used money and closed this situation, the whole lot is fine in your global but my world got destroyed, how can i overlook and forgive that? mohit comes there and asks mahek to come with him, mahek touches karona’s toes and leaves with shaurya ready outdoor for her.


Shaurya and mahek comes to sharma residence, there’s tune playing there to welcome them. nehal takes selfie with them. kanta says its time for aarti, mahek silently glares at shaurya, kanta notices it, kanta does their aarti, she makes them consume sweets. own family takes photos with couple, kanta says we could pass interior residence.
all are consuming refreshment in sharma house. mahek and shaurya sit down awkwardly with each other, kanta hold looking them. kanta says i’ve talked to karona, you each will live the night time here, mahek says no we can depart after dinner, kanta says why you dont need to live? mahek triesto protest however shaurya holds her hand and says we can live right here and have a laugh, mahek says okay we are able to stay. nehal says we’ve carried out many arrangement to spend night time, shall we go.


Sharma own family sits down to play reality or dare. nehal spins the bottle, it stops on ravi. ravi says superb, what i ought to do? mohit says i can come up with dare, nehal says you have to kiss mansi infront of every person, ravi says i can satisfy this wish, mansi get geared up for the kiss of millinium, he leans in and offers a % on her cheek, she blushes. nehal spins bottle and prevents on jeevan, pd asks him to sing for kanta, jeevan says i dont even sing in washroom, i cant, pd says just sing. jeevan sings yeh reshmi zulfein, all clap for him. nehal spins bottle again. shaurya and mahek stocks nerve-racking glances. bottle stops at shaurya, sonal says we must make shaurya dance, nehal says no we need to ask weird query to him. kanta asks shaurya if he can solution her question? shaurya says sure, kanta says what do you believe you studied of mahek? tell me absolutely, mahek says why you’re asking it? kanta says its smooth question. shaurya says its now not huge deal that i love mahek because absolutely everyone can love mahek, she will even love human beings who have hurt her, mahek is my love because mahek herself is love, all clap for him. kanta says shaurya should be winner as he responded so nicely. mahek looks away from shaurya and appears down. nehal spins bottle and it stops on mahek, nehal says its mahek’s dare to have romantic dance with shaurya. jeevan asks couple to arise. shaurya gets up and gives his hand to mahek, mahek gives faux smileand relutantly takes his hand, shaurya allows her to rise up. mohit performs primary phir bhi tumko chahunga. shaurya places hand round mahek’s waist and caresses her face, he pulls her nearer and slowly starts swaying along with her, he laces his palms with mahek’s palms and smiles at her lovingly, mahek seems in his eyes and is misplaced in them, shaurya caresses her face, mahek close her eyes feeling his hands, shaurya leans in and touches their forehead together, he pulls her closer, mahek puts hand on his cheek and lovingly dances with him, every body claps for them. mahek gets conscious, she actions away and says i will convey some thing to devour.


Scene 2
At night, kanta comes to her room and is tensed. jeevan asks if each person slept? she says i was worried, jeevan asks why? kanta says i felt shaurya and mahek little off, when I saw leaving white chilies, i had doubts but i noticed them collectively so its high-quality. jeevan says love and fights occur in new marriages, you used to fight with me so much, kanta glares at him, jeevan is going to sleep. kanta is still worried.


In mahek’s room, mahek says to shaurya that you sleep on bed, i’m able to sleep on floor, shaurya says mattress is yours so you sleep there, i can sleep on floor, mahek nods. mahek starts offevolved to go to mattress but she feels someone status outdoor door, she thinks seems like a person is making an attempt to listen our speak. mahek comes to shaurya and hugs him from at the back of, she says infant please, shaurya freezes. mahek says i wont comeback domestic soon, she kisses shaurya’s cheek and whispers that a person is outdoor door, she gives him a p.c. and asks if she will be able to call? shaurya says sure sweetheart, i have placed bed on floor for mohit and nehal, call them we are able to enjoy entire night time. mahek opens door and unearths kanta and jeevan outdoor, mahek says i used to be going to call everyone, come inside.


Last Part of Mahek 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update
Mahek calls entire own family in her room, all are laughing and talking, mahek and shaurya regrettably eyelock. mahek lies her head on kanta’s lap and thinks till whilst i’m able to conceal this reality from these humans? shaurya lies his head on jeevan’s lap and sleeps, kanta says mahek is lucky to get shaurya, jeevan says shaurya is fortunate too, mahek silently weeps hearing it.


Precap- Kanta sees papers which states that shaurya killed mahek’s parents, she is bowled over.
Kanta involves shaurya and slaps him difficult. jeevan asks what are you doing? kanta says he is killer of meera and sushel, all are greatly surprised, mahek gets tensed.


Update Credit To: Aditiya


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