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Mahek 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Mahek 6th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Mahek 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


Scene 1
shaurya says to media that i was residing in my ego however mahek has broken via arrogance, mahek is cause at the back of my restaurant’s fulfillment, meera sharma and sharma own family is behind its fulfillment and for mahek’s past due mother, i need to do something. shaurya says to honor meera sharma and her recipes, i’ve taken permission from municipal agency, from now this avenue of antique delhi might be on meera sharma’s call, it is going to be referred to as ‘meera sharma avenue’, it will likely be dedicated to her, mahek seems on as shaurya unveils slate which shows street devoted to her mother and is not able to believe his act, she receives teary eyed. shaurya says this is my repentance, if feasible then forgive me mahek, mahek silently weeps. kanta holds mahek’s hand and drags her far from there, all are unhappy seeing it, kanta takes mahek in house, shaurya appears on.


Full Details of Mahek 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update

In residence, nehal says to kanta that you still suppose shaurya is villain? cant you see what he did today? now we stay on meera sharma road. jeevan attempts to speak to kanta but kanta says meera added me on this residence, she taught me the whole thing approximately this own family and she left mahek with me so i’m going to protect mahek from shaurya, like cheetah cant conceal his teeth, sameway shaurya cant disguise his genuine face from me, i recognise his evil face.
At night time, mahek comes on road and looks at board which reads meera sharma avenue, she remembers shaurya’s confession, how he agreed infront of worldwide that he stole mahek’s recipes, how he dedicated this street to her mom. sonal comes there and says shall we have dinner, all are looking ahead to you. mahek appears down, sonal asks if she is lacking her mother? mahek nods and hugs her tightly, sonal consoles her, mahek cries and says how am i able to be miffed with shaurya? he is doing things for me which i couldnt even dream of, how am i able to be indignant? sonal says who is asking you to be irritated? whom you are preventing against? preventing towards your self? mahek seems on and thinks.


Shaurya involves sharma house, he knocks on door. jeevan opens door, shaurya says dont question me come inside. all family members acquire there. kanta asks what have you ever come for? shaurya says to keep you away from me, he indicates her letter and says you human beings filed software to exchange region of food truck and now its accepted, you can shift meals truck next week, jeevan takes letter from him and ravi reads it, he’s taken aback to see its true. shaurya turns to mahek and says i instructed you that i will change myself for you, the behavior you didnt like approximately me, you wont see those in me anymore. shaurya says to family that pd asked me to become deserving of mahek and i told her that i need to deliver happiness in mahek’s life with out being part of it, i’m going to leave her life, i wont be visible near her till mahek calls me lower back herself in her life. kanta says if your drama for today has ended then go away, we have work. shaurya turns to leave, he lamentably seems at mahek, mahek appears away, shaurya passesby her and leaves, mahek sees him going and is agitated. mahek seems at kanta evident at her and gets tensed.


Kanta calls a person and says we will do what you want but do this paintings for me, she ends name. jeevan says dont repeat this insanity, kanta says shaurya is mad, if we stay silent then mahek will cross lower back to him and this time her heart will not handiest destroy however she will completely breakdown, allow me do what i am doing.

Scene 2
In morning, mahek says to kanta that i promise i wont keep any relation with shaurya but i dont need to marry, i dont want to be with everybody. kanta says what is this solution? that if there is no shaurya you then wont stay? this isn’t how lifestyles works, you need to have life companion, you cant live like love unwell for entire life. i have talked to sandeep, there may be your and sandeep’s roka days later and then marriage will occur and mahek will delhi with sandeep. mahek says i cant marry sandeep like that each one of unexpected, kanta says in case you agree with me then you need to do what i’m asking you to do, i’m doing this to your benefit, jeevan says but sandeep denied this wedding, kanta says sandeep were given scared of shaurya, how shaurya hurled and beat him, he’s exceptional boy and were given scared but now he is ready, nehal says but.. kanta says i have taken my selection, this marriage goes to happen and if you people want to go against me then tell me, i will leave this residence, she angrily goes from there. mahek gets unhappy.


Sonal calls shaurya and says kanta have determined mahek’s wedding ceremony sandeep, she isn’t listening to all and sundry, mahek goes to go away with sandeep from delhi, mahek has been crying non-prevent. vicky hears it too and says we’ve got given sufficient respect to sharmas, they’re forcing mahek to marry, i’m able to convey her here. shaurya starts to go there but recollects how he promised that he wont comeback in mahek’s existence until mahek calls him again, shaurya asks sonal if mahek stated anything to him? sonal says no but you need to come here and stop this wedding ceremony, shaurya says i can not come there until mahek calls me and question me to prevent it.
mahek is getting prepared for roka characteristic alas. pd says to kanta that this is not how wedding ceremony happens, mahek is not satisfied, nehal says nobody is satisfied, you cant pressure her to marry someone, kanta says i am going to marry her and thats very last in any other case i can leave this house, she goes from there. mahek is tensed, sonal asks mahek to call shaurya, nehal says yes call him and ask him to return. mahek seems at her smartphone in catch 22 situation.
Sandeep involves sharma house with his family for roka, sandeep’s mother says he likes mahek a lot, where is she? name her down.
in mahek’s room, sonal asks mahek what are you thinking? snap out of it and phone shaurya, mahek clutches her phone and thinks of calling shaurya. mansi comes there and says mahek sandeep’s own family is calling you down, mahek gets tensed.
Shaurya is punching the punching bag angrily and considering mahek. otherside mahek takes her cellphone and remembers how shaurya said he loves her. jo bheji thi dua performs.. mahek calls shaurya, shaurya takes her name, mahek tries to say something however is not capable say whatever to him, shaurya says howdy? mahek? mahek silently cries hearing his voice, pd asks mahek to say it, shaurya says mahek? shaurya says mahek? mahek simply cries on phone and ends name not able to utter a word, she wipes her tears and goes with nehal to fulfill sandeep. pd asks sonal to call shaurya, sonal does and offers telephone to pd. pd calls shaurya and says your heroine conveyed a massive message to you with out saying some thing, if you love her then come right here and keep your love, prevent all this, my benefits are with you, she ends call. shaurya appears on.


Last Part of Mahek 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update
Mahek is available in living room for rite. kanta makes mahek sits beside sandeep and says we could begin roka, sandeep is set to place ring in mahek’s ring finger but shaurya comes inner residence after kicking door. all examine him stunned. pd, sonal and nehal are glad seeing their hero, mahek looks on.


Precap of Mahek 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Shaurya holds mahek’s hand and angrily pulls her faraway from sandeep. mahek falls in shaurya’s palms, shaurya leans in and captures her lips in his lips, all are greatly surprised to peer their liplock, dupatta falls on mahek and shaurya’s head, shaurya kissing her infront of all and mahek too stunned to transport away, kanta closes her eyes unable to peer it. police comes there and starts offevolved dragging shaurya out of residence, shaurya shouts to mahek which you are handiest mine and anything came about today display that your call is joined with my call, you’re mine handiest, mahek looks distraught.



Update Credit To: Dolly

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