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Mahek 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Mahek 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Mahek 6th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Scene 1
shaurya’s letter which he had written for mahek falls from his pocket, he doesnt see and leaves. kanta comes there and sees letter on floor, she takes it. she reads it and is stunned to read that shaurya killed mahek’s parents.
shaurya and mahek are sharma residence, pd jokes to mahek that deliver me grand toddlers soon. jeevan says we’re fortunate to get shaurya as our son in law. kanta comes there and says you are right, this is fate that we got him as son in regulation, we used to think he’s evil man but he received our agree with and took our diamond. shaurya sees letter in her hand and recollects how he wrote it for mahek. he remembers that he wrote “mahek i want to inform you something, i recognize this is very vital thing and i have to have told you before wedding however i couldnt have guts, 12 years returned, i did mistake and had an accident.”


Full Details of Mahek 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Mahek asks shaurya what’s in kanta’s hand? shaurya says letter, i wrote it for you however you acquire to know reality earlier than i could supply it to you, i left it in my pocket mistakenly, mahek tries to speak to kanta. kanta comes to shaurya and slaps him tough. jeevan asks what are you doing? kanta says shaurya tell them or ought to i tell them that you are a assassin? and roaming out of jail because of money? kanta says he is killer of meera and sushel, all are shocked, mahek gets tensed, kanta says his father gave a lot cash to police that they concealed his automobile and we by no means got to recognise who hit them with car, if he didnt write this letter then we would have never recognized reality, mahek breakdowns, kanta says to shaurya which you are so cheap, you married mahek after knowing truth? you married her to be safe? mansi says you married her just so that you cant go to jail? jeevan says my brother died because of you? ravi says i saved feeling responsible that i couldnt forestall that car which killed my brother and sister in law and ranaway and also you saved residing evenly after killing them?


Shaurya says uncle.. ravi says dont name me uncle. jeevan says you kept walking in the back of mahek and married her so you dont visit prison? wander off from right here, they may be approximately to throw him out however mahek stops them, jeevan says he killed your mother and father, mahek says yes i know, who killed my parents, who is the cause that i am orphan, i understand everything. balwant all of sudden feels pain, he clutches his heart and falls down, all rushes to him, shaurya tries to visit him but mahek stops him and says move, please go away.. mahek rushes to balwant, shaurya brokenly appears at her and starts leaving, mahek is dejected seeing him depart. shaurya comes out of house and sees baord on which he had devoted street to mahek’s mother, he folds his hand and says maybe no one can forgive me but please forgive me, i in no way cheated mahek or her own family, please forgive me, maula track plays.


Medical doctor tests balwant and says his bp had shot however he is great, he leaves. balwant asks mahek whilst she were given to recognise the truth? mahek says after days of marriage, balwant says why you saved silent? why you didnt inform us reality? you cheated us like shaurya. ravi says your love is larger than your parents? mahek says not anything like that, ravi says you probably did drama in police station to store him? mahek says it was no drama, shaurya went to give up that day and that i lied to save him however i didnt want to shop him however you people, you dont realize what i went via, balwant says you stored shaurya? you could say which you did that for us but you’re sinner too and shaurya has to get punished which he didnt get earlier, i have misplaced my son, i will punish him at any fee. ravi says they kept this situation hidden the usage of their money but no longer anymore, balwant says shall we move, kanta asks where are they going? ravi says to get our justice, we’ve misplaced our brother and he wishes to get punished, mahek says i will include you, ravi says you wont pass there, go away a few choices to us, they leave, mahek says i’m involved that something incorrect is going to manifest.


Scene 2
Jeevan and ravi comes to karona, karona says shaurya changed into a child and that i hid his mistake, jeevan says what was mahek’s fault? she misplaced her parents and you used money to keep your assassin son? balwant says to rajesh that i’m able to get your punished, rajesh says we’re respected people, speak in low tone, i recognize my son had an coincidence and i felt terrible too but its executed and you cant do whatever so lower your tone, balwant says i can no longer spare you khanna.. rajesh says dont dare talk to me like that, he grabs balwant’s collar and throws him on floor. balwant says i wont spare you, i can see what you can, he asks shield to throw trash out, ravi says we can easy trash now, we will ship your son to jail. ravi, jeevan and balwant are dragged by guards and thrown out of residence. balwant says this rajesh has taken my son, i wont spare him now.


Ravi, jeevan and balwant involves police. inspector says that is big case, you are talking approximately reputable khanna own family. ravi says if you dont reopen case then we are able to visit media, inspector says even supposing shaurya did twist of fate, he cant be punished due to the fact he changed into simplest 14 years old but if its authentic that shaurya’s family gave bribe to shut the case then there can be action in opposition to them, balwant says we need case to reopen, you start operating on that.


Shaurya involves white chilies. he sees humans staring at him.
sonal involves mahek and says come see television.


Last Part of Mahek 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Inspector comes to arrest karona. rajesh says let me talk to commissioner, inspector says speak after coming to police station, rajesh says i will take your jobs away. reporter says that shaurya’s mother karona khanna has got arrested, it’s also known now that shaurya khanna killed meera sharma and sulesh sharma in an accident and now is married to their daughter mahek sharma. shaurya sees this news in his restaurant and is taken aback. sharma own family sees information too.


Precap- Shaurya asks mahek why did you come back now? any greater punishment you want to provide me? make your dad and mom recognize, due to them my mother will live in jail for three days and if anything takes place to her.. he gets call from someone,
guy asks shaurya to come back to metropolis sanatorium, shaurya receives concerned.


Update Credit To: Dolly


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