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Mahek 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Mahek 8th May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Mahek 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update.

Scene 1
Karona says to grandma that 7 crores? why you need that? grandma says to pay debt, its like my more youthful daughter dolly and son in regulation minto went to goa, i went with them, we played in casino and lost 7 corers in playing, goons are at the back of us so i ranaway and got here here, karona says so you are hiding from goons? grandma says no they are merciless, i had to conceal from them, in case you dont provide 7 crores then i will stay right here for lifestyles and could call dolly, mito too. karona says what if i inform shaurya about you wanting 7 crores? what if i tell him that he is loving his grandma who’s fraud and gambler, need to i tell him? grandma shakes her head. Mahek comes in kitchen and says its time for grandma’s medication, i must communicate to them, maybe shaurya will agree.

Full Details of Mahek 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Grandma laughs at karona. grandma says to karona that in case you inform shaurya about my money debt then i’m able to tell mystery of 10years returned to absolutely everyone, to police, to entire global approximately what shaurya did 10years back, i will go away this house and shaurya could be going to prison. karona is taken aback to listen it and remembers how she saw mahek’s mom’s image. karona says you will no longer do this, no longer 7 but i will provide you with 10crores but then you will leave our lives all the time, grandma smirks. mahek comes there and hears it too, she says grandma? they’re shocked to look her. mahek says grandma its time on your remedy, she gives it to her, karona have sigh of remedy that she didnt pay attention anything, grandma blesses mahek, she smiles.
Karona shows jewelry to mahek and says i was gathering these due to the fact that shaurya turned into 19 years vintage for his would be spouse, i am satisfied that he’s marrying you. mahek sits on her knees infront of her and says i understand you’re very concerned. karona says no, its simply shaurya could be very angry man, when shaurya came to stay with us after his mother’s dying, he turned into a lot greater irritated, he used to get angry on smallest things, now he is little extra patient but.. mahek asks what however? maa i understand you’re very concerned but there is something in shaurya’s past which you are hiding from me, you advised me which you wont let shaurya’s past shadow on his gift. karona thinks how to tell you mahek that shaurya’s past is joined along with your mom.

Grandma is available in lawn and brings out cigarette, she tries to mild fit stick but her eyes cross blurry, she lighting fixtures it again. ravi comes outside shaurya’s residence. grandma sees him from window, she attempts to really see his face and shakes her head too, she sees ravi coming internal, she is greatly surprised and says this guy? is he virtually here? or am i dreaming? i ought to find out, i should move downstairs.

Karona says to mahek that its nothing, grandma got here here suddenly and it may hassle shaurya, he can don’t forget his past and he.. its not anything else, sincerely, mahek says you can tell me whatever, i wont tell shaurya. karona says promise me that although anything happen, you wont depart shaurya and will continually preserve him happy, mahek says you dont have to mention it, i’ve standard shaurya from my heart and trouble can be way bigger but i wont depart his aspect, servant says ravi has come, mahek nods and depart.

Shaurya is available in lounge and greets ravi. ravi hugs him and blesses him. ravi offers him telephone and says your grandma forgot it at our house, i didnt meet her too, so call her, why you humans left so suddenly? shaurya says she were given sick so she came domestic in advance and we left in the back of her, everything is fine. mahek comes there and says we could pass home ravi uncle. grandma comes close to lounge and sees ravi’s silhouette, she thinks that i cant see certainly. ravi and mahek leaves. grandma is available in lounge, shaurya says what are you doing here? you should relaxation, he is taking her.

Scene 2
Mahek calls shaurya, he doesnt select. mahek says to nehal that he doesnt pick out name whilst he’s indignant, nehal says boys can depart anger in a blink if girls recognise the trick, mahek asks what trick? nehal smirks.
shaurya is asking at moon, mahek messages him that in case you are trying to find me in moon then why dont you talk to me? shaurya seems round trying to find her, he messages her wherein are you? she messages him to come back and locate her. shaurya smiles and goes to search her.

Grandma is in garden, she hides behind bushes and calls a person, she says come speedy, i am here. svetlana comes there and i wont spare you, she grabs her neck and convey me on this residence again, grandma says what am i able to do? svetlana says you have days to carry me lower back, even i understand that mystery which you are the use of to live on this residence and if shaurya receives to recognize that reality then he’ll % your things too, he’ll throw you out too, so you have days, do some thing, plan anything however deliver me returned. grandma thinks that i play with every person and she is making an attempt to apply me as puppet? however i must use useless human beings too for my advantage, i need to pay attention to her now and when right time comes, i can use her and throw her away.

Shaurya come poolside of house and sees mahek sitting there, he smirks. shaurya sprinkles water on her face, she is amazed. janam janam plays, shaurya comes closer, mahek playfully glares at him, shaurya wipes droplets from her face and pulls her closer with the aid of keeping her waist, mahek puts her palms on his shoulder and feels his fingers on her low again. mahek says you have been no longer even choosing my call then why you’re coming closer now? shaurya says i usually want to return closer to you but you continually have a few work so i need to fake to be miffed with you so you can come near to pacify me, mahek says are you pacified now? shaurya says not so quickly, attempt a little extra. mahek pulls him nearer and kisses his forehead, she wipes his forehead and says dont have anger proven on your brow, you will have everlasting wrinkles on forehead in young age best. shaurya says attempt a touch extra, and dont exchange subject matter, mahek smiles. mahek pulls him to her and kisses his each cheeks, he smiles. mahek places hands round his neck and says hold smiling like that, i know its hard but please strive, we both lost our moms in adolescence, our early life turned into difficult and become not ordinary like other kids however then we determined every different and now nobody can separate us, nobody. shaurya smiles and leans in to kiss her but they pay attention a few noise from lawn, they appearance on.

Last Part of Mahek 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

In lawn, svetlana says to grandma that say yes or no? grandma says why you have become irritated? you’re like my daughter, i will carry you in house in days, dont worry. svetlana grabs her shoulders and says you’ve got days in any other case i can finish your story. shaurya hears a few commotion and is going to garden with mahek, he is greatly surprised to look something.

Precap- Grandma and svetlana brings snakeman to residence. grandma buys poison-free snake from him, she says snake god anybody present you milk but in case you do my paintings then i could be presenting you wine, she goes in house. snake-dealer says to svetlana that we did one mistake, in place of giving her poison-loose snake, i gave her poisonous snake, svetlana gets tensed. Pooja is going on in shaurya’s residence, sharma family is there. grandma sneakily brings out snake and frees him from field, snake runs toward mahek’s facet and bites her, mahek screams in ache and falls down, shaurya shout mahek..

Update Credit To: Aneesa

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