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Mahek 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Mahek 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Mahek 9th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Scene 1
Ravi says to own family that we took selections when emotions were jogging excessive and that they had been wrong, some thing occurred with karona in police wasnt our fault. mahek comes there, all get worried seeing her. ravi comes to mahek. ravi says to mahek that i’ve arranged divorce papers, if you make a decision to take that movement then sign them and i will handle the whole lot. sonal says to mahek that everybody is in anger rightnow. jeevan says to ravi that dont do all this rightnow, deliver mahek more time. mahek sees divorce papers on table, she gets tensed seeing it. mahek holds papers and tears them to portions, all are bowled over. mahek says i cant sign divorce papers and nor can i go away that residence, in particular proper now after they need me. ravi says this is your mistake, all circle of relatives participants begin giving her a few notion, mahek seems on.


Full Details of Mahek 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update


At night, mahek is calling at board on which shaurya committed to her mom. kanta comes there and says its not easy to bear all this, most powerful human beings can cave in in those situations however you are a courageous female, mahek hugs her. kanta says dont fear, god will make the whole thing excellent but don’t forget each person wants your excellent, those who needs you to take divorce and people who’re asking you to take greater time, they both want your suitable but choice is yours. mahek says i dont apprehend if god is taking my take a look at or is it a few joke, what shaurya did changed into wrong however what ravi and balwant did was wrong too. punishing one man or woman who did wrong and taking aspect of other who additionally did incorrect isn’t right, i cant forgive shaurya now not because he got in accident 12 years again but because he concealed the entirety from me, he ought to have instructed me everything before sitting in mandap with me, i’m indignant with karona maa too, what she did 12 years back to keep her son changed into wrong, the whole thing incorrect is occurring, shaurya mistakenly killed my parents so we sent his mom to demise mattress as revenge, now its his flip, he’s going to deliver us pain again and we can take revenge once more, this cycle will keep occurring however until while? do we each be happy after destroyed every other? i lost my parents 12 years and nowadays i’m going to lose my mom again, until whilst there’ll hearth in vicinity of fire? someone has to forestall it so i wont leave shaurya’s side now, i wont depart him until karona doesnt turn out to be high-quality absolutely, karona maa is in this situation because, looking after her is my obligation, kanta says all own family individuals are going to fight with you on this choice, mahek says i recognise however when you have fact in coronary heart then all and sundry will recognize finally, kanta says you have got emerge as so mature, how are you going to cross there? shaurya wont allow you in his house, mahek says he has married me, i will see how he doesnt permit me in. mahek seems on decided.


Scene 2
In morning, shaurya calls medical doctor and says i’ve executed things you asked me to do, he ends name. shaurya holds karona’s hand and says you need to end up satisfactory, i’ve to speak to you. shaurya hears noise. shaurya is available in front room and sees mahek there, svetlana says you came once more? do you have disgrace? wander off from here. shaurya involves mahek and says i informed you to now not enter on this residence? vicky says permit me talk to her, shaurya glares at him. mahek says to shaurya that your anger and irritation is trouble inbetween us, permit me be with karona maa. shaurya says let alone thinking about looking after her, you cant even see her face, in case you dont cross then i’m able to throw you out, she pushes her away. shaurya turns to leave but mahek says you can call police or security but i’m able to no longer move from right here, shaurya grabs her arm and says wander off, mahek pushes him away and says this is my residence, dont forget about it, initially you married me infront of world so that you cant throw me out like trash, secondly you named this residence to me, i am owner of your cash, belongings and wealth and if everybody desires to go away then they can depart this residence consisting of you too. shaurya glares at her, mahek bumps his shoulder and is going upstairs after silencing every body. shaurya fumes in anger.


Mahek involves karona’s room and sees her mendacity on mattress subconscious on ventilator. mahek receives sad seeing he condition, mahek sits beside her and says maa, forgive me, your jokes, your smile, i miss the whole thing, i need you to deliver absolutely everyone on proper course, please come to be satisfactory soon, she cries. mahek puts ganesh idol beside her mattress, she is ready to lit diay however fireplace blows off, she receives tensed. shaurya comes there, shaurya says so that is your private home? you confirmed your real colorations now? till yesterday you stated which you haven’t any hobby in my property and now displaying rights on it? high-quality revel in your wealth however this is my mother’s room so get lost from here, mahek says shaurya.. shaurya says close up and depart from right here, mahek says i didnt come here to grab your wealth, shaurya goes to sit down beside karona. mahek lits diya. mahek says i have already misplaced one mother but i can’t lose every other mother because of our childishness.


Last Part of Mahek 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Svetlana says to grandma that sharma family didnt want belongings but did you notice mahek implementing her proper on belongings? i’m able to make shaurya hate mahek a lot that he will kill her and go to jail after which i will have all this assets, grandma says you are trying to do it for years but you didnt get whatever, what new you will do? svetlana receives an concept and says karona didi.. mahek has taken her obligation and if something takes place to her then mahek could be chargeable for it, shaurya wont be capable of manage his anger and mahek will pass again to her own family.


Precap- Shaurya sees mahek working on his computer, he asks what are you doing? mahek says i want to do some thing, i ought to use your pc so give me its password? shaurya comes in the back of her and types in password. mahek reads password which says ‘i really like mahek’, she smiles seeing it, shaurya says dont be shocked, all and sundry does mistake and i did too, i’m able to rectify it now, mahek glares at him.


Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta


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