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May I Come in Madam 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. May I Come in Madam 13th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. May I Come in Madam 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


This episode of May I Come In Madam starts with kashmira announcing i can capture the credit card thief. sanju asks her to sit down. she asks how do you already know, are you right here. he says use not unusual sense, i imply no need to rise up and capture thief, he could have knife, i will’t chance your life. she says mummy will manage. he asks her now not to do anything, i’m able to trap the thief. she says he’s peculiar, he’s making thief run. mummy says i suppose sanju is likewise thief. kashmira says i m additionally getting doubt, you cross and see, sanju said thief may have knife.


Full Details of May I Come in Madam 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Sanju sees mummy and hides under the table. sanjana asks what are you doing. he says i m finding spoon. she asks him to return up. he says mummy is coming this way, so i m hiding. she says so what, we are simply having lunch. he says kashmira doubts on me, please be quiet. mummy sees
Sanju and asks in which is your dad. sanjana says he went to your property to meet you. mummy says i will cross, i’m able to get late. she asks kashmira to come fast. sanju thank you her and asks which icecream will she have. she smiles.
Sanju comes home. kashmira stares at him. he says i m no longer a thief, what’s happening for your thoughts. she asks wherein had been you in afternoon. he says i used to be in workplace. she asks for proof. he gets angry and asks is that this courtroom, might i answer the entirety. she scares him of dadi. he asks approximately thief. she says we are able to document file in police. he says no need, i’m able to manage. she asks did card genuinely get stolen. he says sure and swears on her.


Sanju goes and meets khiloni. khiloni asks him what took place. sanju says i m worried due to madam. khiloni says i informed you she is wise. sanju slaps him. khiloni asks him not to get serious, what took place. sanju says i gave my credit card to madam, i did no longer give kashmira, she is getting alert messages now, if kashmira is aware of i gave credit score card to madam, she will take my lifestyles. khiloni says sure, i recognize her nicely. sanju slaps him and asks for idea. khiloni asks him to scouse borrow the cardboard from madam’s house. kashmira comes and asks sanju to peer message, thief bought a football, block the cardboard. he says no, what is going to we do now, i can get cash back. she scolds him and is going. khiloni laughs on sanju.


Its morning, sanju goes to fulfill sanjana. he does now not see her and thinks its great risk to get the credit score card lower back. sanjana sees him and asks how dare you scouse borrow from my purse. he says no. she says i m going to call police. he says please no, i beg you. she laughs and says i used to be simply joking. he says my coronary heart would have failed. she says you are a nice guy, else no one gives credit card to others for use. he says you could use whatever. she asks him to define. he says i suggest you could take my help. she asks him to return for shopping. he thinks i m paying by credit card for my love. he says we were given late, paintings is suffering, live at office. she says i take the call in my office, you figure right here, i’m able to call kashmira and pass. she calls kashmira. he issues. she says kashmira agreed. he says i will come, refuse to kashmira. she says she is coming too.


Sanjana does shopping. kashmira asks why did you return. he says she is my boss, how am i able to refuse, you also buy a saree. she says no. sanjana indicates a saree. kashmira likes it. sanju says you will look warm sporting this. kashmira coughs. he issues and says i have to reward her, she gives salary. sanjana says i don’t have coins, i’m able to provide card. sanju throws the cardboard system. she looks at him. he says network trouble. sanjana punches the code. kashmira gets message and tells sanju. sanju concerns. he sends her away to other store and hides the store board. sanjana says okay guys. sanju says we can come. he asks kashmira not to talk in the front of madam. they go away.


Sanju asks kashmira to give tea. inspector comes domestic. kashmira says i referred to as him. sanju scolds her. inspector asks about credit score card theft. kashmira offers info and says sanju desired to trap thief himself. inspector asks what will we do now, we can get the card. sanju says its small case, go away it. inspector says its legal guidelines paintings to seize the thief. sanju asks him to apprehend thief’s helplessness. inspector says i’m able to see you are helpless. sanju asks did you get oil bottle. inspector says sure. sanju does his massage. inspector says your fingers have magic, fantastic. sanju says now you understood why i lied, else she would have made me bankrupt. inspector asks him to come back to him some times and make him glad.


Last Part of May I Come in Madam 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Its morning, kashmira asks mummy did you notice sanju. mummy says i don’t see useless things. sanju comes. kashmira says thief has sold wine and bouquet. sanju thinks madam did not name me. chedi comes with wine and bouquet. he flirts with mummy. chedi invites him in birthday celebration. he goes. sanju thinks chedi bought wine and bouquet. mummy likes bouquet. kashmira asks is chedi the thief. mummy gets indignant.

Precap of May I Come in Madam 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Sanju dances with sanjana and sings laal chadi….performs…


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