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May I Come in Madam 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lolllyupdates. May I Come in Madam 18th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. May I Come in Madam 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts offevolved with sanjana stressful that chedi did now not come workplace, and even sanju is not answering. chedi and sanju come workplace inebriated and sing yeh dosti…..she sees them. sanju says i’ve grow to be veeru today. she asks them to forestall it. she says that is my workplace, you did no longer come right here all day and started out this game now. sanju makes chedi wear goggles. chedi says you can’t scold my pal. she asks him to awaken, what’s wrong with you. sanju defends chedi.


Full Details of May I Come in Madam 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Sanjana fires sanju. chedi says you want my join up termination letter, i received’t signal. she asks him to choose between her and sanju. sanju concerns. chedi says i choose my friend sanju, i’m able to additionally no longer come here. sanju hugs him. she says extremely good, you don’t want to come back workplace and home, pass and stay with sanju, just cross, do something you experience like. she is going. sanju says she got angry. chedi says we will pass your private home, come. they depart.
Sanju and chedi come domestic. sanju takes chedi’s bag. chedi and ranwati flirt. kashmira asks what’s this new drama, why did chedi come here. sanju says sanjana were given indignant and made him out of domestic, he’s going to move, don’t fear. she asks him to send chedi domestic. chedi asks what happened. sanju says kashmira is concerned for you. chedi says i will take relaxation. sanju asks him to sleep in corridor. he says you move domestic, madam can be involved, don’t get angry. chedi says friendship is larger than blood relations, i can stay right here. chedi flirts with ramwati and laughs.


Its morning, sanju comes office. sanjana asks him to go away. he says i got here to clean your false impression. she asks how much will you take to move far from chedi’s life, 10 lakhs. chedi says he is with me, i will give him 12 lakhs. sanju smiles listening to them. she says 20 lakhs. chedi asks sanju to mention, with whom he desires to be. sanju says i did now not feel so precious, just increase the fee. chedi says 25 lakhs. sanju asks sanjana to bid speedy. chedi says sanju is mine, none can come between our friendship. they depart.


Sanju says we are able to go financial institution and supply me 25 lakhs. chedi says my friendship costs 1 crore, provide me relaxation of the cash. sanju says its pleasant, money need to now not come among friendship. he gets irritated. they depart. sanjana calls kashmira and asks approximately sanju and chedi’s friendship, its time to interrupt it, permit’s simply do it.


Kashmira romances and dances with sanju. she asks him to interrupt friendship with chedi. he asks her no longer to mention so. chedi comes and lies on their mattress. she asks sanju to maintain friendship and is going. chedi sleeps. sanju goes out and sees khiloni with a person else. he apologizes for his mistake. khiloni forgives him. sanju asks for wine. khiloni says sorry, he ended it. sanju says you are my true pal. khiloni asks what’s the trouble. sanju says not anything. khiloni says your face indicates it. sanju says chedi ruined my lifestyles, i did friendship with him to get close to sanjana, however she were given far from me. khiloni says then don’t be chedi’s friend. sanju asks how to break friendship. khiloni says do what i say. he tells some plan. sanju praises khiloni.


Its morning, sanju makes a laugh of chedi and laughs. chedi comes office and asks what’s taking place. sanju says chedi snores at night. group of workers laughs. chedi says no, i don’t snore every day. sanju jokes on chedi. sanjana comes there and sees sanju making fun of chedi. chedi wears goggles and turns to boss. sanju asks what will you do carrying glasses. chedi scolds workforce and sends them. he says we simply have boss and worker relation now, we are not pals. sanjana smiles. sanju says nice, as you want. chedi says i m coming home today. sanjana says you’re most welcome. chedi is going. she asks sanju what rubbish things what he saying about chedi, how dare you, i can’t endure anything some thing horrific approximately him. he appears at her.


Last Part of May I Come in Madam 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Kashmira suggests dresses to sanju and says i did style designing path, i can say this. she asks do any designer. he jokes and asks him to make her own family wear garments. he is going.

Precap: Sanjana asks sanju if he knows any english tailor. sanju says i m a french tailor, you will have heard about french kiss. she says i heard, but did not see.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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