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May I Come in Madam 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. May I Come in Madam 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update. May I Come in Madam 27th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts offevolved with sanju getting sweets for sanjana. he says kashmira accepted me to head us. she says i’m able to’t have chocolates, i should tone all the way down to wear bikini. he asks her to head and put on it, he will tell her proper desire. she asks him to close eyes. he wears goggles and says i m your boss now, you have to do what i say, wear bikini here proper now. she asks him to stop leaping, what’s wrong, what occurs to you, come on near your eyes and help me choose. she asks left or proper. he says proper one. she continues bikinis back. she says i m so excited, we’re going us. he says i want to fly there and go. inspector comes and says you need to do such, you won’t get visa, domestic violence case is filed in opposition to you.

Sanjana says how may want to you beat kashmira to get permission. sanju says no, i in no way touched her to conquer her. inspector says bhupesh filed fir in opposition to you. sanju says you push aside this situation, inspector rampath is aware of me. inspector says he went away, he instructed me about you. he holds sanju and takes him. sanju asks sanjana to store him.

Sanju meets khiloni at night. he cries and says bhupesh complaint towards me and my visa cancelled, i will’t go us with madam now. khiloni asks what nonsense. sanju slaps him angrily. khiloni argues with him. sanju says your horrific sight stuck me, i’m able to’t love madam now. khiloni gives concept to frame madam in fake case, then her visa will cancel and she will live here. sanju praises him.

Sanju comes domestic and sees bhupesh. he stares at bhupesh. bhupesh asks will you grab my chocolate and consume. sanju beats him up. bhupesh runs. kashmira stops sanju. sanju tells them that bhupesh did, now i will’t meet my dad. bhupesh says call your dad here. kashmira says sure, we also can meet him, provide cellphone, i can supply him invitation. sanju thinks how to get faux dad. he says no need to take that reasonably-priced guy’s call, you had been saying right, i will not meet him, no one will take his name on this residence. kashmira slaps bhupesh.

  • Its morning, sanjana talks on name and says satisfactory, i’m able to come embassy. inspector comes and says come to police station, there is fir in opposition to you. sanju seems on and asks what did you do, i might have finished the crime. she says close up, i did no longer do whatever, who filed criticism in opposition to me. khiloni comes as woman. he says i did it. she asks did i see you before. khiloni says you’ve got hit me in morning. sanjana says i did not hit you, you ran away. khiloni says i ran seeing mall sale, then i got to recognise i m hurt.

Sanjana asks are we able to settle this. khiloni says i’m able to suppose in case you don’t call me aunty. sanju says no want to do agreement, such ladies get cash, we are able to see her in court docket, aunty move. sanju says i don’t want to lose this opportunity. sanjana says i can give you one lakh, five lakh. khiloni gets glad. sanjana goes to inspector. khiloni says however i m mentally harm, i started out getting scared to walk on street, i’m able to now not take criticism lower back. he goes. inspector says sorry, you can’t pass us until this example goes on. sanju smiles.

Sanju comes home and says concept labored, madam gained’t cross us. kashmira receives her shoes. sanju says tell me my mistake earlier than beating. kashmira says i were given this present for you, you’re going us. sanju says bhupesh did fir and cancelled my visa, you’re joking. she says i don’t want to regret that you couldn’t meet your real dad, so i requested bhupesh to take complaint again. bhupesh says sorry. she asks him to use for visa. sanju thinks i were given madam’s visa cancelled. he shouts are you mad. she asks what. he says you think a lot for me. mummy says i can come alongside and do mujra to reveal my expertise, i can maintain a watch on sanju. sanju burns her passport and throws. mummy receives irritated and screams. sanju imagines this. kashmira asks what are you doing, are you glad now. he says yes, i will meet my dad now. she says its my obligation. he says but timing is reasonably-priced.

  • sanju goes and meets khiloni. khiloni scoffs him. sanju slaps him. he says kashmira gave me permission to move us, bhupesh took criticism again, you are taking complaint lower back. khiloni says its extraordinary information, i’m able to wear saree and are available, i can take grievance again. sanjana hears this. they see sanjana and get greatly surprised. she is going.

Its morning, sanju is going office and thinks to preserve her legs to make an apology. she throws matters at him and scolds him for the cheat. sanju says permit me give an explanation for. she throws e book and it hits chedi. she worries and holds him. she says chedi got harm due to you. he says you have thrown book. chedi says i m nice, i’m able to see you two, i came to say that american business enterprise changed into fraud, its good we did not go us, we would have lost money. she says thank god. sanju says so i did this to prevent you, i got corporation data by my dad. she asks why did you no longer tell me. he says i did no longer have evidence, i believed my new dad, i did this drama to cancel your ride. she says chedi is not capable of see anything, i’m able to make an apology to you nicely, come. sanju imagines and hugs chedi. sanjana shouts. chedi asks what. sanju appears on.

Precap: sanjana says you aren’t teenager to jot down s loves s in your table. she punishes sanju.


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