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May I Come in Madam 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. May I Come in Madam 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update. May I Come in Madam 28th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

This episode begins with kashmira asking sanju to come and attend mannat puja at temple. sanju and bhupesh argue. he thinks if all of them cross, i will revel in with khiloni. sanju asks them to head, he’s going to arrange tickets. he is going for office. mummy says i think something is wrong, how did sanju agree without delay to get bald. kashmira says he concurs to me continually, he’ll get bald. bhupesh says i can dance when sanju receives bald.

Sanjana sees her desk messed up. chedi comes with files. he offers lalwani’s document. she asks him to look around, is this office or zoo. he says a few animals are less, assume its workplace. she says i m extreme, why this region is this sort of mess. she exams report and sees s loves s written. she shows him.

She asks the which means. he explains its initials, however who’s this s. sanju comes. sanjana says you cope with debts documents, what’s this s loves s. sanju says it way sanju loves…. she says cross on. chedi wears goggles and turns to boss. he says you tell me, sanju loves whom, is it sanjana. sanju says correct, no its now not the that means. she asks what’s the that means. sanju says it manner sanju loves sanju, i love myself. chedi says don’t lie, we like many, i imply we recognize what’ love, who makes files as love letter. sanju says many human beings do this, did you now not listen tune mai to khud se pyaar jataun…. she says you came right here to paintings, you are not a youngster to do this. he says sorry, this gained’t show up again. she says you will get punished for this, i want to write down the reply with an emotion. he thinks she can write love. he imagines bizarre matters. she asks him to emerge as table in his paintings station, else he’ll get his termination letter. he says i’m able to pass and come to be desk. she says exact choice. he goes. chedi asks shall i get different file. he goes.

  • Sanju says madam reveals such kiddish punishments. he hears sanjana and will become desk. bhupesh asks what befell, did madam supply punishment, you look correct as donkey. bhupesh says you don’t have any desk manners. he maintains documents. sanju beats him. bhupesh calls sanjana. sanju sits as table. bhupesh says i’m able to call madam. khiloni comes and sees sanju. he asks why did you come to be donkey. sanju beats bhupesh and sends him out. khiloni asks what have been you doing. sanju tells him the entirety. bhupesh calls sanjana. sanju sits lower back. khiloni says this insult of yours is too much, what does madam think of her. sanjana comes. sanju sees her and says madam. khiloni says how can she punish you want a kid, we are able to cross union and burn her statue, let her come in front of me, i will tell her. sanjana hears him and asks what will you are saying. khiloni sees her. sanju signs i informed you. khiloni says i…

She says permit me give an explanation for. khiloni becomes table as nicely. she says appropriate, don’t flow boys. she goes. sanju says if i did not have gentle corner for madam in coronary heart, i would have left this activity. khiloni says i m no longer her employee.

  • Its night time, sanju comes domestic. he calls kashmira. she suggests tickets. he sees his price tag and asks her. she says you are coming with us, you have to get bald. he asks are you mad, why will i surrender my hair. she says i had mannat and you have to do this. he says i won’t get bald. mummy says husbands can do anything for his or her other halves, can’t you try this. sanju says i won’t get bald, that’s it. dadi comes and slaps him.

She asks what did you are saying, you received’t get bald. he says i did now not say. she says i m not deaf, you will get bald. she beats him. he says don’t take tension, i can get bald. she is going. he issues. he thinks to do some thing to keep his hair.

Sanju involves sanjana. he sees her and thinks she looks exquisite. she says i assume you want to present me precise compliment, move on. he says yes, i can do shayari. she says that’s so candy. he does shayari. she laughs. she says wow, how can you say beautiful factor in funny way, you are very talented, one greater. he says deliver me a min. she gets a name. she asks did you want presentation, you did now not get it, oh ok, sorry, i can send it to you, thanks. she goes to sanju.

She says i advised you supply presentation. he says it changed into now not ready, shayari is prepared, concentrate. he does shayari. she adds the line and receives irritated. he says sorry. she asks why do you return workplace, you are not running, to procure dependancy to get punishment. he asks even these days. she says yes. she punishes him and sends. he obeys her. he says she usually punishes me. he gets kashmira’s call. he says i m making jingle, tell me what’s it. she asks will you wear cap upon getting bald. he says i gained’t get bald, give an explanation for dadi. she says you explain dadi. he says exceptional, get a cap, i want to take away your own family. she says you may get that during next start. liftman comes and jokes on sanju. sanju asks him to depart. he thinks to do some thing.


Precap: sanjana asks sanju about the slogan. sanju begins appearing like a bird. she gets scared and runs.


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