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May I Come in Madam 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. May I Come in Madam 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update. May I Come in Madam 29th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts offevolved with sanjana talking to client on call. chedi receives espresso. she asks approximately sanju. he says he’s in cabin. she says he would have come, what’s he doing. he says he is sitting like a fowl, he is taking your order severely. she goes to see sanju. she sees him and asks him to arise. he shakes his legs. she says i instructed you to sit down until lunch, its night now. he says none got here to give me lunch, i did not understand time. she says sorry. he says its best, you had been angry. she says you have been careless in the direction of paintings, sorry. she goes. he says she regarded so cute even as saying sorry. he sees a document. he jokes on bhupesh. he gets an idea.

Mummy and kashmira joke on sanju and giggle. sanju comes home and hears them. he acts like a hen. kashmira asks what came about, what’s this new drama. he says i think its true, madam punished me for small aspect, while i used to be coming, chana supplier took cash from me and stated i ate chana from his stall, i don’t consider. he scares mummy. kashmira asks what passed off. he says i experience dizzy.
she asks him to sit. he acts. they fear. he says i will go out and feature a few clean air. kashmira sees an egg and asks how did this come. mummy asks her to come back to temple, educate will come. kashmira says no, we are able to move later. sanju hears them and thinks kashmira could be very silly. he makes fowl sounds and is going. she drops the egg.

Its morning, sanju calls sanjana and says i m human rights officer. he asks her to forestall torturing sanju. she asks who gave this complaint. he says i understand the entirety. she says there may be misunderstanding, i punished sanju, however my purpose turned into now not incorrect. he says however incorrect happened with me, he is giving eggs. she says what rubbish. he says his mental circumstance got awful, if we get complaint towards you, i will preserve an eye fixed on you.

She does not agree with sanju is behaving like a chicken. sanju involves her. she asks did you report complaint in opposition to me. he says what criticism. she says firget it, did you put together slogan, tell me. he acts like a hen. she receives scared and asks what are you doing. he says i m deliberating slogan. she asks why did you act like a bird. he goes to her and jumps like a chicken. she runs out of cabin. she goes to chedi and store me, assist me, sanju is behaving like a pen, he made me run. chedi wears goggles and asks how dare he, i’m able to manage him, don’t fear.

She gets scared seeing sanju. chedi says i m right here, don’t worry. sanjana runs. chedi asks what’s all this. sanju asks what came about to her. chedi asks why are you scaring her. sanju says i m terrified of her. chedi says she advised me you ran after her. sanju says i don’t recollect, i used to be speaking to madam and got here right here. chedi says she got here walking right here, why did you do this. sanju hurts him and acts like chicken. he runs. chedi says he has certainly became bird, i have to trap him.

Kashmira requires doctor and says what, he went overseas. she says there may be no right medical doctor. mummy says watch for a while. kashmira says sanju became troubling all night and made chook sounds. bhupesh says sure. khiloni gets eggs and says sanju gave those eggs. kashmira receives greatly surprised. khiloni says don’t worry, sanju and eggs are fine, chicks will pop out in a few days.

  • He asks kashmira to jot down names by means of marker. she asks in which is sanju. khiloni says he is resting outside, i gave him food. sanju sees kashmira and starts offevolved acting. she asks are you nice. sanju says sure, i have frame pain, i’ve sent khiloni to get snacks. he asks khiloni why did he get eggs. kashmira asks khiloni now not to touch eggs. she says you gave the eggs. he calls her foolish. he keeps an egg beside and acts. he acts as chicken and runs. she gets glad seeing one greater egg. khiloni says congrats. mummy asks her is she mad seeing eggs.

Bhupesh says i can devour eggs every day. kashmira slaps him and scolds him. she asks him to peer sanju. bhupesh goes to peer sanju. sanju calls sanjana as anjaan. she asks are you sanju’s relative. he says we’re each human’s relative, sanju’s case spoiled, he is giving eggs. she asks what, really, what’s going to show up now. sanju says you may pay penalty, its rule, you may manage the case through love, you take care of sanju and communicate with love, he can get great, else tomorrow he can grow to be snake and dinosaur. she says i will cope with him. he says i can maintain an eye fixed on you. he ends name and smiles.


Precap: sanjana calls human rights office to recognise approximately anjaan sharma. she asks what, there may be nobody such. sanju concerns hearing her and thinks she were given to realize everything.



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