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May I Come in Madam 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. May I Come in Madam 5th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. May I Come in Madam 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update.



He episode starts with sanjana asking sanju to cut the greens. he asks this bizarre cabbage. she says this is known as broccoli. he says it appears romantic name. she says i want you to take this on your pc and reduce this. he asks are you joking. she says i want you to do this. he says its chedi’s paintings, i’m able to call him. he calls chedi. chedi comes carrying glasses. sanju greets him. chedi and sanju shaggy dog story and argue. sanju tries to take away his glasses. chedi scolds him. sanju is going with the vegs.


Full Details of May I Come in Madam 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update


He sits cutting vegs. he sees kashmira coming and covers the vegs with documents. he angrily agues with her and asks why do you usually come here. she says i got here to satisfy you whilst going market. sanjana comes there and hugs kashmira. sanju asks kashmira to stay at domestic. sanjana asks how’s the lifestyles. sanju jokes. she says not a word more from you. kashmira jokes on him. sanjana laughs. she asks about the reduce vegs. sanju says sure, i have reduce bills, i understood. she says i m attempting to mention about that. he thinks if kashmira knows i reduce vegs in office, she can also give me vegs. he asks sanjana to go, he will get the product. sanjana is going.
Kashmira asks what work. he makes excuses. she asks him to get some thing from canteen and is going. he resumes reducing vegs. sanjana checks her attire. sanju comes there with vegs. she says wow, i m impressed. he boasts of himself. she asks him to go and easy rest room. he says right shaggy dog story and laughs. she says sure, any trouble. he asks me, rest room, that’s not my paintings. she says you timepass here. he says i’ve a few recognition right here. she says we need to not communicate that, exceptional i will try this. he says i’m able to smooth bathroom. she asks him to go. he waits and says you may say i m kidding. she says i m not kidding, cross. he is going.


Sanju comes home at night. he switches on lights. he says its so non violent with kashmira and mummy. they arrive domestic from purchasing. he says residence become searching lonely without you. he acts weird. kashmira asks did you go mad, why are you so worn-out. he says i go workplace to cut grass, not work, did you come back maid for family work. mummy says why is maid wanted, if we’ve got servant.


He asks where is servant. kashmira says not anything, and is going. sanju jokes on mummy. she asks about chedi. kashmira receives beans dish for him, and asks what’s going to you consume day after today. sanju says aloo parathas. she says you won’t forget about it for two months. mummy laughs.


Sanju goes workplace in morning. he waits for sanjana at the raise location. sanjana comes. ladki stunning……plays……… he acts bizarre and sits on someone’s again. sanjana asks what are you doing, depart the man. he receives down. she says i desired to have aloo parathas, so i were given those potatoes, peel them nicely. sanju drags the sack. they get interior carry.


He says such a lot of potatoes, i will get aloo parathas from outside. she says no, this is not your paintings. he says peeling potatoes is not my work. she says it does not need thoughts or hardwork, its 0 paintings, i want to have aloo parathas made via you, do you locate me jungli, i don’t eat raw potatoes. liftman performs tune mai kya karoon…… sanju sees sanjana and smiles.


She is going. sanju takes the sack and sees liftman. he is going. sanju says i concept to have aloo parathas by means of madam’s hand, she is making me do this paintings. kashmira comes. he puts potatoes in his shirt. she asks what are you doing. he says its my workplace, i will ask, why did you come. she says i don’t have any paintings and got here to timepass. he asks her to head. he jokes on mummy. she argues and jokes on him. sanjana comes and says again, are you retaining an eye on husband. kashmira says no, i simply came. sanjana says you could come each time. she asks sanju to boil potatoes. he says i understood, you pass, i can come to you. she goes. kashmira asks him what became sanjana pronouncing. he lies to her. sanjana comes and asks kashmira to help her pick out a dress. he says blue fits you, i mean blue appears suitable on anyone. they take a look at him and depart.


Last Part of May I Come in Madam 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Khiloni calls sanju and jokes understanding sanju is in issues. he asks sanju to come for liquids, i have your fav aloo parathas for you. sanju says don’t take its call. he asks why. sanju says go away it, tell me a way to knead flour. khiloni says placed water in flour and mix with fingers, its now not rocket science, while did you join dhaba leaving workplace, you probably did no longer say. sanju says it were given horrific and ends call.

Precap of May I Come in Madam 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Sanju says i becomes world famous chef, i m leaving your process, thanks for inspiring me. sanjana receives stunned.


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