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Mere Angne Mein 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Mere Angne Mein 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Mere Angne Mein 12th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


This episode begins with shivam supporting aarti. he sees her crying. he gives the lahenga saying nimmi has despatched this for her. she thanks him. he goes. she thinks simply shivam understands me. rani tells the mehendi clothier that shanti is the bride. the female says is her age not a lot. rani lies to her that they’re very ahead people, shanti is in love with a younger man, no want to talk to all and sundry, else they may get angry. the lady says ask her to head and sit somewhere.


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Rani tells her that another lady will sit with bride, even she will be dressed up like bride. the female says i don’t recognize. rani says its suitable. rani says mehendi clothier has come, you also get the mehendi, photographer will take your pics, you are so lovely. shanti says i know, why are you praising me, inform me. rani stops mehendi clothier from attaining charni. she prays to lord. the girl asks shanti to come for mehendi, its imp. shanti asks why. rani says you will very last design, its fine i’m able to tell layout. she asks shanti why is she doubting on her. she says i really want this marriage to show up, you’re going to grow to be a celebrity, you have to get geared up properly. nandu concurs together with her. he asks shanti to get prepared as the bride.
Shanti asks is it my age to dress like bride. nandu encourages her. he invitations them for sangeet feature. he asks shanti to come along with her, he will make her heroine, i asked my private makeup artist to make you prepared. shanti receives excited. she goes to get equipped. shanti thinks i were given saved. pari asks preeti to move and get charni. golu tests a few garments. he thinks what to wear for sangeet. pari and nimmi collide and fall. they argue. pari asks nimmi to call preeti. she scoffs nimmi that her husband died, and he or she can’t follow mehendi. rani looks on. nimmi asks whose name mehendi did you follow, sujeev or a person else. pari scolds her and is going. rani thinks nimmi is higher than pari. she asks what occurred, what did pari say. nimmi says not anything. rani says pari will now not assist you to dance in sangeet, did i do something incorrect with you, tell me. nimmi says no. rani says i’m able to always regard you my sister, although amit and that i got separated, if you have to get stored from pari, then answer her.


Kaushalya remains with pandit. she thinks what to tell shanti. he does now not permit her pass. preeti receives charni down. aarti thinks i’m able to no longer marry amit, i can inform truth to all and sundry if needed. amit asks pari to jot down charni’s call within the heart.


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Amit asks photographer to take his percent. the man asks shivam to preserve digital camera. shivam asks why, that day also you left. the person says i don’t know taking pics, you took precise photos that day. amit and the man request shivam to click pictures. shivam has the same opinion. nimmi takes mehendi fashion designer to bride. rani concerns. the woman says i got unique mehendi for bride. she asks amit to the touch the mehendi for bride. amit touches the cone. shivam clicks pix. rani and aarti worry. nandu gets shanti there. every body smile seeing shanti. all of them compliment shanti. rani signs aarti and makes shanti sit together with her. rani asks the lady to use mehendi to shanti first. shanti asks why, follow mehendi to charni. rani does now not let shanti say anything. they all ask shanti to use mehendi first. rani lies to the lady. rani asks shanti to get amit’s name written in her hand. shanti asks what, fine write it. she laughs. the girl applies mehendi. nandu’s mum compliments her.


Precap: Aarti refuses for marriage. shivam asks don’t you want to marry. amit asks the purpose.


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