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Mere Angne Mein 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Mere Angne Mein 14th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Mere Angne Mein 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


This episode of Mere Angne Mein Starts offevolved with shivam asking aarti what is she doing here. aarti makes excuse and is going. kaushalya sings a music for raghav. aarti tells raghav that kaushalya has carried out all the work considering morning. kaushalya is going to raina and says raghav is annoyed with me. shanti asks aarti to sing. aarti sings chale jane do….. amit and shivam sit down to drink. they realize its no longer wine. shivam smells the bottle. amit says a person fooled you. shivam gets indignant and says aarti did this, she changed wine with tea. kaushalya apologizes to raghav. shanti continues the candles, and asks raghav and kaushalya to blow on it. they cut the cake.


Full Details of Mere Angne Mein 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


The ngo ladies come and ask for aarti. she says we must come to take her, we were given a grievance against her. aarti says i m aarti, however i did not do something. the girl says we were given complaint towards you, human beings stated your character isn’t always desirable. kaushalya thinks i known as them the following day, they got here these days. shanti says i recognize her, a person lied to you.
Kaushalya says preeti, aarti should go nowadays. preeti asks shanti to permit aarti move. shanti asks why, did all people see her doing wrong, they will come to take you and nimmi, shall i send you two also. raghav defends aarti and says i know her properly, did you do checking, you are calling her characterless, you’ll have a few evidence. amit thinks its true i did not see that lady, else i would have were given defamed. shanti asks who grievance you, inform us what happened. the girl says a lady referred to as us and informed us approximately her. shanti asks will you come back here on everyone’s announcing, i want to see what she has visible. the woman says rekha spoke back call when I called again, she gave your home cope with. rekha and kaushalya fear. shanti asks them to head. she scolds rekha. she gets irritated on kaushalya. she says rekha is jealous and dislikes aarti, she is a nice woman. the girl says excellent, however if this news is genuine, it could be hassle for you.


Ngo ladies go. shanti scolds kaushalya for staining aarti’s individual, why did you grow to be like this, why are you after this orphan woman. raghav asks did you move mad, i assume we have to ship you someplace, will you call every body for us additionally. he scolds kaushalya. shivam defends kaushalya and argues with raghav. he asks raghav to invite aarti, why will mum blame her without something, perhaps she has visible something. shanti scolds him. he says mum did not say whatever till now, why are you insulting her. raghav asks him to close up, you received’t have senses. shivam says i gained’t hear her insult. kaushalya stops shivam.


Raghav asks kaushalya why is she after aarti. kaushalya says i m a whole lot mad, i should die, you’re insulting me. raghav reminds what she did. shanti asks kaushalya what aarti did. kaushalya says i don’t need aarti to live right here, she stays outdoor house at night and is derived domestic in morning 4am, does everybody understand this, a guy follows her. preeti says she is this sort of reasonably-priced woman.


Raghav says how lots low will you fall to show her incorrect. kaushalya says yes, i m very awful, ask this girl, the guy became following her. aarti cries and says i used to be now not signing to everyone. kaushalya asks why are you lying, i’ve seen the whole lot and requested human beings additionally, i did no longer inform shanti as she does not agree with me. shanti holds her neck angrily. shivam stops her. kaushalya says you ended relation for this girl. shanti says you’re ending the whole lot, i recognise from wherein charni comes each morning. she recalls seeing aarti wash the temple stairs. pandit gives her cash. he asks did you give cash to shanti.


Last Part of Mere Angne Mein 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Aarti says no, i will provide her cash at night time after the characteristic ends. facebook ends. aarti offers the cash to shanti, and says i had no aim to cover this. aarti cries. shanti asks why are you apologizing. she gets an old trunk and shows everybody’s first earnings. she indicates shivam’s first salary and says i have in no way spent it. she indicates riya’s first revenue. anybody feels unhappy. they get emotional. shanti indicates raghav’s first incomes. she says i have first earning of nimmi additionally, and this is mine when I used to sit down in lower back room and sew clothes. shanti cries.


Precap of Mere Angne Mein 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Shanti asks aarti not to go out of home, none will make you leave from the house. shivam goes to aarti. she receives tensed.







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