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Mere Angne Mein 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Mere Angne Mein 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Mere Angne Mein 17th June 2017 Written Episode Updates.


This episode starts with nandu protecting rani and apologizing to the female. he says if rani is going to police station, i can be dragged and my photo will spoil. female helps nandu and rani. she says there is no planning against me, i did now not say some thing. she is going. nandu and rani ask golu to come back to sangeet. golu says justice continues to be there, you need to come with us to police station. rani says you aren’t knowledge. she acts to faint.


Full Details of Mere Angne Mein 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Amit asks aarti to bounce with him. she refuses. he asks her to bop a few. aarti takes shanti’s advantages. shanti says amit is lucky to get a life accomplice such as you, don’t get scared, he will deal with you, i can see to it. amit says you danced properly. shanti asks them to bounce later. pari comes. preeti asks what came about to aarti. pari says you search for your self, rani has an affair with nandu. they all get stunned. pari says i’ve visible her falling in nandu’s arms, nandu changed into protecting her, rani was crying, nandu wiped her tears and asked her to cry on his shoulder, i sense very terrible for preeti.
Nandu asks golu what did he do, rani is already concerned, you’re pronouncing you will take her to police station. golu is going to get water. rani says what’s occurring, i m not getting the fellow and he is doing this. nandu asks her to become helpless woman and inform her story, he does not appearance terrible hearted, you could try. golu receives water. rani acts to get aware and asks what befell. golu apologizes. rani says i m a helpless woman, i will tell you the whole lot. she tells her story. golu receives shocked.


Preeti gets angry and says i used to be danger from my family. raghav asks her to shut up, don’t talk with out understanding well. shanti scolds pari and asks the evidence. pari says i m the proof, i have seen them, you realize rani and me, you watched i m lying. shanti says rani is doing much drama, i’m able to make her depart. raghav asks her to loosen up. pari says nandu is cheating preeti. nandu’s mum slaps pari and scolds her. shanti argues together with her.


Nandu’s mum says i’m able to not be quiet, this female is blaming nandu, he can’t do that. pari says i m saying fact and lies. shanti asks should she no longer tell her silently. aarti concerns and thinks what’s going to circle of relatives do, amit can prepone marriage. shivam sees aarti and thinks why do i feel she does no longer need to marry amit. he asks aarti to think again about marriage. aarti says leave me on my nation. he asks why are you ruining your existence, do what you want. she asks him to discover rani to assist her. she receives dizzy. he holds her and asks are you great.


He asks her to sit. amit sees them and asks shivam why is he doing this, i don’t forget what you probably did last time. shivam says i used to be simply holding her, she is fainting. amit asks him to leave. amit thinks why all this occurs in my marriage, i did now not assume rani will fall so low. he asks her not to suppose whatever, rani has dependancy to do this, come. she says no, i’m able to sit down.


Golu says i can absolutely assist you, you known as me brother. nandu says i were given rani’s boyfriend, you have to act as rani’s bf, i’m able to’t risk her safety. golu says you are proper. they ask nandu did they go mad. golu says i known as her sister, how can you say this nonsense, i love someone else. nandu says then you definitely should apprehend her ache, simply act like i do in movies, amit has to comprehend his love, please agree. rani says i can help you in getting your love, please agree. golu says high-quality, think of the woman who is wishing to marry. rani says no, she is aware of i like amit, she does no longer need to marry amit, please assist us. nandu says we don’t have lots time. rani apologizes to lord.


Preeti asks shanti to get rani. nandu’s mum says nandu’s individual is like lord ram. raghav asks kaushalya no longer to cry. kaushalya says nandu changed into not such. raghav asks her no longer to fear. preeti says i’m able to eat poison in case you don’t call rani. shanti asks her to die. nandu’s mum asks how did you say this, you’re doubting on nandu. raghav asks them to forestall drama.


Kaushalya defends preeti. raghav receives irritated. nandu and rani come domestic with golu. preeti scolds rani. nandu asks what’s this way to talk with rani. preeti asks rani in which did she move. rani asks did i do any sin. shanti is going to slap. nandu comes in between and receives slapped. raghav asks can’t we talk like humans, what’s occurring right here. shanti says nandu got here in among, rani’s doings aren’t proper. raghav asks her to find out is its genuine or now not. nandu’s mum reminds shanti that nandu is his son in regulation. nandu asks what took place.


Shanti says i did now not expect this from you, its awful to have an affair with rani. nandu asks what are you saying. shanti says pari instructed this, she has seen you both. nandu says its nothing like that. preeti asks is pari mendacity. nandu shouts you close up up, i m talking to dadi. he says how can you believe you studied i’m able to cheat preeti, rani is like my sister, she turned into dizzy so i used to be giving her support. raghav looks at pari. nandu says much passed off with me, i did no longer do wrong, why will i do wrong now. shanti asks him to chill out. raghav and shanti scold pari.


Last Part of Mere Angne Mein 17th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Raghav says i agree with rani. amit says don’t trust her, she is doing drama. raghav asks him to revel in sangeet, sing and dance, don’t say all this. kaushalya apologizes to nandu and his mum. rani says wait, he is my visitor, i went to take him, i’m able to go on degree and say. she holds golu’s hand. amit and anybody get stunned.


Precap: Rani asks amit and every body to hear it, golu is my might be husband. all of us gets bowled over.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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