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Mere Angne Mein 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Mere Angne Mein 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Mere Angne Mein 27th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode begins with kaushalya calling shivam. she says perhaps he went workplace. aarti cleans the floor. shanti asks her did she have breakfast. aarti says no. shanti asks nimmi to give food and tea to aarti. kaushalya tries calling. shanti says if he was round, we might have visible him, provide an explanation for him, its first day and notice his ego. raghav comes. he asks why are you angry, its sufficient that he went workplace. shanti says he could have taken blessings, its his first day, how i left you to office to your first day. she indicates the humans playing dhol. she says i called them, as shivam were given executive. process. raghav smiles.

  • Shanti says shivam took kaushalya’s advantages and went for interview, even nowadays he left with out my advantages. she cries and says i continually get insulted here, no person values me. raghav says don’t cry, we will see for a few days, if he does no longer exchange, i will get his switch to other city, he’ll recognize own family value, i’m able to pass and notice what he’s doing at workplace. he leaves.
    kaushalya says i can name again. shanti says she did not like my saying. nimmi offers meals to aarti. aarti eats meals. kaushalya calls workplace and asks for shivam. she tells shanti that shivam did no longer attain workplace till now, he might also lose task if he does now not attain on time. shanti asks nimmi to name him. aarti hears them and says he did now not exit, he’s on terrace. kaushalya says why did you now not tell before, did you need to look us demanding. shanti says you will get time to scold her later, see wherein is shivam.

They pass upstairs and notice shivam napping. kaushalya asks him to get up. shanti asks nimmi to get bucket of water. aarti brings water bucket. they throw water on shivam. he wakes up and sees them. shanti scolds him. she says get geared up and opt for activity, its first day. she asks kaushalya to peer her son, he is doing many mistakes, he were given zero marks in lifestyles, will he do job properly or now not. aarti hears them.

Shanti waits for him. she says i’m able to see him, he did now not come till now, he has to obey guidelines if he has to live here, i will pay attention his answer. kaushalya says he broke via riya’s loss of life. shanti says many human beings lose spouse and husband, every person don’t do that, move from my manner. she scolds nimmi and kaushalya. she asks aarti to get stick. aarti goes. shanti gets angry on kaushalya. shivam comes. shanti asks the guys to play dhol, shivam got government. task, he’s my grandson. she asks all of us to dance. she asks aarti to live at domestic.

Shanti, kaushalya and nimmi dance in workplace whilst dropping shivam. officer gets angry by using sound. he asks the peon to prevent them. peon asks them to forestall it. shanti says my grandson got activity, i m glad, we can dance. officer is going to peer. shanti says we dropped raghav equal way. shivam says its just a activity. she says its big issue. officer asks them to stop it. shanti says my grandson were given govt. process, who’re you, i m shanti devi. he says enough now, depart. she scolds him.

She says i got here to fulfill sinha, you look a peon, i know him properly. he asks sincerely. she says i can get you fired. he asks oh truely. she asks him to head. he asks them to go away. she dances and says no. she asks him to name sinha. sinha asks peon to make them meet sinha. peon says he is our sinha, old sinha is transferred. shanti gets shocked.

Kaushalya says now shivam will lose process. sinha scolds shivam. shivam asks him to determine to maintain him or no longer. shanti scolds shivam and asks him to recognize senior, make an apology to him. she apologizes. she says shivam is a pleasant man, don’t break his record, we will go out. nimmi says we are able to depart quickly. shanti says it turned into not shivam’s mistake, he is like a cow, he’ll do all work, he has learnt all paintings from his father. she asks shivam to begin work. they leave.

  • Raghav thinks to call domestic. he says kaushalya might also get angry. his pal asks him why is he worried. he says i m worried for my son, he’s hot tempered. she laughs and says he isn’t always a small youngster. she asks him to move and notice him, i will come along. they go.

Aarti decorates the residence properly. shanti and everyone come domestic, and see the residence embellished with plant life. shanti smiles and says extraordinary, charni you embellished the residence like a bride, its shining, how did you get cash for flowers. kaushalya asks did you scouse borrow, tell me, did you sell some thing. aarti says i did no longer need cash. kaushalya asks how did you get some of these without cost. aarti says i were given this storeroom, i have used the antique plant life, i got those leaves from the road tree. shanti says you’re very proficient lady, i m very satisfied. she asks nimmi to study from aarti, residence can be embellished with out cash. kaushalya says even i could have completed this. shanti says but you did not do this, do and display.
Precap: Shivam takes the child and goes out of home. aarti sees him going out.


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