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Mere Angne Mein 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Mere Angne Mein 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update. Mere Angne Mein 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update Latest.

The episode starts with shanti, kaushalya and raghav crying in the cells. shivam asks riya to get her pc. he checks the cd. he says its no longer establishing. nimmi says this become the last proof. riya says we are able to no longer lose courage, shivam call your engineer buddy and ask him, perhaps we can get better information. shivam calls his friend. he says my buddy can’t come. nimmi asks him to check with different engineers. shivan asks them to be at home and leaves. nandu involves the junk man shop and breaks the lock to check the junk for the proofs. a man sees him and complains to police. nandu finds the paper and smiles. constable asks him is he doing theft. nandu says listen to me, i did no longer do some thing.

Preeti comes to shanti sadan and acts seeing nimmi. she hugs nimmi and says we will become orphan. nimmi says have braveness, we have an evidence, shivam and riya’s marriage evidence, it become caught in a laptop. preeti asks will the whole lot get excellent if we show that. nimmi says sure. riya says its precise information, shivam got someone to fix the cd. preeti thinks i gained’t permit every body ruin my plan. shanti cries in mobile.

Shivam gives the cd to the person and asks him to get better the facts speedy. riya says as soon as we retrieve facts, i can pass jail and you men go to court. preeti thinks to stop riya outdoor. riya calls sarla and asks her to come domestic fast, they were given a proof. the man says it will take time to recover statistics. shivam says i can strive, rise up.

Riya calls her friend and asks her no longer to refuse to assist her. her buddy asks what are you saying riya. riya says i need your husband’s help, i want to retrieve facts from an imp cd. her friend concurs to assist riya. nandu tells constable that his spouse gave imp papers to junk man, so he went to take that, he did now not thieve anything. constable asks him to call a person in morning and move. nandu says it is going to be late. nandu hears the constables talking approximately the bhojpuri hero. he says its me, click pictures with me, i m saying real. constable asks him to bop and display. nandu dances as bhojpuri hero and runs away.

Constables take kaushalya, shanti and raghav for the punishment. kaushalya begs constable not to take her. riya meets sarla and tells her about the data to be retrieved from the cd. her friend’s husband comes there. riya asks him to help in statistics recovery. sarla and riya take him to room. riya asks shivam to permit this guy strive, he’s my buddy’s husband. raghav, shanti and kaushalya are taken for the final tub earlier than the punishment. they cry and take the tub.

The man recovers the facts and performs the cd. shivam asks nimmi and riya to return and notice the cd gambling. they all get glad and thank the person for recovering records. riya says thank you for saving three lives. the man says you helped me a lot, i’m able to go away, no want to thank. riya says we were given the evidence, everyone gets best, you both visit decide and i’m able to take this cd to jail. nimmi takes cd and says i don’t accept as true with you, i will take it. riya says best, i can move courtroom and get choose, you guys go to prison with cd.

The pandit tells shanti, kaushalya and raghav about mortality. he asks them to fold arms and pray for his or her sins. riya is at the way and thinks to satisfy decide and shop each person. bansi follows riya to get the cd. bansi hits on riya’s head. riya faints. raghav, shanti and kaushalya meet the jailer and tell their final want. kaushalya says i will die before raghav, i need to die as suhaagan. raghav says shanti is maximum imp to me and kaushalya is my spouse, i want to peer them alive and cross. he says i can pass first. shanti cries. bansi checks riya’s bag for the cd and does not get it.

Raghav, kaushalya and shanti stroll to the cell where they’ll get hanged. bansi calls preeti and says i did not get any cd. preeti asks him to check properly. he says cd isn’t there. she asks him to leave. riya lies unconscious.

Precap: Jailer says judge gave permission to see evidence. Shivam asks them to check the proof and plays marriage CD. Shivam says its proved that Riya is my wife. The death sentence is still in action. They all get shocked.

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