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Mere Angne Mein 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Mere Angne Mein 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Mere Angne Mein 29th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts with shanti calling out kaushalya. shivam takes infant to orphanage. he recalls the physician’s words. he gets irritated and drops the woman within the cradle. aarti seems on. child holds his finger. he leaves the child and jewelry the bell. he goes away. aarti receives taken aback and hides. baby cries. she thinks why a lot hatred from a small baby. a beggar goes to take baby. aarti stops him and says she is my daughter, don’t contact her. the person argues and asks her to go. she says she is my female, go. he pushes her. she scolds him. he receives a knife and scares her. she alternatives a timber stick and beats him, asking him to run. the man runs.

The women take the toddler and asks aarti who’s she. aarti says she is our house female, her father is aggravated along with her and left her here, please deliver her to me. she takes the baby. kaushalya comes downstairs. she says i got late as i m hurt, sorry i could not sleep all night time. shanti asks her how can she forget about the entirety, contend with mind and frame. kaushalya says who will cope with residence then. shanti says you suggest you run the residence, don’t visit kitchen, nimmi will control. kaushalya asks did nimmi feed milk to baby. shanti says i’ve no longer visible nimmi since morning.

Nimmi comes. kaushalya asks approximately raina. nimmi says she isn’t always with me, she is dozing to your room. shanti asks in which is she then. they search for raina. they don’t get her. shanti says maybe shivam took her out. kaushalya says no, he does no longer take her, it manner… she runs to test aarti. they don’t see charni. kaushalya cries and says she has run away with the child, she made me sleep till now, she did this. shanti says whom did raghav get home, call raghav. kaushalya says i can take raghav’s class.

Shanti asks kaushalya not to cry, get cellphone, it has charni’s percent. nimmi says i’ve it. they start leaving and notice shivam coming domestic. shivam asks kaushalya why is she crying. kaushalya says sorry, i did massive mistake. he asks what happened. she says charni took the infant away. they see aarti bringing the infant domestic. shanti takes toddler and hugs her. shivam gets taken aback.

Shanti angrily slaps aarti. she asks in which did you’re taking our lady. aarti cries. shanti scolds her. aarti gets scared. kaushalya says call police. aarti says no, don’t do this. shanti pushes her. she says how dare you are taking the lady out. aarti seems at shivam. kaushalya says get out of our residence, depart from here. she drags aarti out. shivam shouts and prevents kaushalya.

  • He says its no longer her mistake, i’ve taken the child to drop her to orphanage. they all get taken aback. shivam says the lady is an orphan, riya died because of her, kaushalya turned into loss of life the day gone by due to her, this woman filled poison in my existence. shanti slaps him angrily. she says she is your blood, is she poison. he says yes, she is poison, i don’t want her at home. shanti scolds him and beats him. she cries and says i’m able to kill you.

Aarti says i m sorry, i need to have shouted seeing him take toddler. shanti says its now not your mistake, its my mistake, i did not raise shivam nicely, even animal protects a baby, shivam is worse, he did this, he took selection to leave the woman to orphanage, my choice is you won’t live in this residence. they get bowled over. shanti asks kaushalya no longer to say a phrase. she says from nowadays, i give this girl’s duty to charni, you may not live in storeroom, you will stay here in my room with raina. she asks shivam to get out and cries.

She says i will % your luggage and are available. shivam stares at aarti. aarti cries. kaushalya asks shanti to pay attention, i’m able to provide an explanation for shivam. shanti packs shivam’s baggage. she asks kaushalya to transport. she throws the bag down and asks shivam to go away if he has shame. kaushalya beats shivam and cries. she asks how did you drop your daughter to orphanage, i m elevating her. he says you bought hurt due to this girl, how shall i maintain her here, she is unlucky. nimmi shouts on him. she takes the woman and says she is your daughter. shivam says she isn’t always. kaushalya says you probably did a sin, its no longer a mistake. he says i did not do any sin, i m sorry. shanti says i don’t want your forgiveness, depart. kaushalya asks him to prevent. he leaves. shanti asks kaushalya now not to head after him. she cries. all and sundry cry. kaushalya scolds charni for maintaining bucket there, this took place because of you. aarti cries. shanti sees shivam out of doors the residence. he cries and leaves.
Precap: shanti says what your son did nowadays, you’ll hate him, he left his daughter to orphanage. raghav receives taken aback. he says i m going policce station to report document. kaushalya issues.



Update Credit To:  Dolly




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