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Mere Angne Mein 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Mere Angne Mein 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Update. Mere Angne Mein 2nd April 2017 Written Episode Updates.


This episode begins with shanti praising aarti’s paintings. she asks her to have meals. aarti says i m no longer hungry. shanti asks her to have it. aarti takes some meals. shanti asks how are you going to get energy ingesting so less. she offers her greater food. aarti eats food. she remembers her parents. aarti eats puris made with the aid of her mum and additionally feeds her dad. he says once you marry, female’s residence is sasural. she says i can no longer get parayi, i will inform them i can come to maayka with my want. her dad reminds how he taught her the entirety while she came from her maayka. her mum worries.


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Her moms and dads ask her to appreciate inlaws, else none will deliver her recognize. she says i received’t let this occur, i promise to make sasural a heaven and regard inlaws as lord. facebook ends. shagun asks aarti to hold leftover things in refrigerator.

Sarla is going to talk to rani. she asks about prabha. rani says she went out. sarla asks her to drop divorce count and are available again. rani says this changed into simply one paper which you have torn, i’ve greater papers. she offers different papers to sarla. sarla says you are doing wrong. rani asks absolutely, what you probably did became right, this doesn’t fit you. sarla says i m talking with courtesy, you are showing mind-set. rani says i will supply divorce, its over now, i don’t need to concentrate some thing, why do i suppose you have some greed, you had been satisfied with my divorce, i’m able to’t admire you extra. sarla tears papers and goes.
kaushalya calls rajesh to understand approximately shivam. shivam is at bar. the person asks for money. shivam says i’ve bought the whole thing. amit asks shivam what befell, and hugs him. he says shivam got railway task, he can pay next month. shivam says amit is right, i will pay your cash after getting salary, i can pay for amit also. amit says superb, you made me happy. he orders wine.


Shanti says your son gained’t come, when he went, he did now not worry, he does no longer price family members. nandu comes and greets them. shanti calls out preeti. he thinks how to inform them preeti went out along with her friends. he says she is ill she is resting at home. shanti says its nice, you made our call shine. she makes him wear garlands. she asks him to expose some appearing and dance as he does in movies. nandu smiles. shanti insists. he says satisfactory. nimmi plays song. nandu dances. shanti and anybody smile.


Everyone clap. nandu says i try this there, so did this. nimmi gets the shirt. shanti says i were given this for you, put on it and show. he says it’ll fit as you acquire it. she insists. he says exceptional. he sees aarti and is going to trade. shanti says he’s my son in law, he’s movie’s hero. nandu wears blouse and says its proper. shanti says you appearance hero, i will also dance with you. nimmi says we all will dance collectively. they all dance.


Aarti appears on. shanti says we can have food now. nandu asks approximately raghav. shanti says he’s going to come, we will have food, come. amit says shivam, inform me one thing. shivam says i’m able to’t solution whatever. amit says why, inform me how you obtain this government. process. shivam says even i don’t realize, i just gave interview and got activity, i doubt papa did this. amit says i knew raghav got this activity, tell him to get task for me, i m filling police form. shivam says i gained’t go domestic, because riya left, i want to die each day. amit says i m speaking about form. shivam says riya dies not pay attention to me. amit asks what are you saying. the person says shivam is under the influence of alcohol, drop him home. shivam says right, but i received’t go home, you move there. amit asks why shall i, i don’t have any task and wife, shanti will ask many things.


Nandu asks did shivam exit. shanti says he have become huge guy, he does not like having food with us. nandu asks for whom is kaushalya ready. shanti says she is waiting to welcome him, you have got meals. kaushalya gives garland to kaushalya and asks shall i get aarti plate, you are stressful for vain shivam, nandu made our call shine and you are not seeing him, shivam won’t come. shanti asks nandu to have food like hero.


Nandu says i had plenty food, kaushalya cooks well. shanti says kaushalya did now not cook dinner this meals, aarti made it. he praises food. shanti praises aarti. nandu asks who’s she. nimmi says raghav got her, she is an orphan. shanti says she became orphan, now she is member of this residence.


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Nandu says you came proper vicinity, i got here right here once I came to metropolis for first time, see wherein i m now. shanti asks why did you no longer tell earlier than. he says i wanted to say and lots became occurring here, i used to be questioning its may be shameful that i m acting in movie. shanti says i look old, however i m present day minded, i want you figure hard and win award. he says i will attempt. shanti offers nek to aarti for cooking for first time. kaushalya looks on.
Precap: Shanti says we’re going out, deal with house. kaushalya asks her to throw purple chilli powder if every body abnormal comes. kaushalya’s brother and bhabhi comes. aarti asks them to head and throws crimson chilli powder on them.



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