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Mere Angne Mein 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollupdates. Mere Angne Mein 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update.Mere Angne Mein 30th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts offevolved with kaushalya going to aarti and dragging her out, saying you made my son faraway from right here. shanti stops kaushalya and says you got blind of son’s love, he left child in orphanage, assume what would have befell. kaushalya cries. nimmi consoles her and says shivam did no longer do right. a woman comes from orphanage and asks about aarti. she says aarti risked her life and stored the lady from beggars. she gives the present to aarti. she says i have seen tons love on your eyes, more love than mother and father do, bless you. she is going. shanti thank you charni and says i can’t pay for this prefer, i will maintain an eye on you, if i will make shivam out of residence, i can make you depart too.

Shivam comes office along with his bag. he talks to sinha approximately lodging. sinha does now not pay attention and asks him to move and work. raghav comes domestic and sees absolutely everyone disenchanted. he asks what took place, why is all people sitting like this. shanti says in case you know what your son did, you’ll hate him, he left his daughter in orphanage. raghav gets greatly surprised. shanti says charni got the infant back. raghav says i can now not leave him, where is he. shanti says i made him out of house. he says you probably did proper, such human beings need to no longer stay at home, i m going to police station to file report. kaushalya says no, shivam did incorrect, shanti made him out of house, he did this for my love. raghav asks will he leave daughter to orphanage, need to he now not get punished.
Shanti says i made him go away residence, that’s punishment for him. kaushalya angrily sees aarti. kaushaya cuts vegs. nimmi asks her to rest and concerns for her fitness. kaushalya says i don’t want to recognize, shivam is made to go away the residence. nimmi says don’t fear, as soon as shanti’s anger cools down, she can get him lower back. kaushalya says no, this gained’t occur till charni is right here, shanti will kick us out, i m seeing a horrific dream for the reason that few days. nimmi asks what dream. she tells her the dream, of charni asking her to depart the house. kaushalya asks why shall i go away, who’re you. aarti says that is my dad’s residence, i were given my house now, i’m able to not lose my rights, move and do drama out of doors. kaushalya says in which will i live. aarti scolds her.

Aarti comes to assist kaushalya. kaushalya asks her to depart her on my own, nimmi is there to help me. aarti is going.

Pari sees rani speaking to lady. rani says i m going temple. pari pours water on rani. rani scolds her. pari argues. pari asks are you going to meet your boyfriend. rani says yes, what’s going to you do. pari asks her to go away from her colony after divorce. rani meets amit. thy argue. she asks him to be ready to pay alimony.

Kaushalya asks nimmi to go and provide kadi to nandu, preeti stated he likes it. she asks nimmi ti supply tiffin to shivam also. she hides it from shanti. a woman comes to satisfy pari. she asks pari to do her facial. pari asks what does your husband do. lady says he’s clerk. pari asks her to get out, as she is negative. woman says i can pay you money. pari says get out, i take 1000rs for facial. female scolds her. pari stops her and talks sweet. she does her facial. shanti stops nimmi and asks in which are you going with two tiffins. nimmi says i m giving food to preeti. shanti asks how lots will they eat.

Nimmi says preeti said nandu likes the meals made with the aid of kaushalya. shanti says you’re speaking much care. kaushalya says i’m able to cook food for brahmans. shanti says i can test and takes tiffins. child cries. shanti asks charni to peer baby. nimmi is going. shanti asks wherein did she move. kaushalya says she went. shanti asks child to pacify infant.

  • Pari receives preeti’s call. she says i m with cm’s wife, i m making my assistant do her facial. preeti asks her to return domestic and do her facial. pari jokes. she says i can come, i want 1000rs. preeti says take 1500rs with tip, come rapid. she says shivam got a govt. job. pari gets taken aback. preeti asks her to come back fast.

aarti says baby slept and offers her to shanti. shanti asks her to head and work. she thanks aarti and says whatever i do for you will be less, you bought my female returned, thank you a lot. aarti says no, don’t say this. shanti says its one month now, i saved you right here and does no longer recognise anything, inform me who are you. aarti issues and thinks what to say. shanti asks where from did you come.
Precap: kaushalya makes all the meals fall down. shanti scolds her and says you’re on go away now, cross and relaxation, charni will control kitchen.



Update Credit To: Aneesa

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