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Mere Angne Mein 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Mere Angne Mein 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Mere Angne Mein 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts offevolved with shanti giving nek to aarti. kaushalya thinks aarti snatched her kitchen. nimmi says i’ve helped aarti, so supply nek to me also. shanti says you do everyday, shall i supply a hundred rs every say, you eat so much, you need to deliver me 100rs. nandu additionally gives nek to aarti. aarti refuses. he says preserve it, else i’m able to sense bad. shanti sees 500rs and asks aarti to take it. aarti takes it. nandu says its overdue, i can pass. shanti says you probably did not get tiffin again. he asks which tiffin. nimmi and kaushalya worry. nimmi says i got here to present you tiffin at capturing time. nandu says i forgot it at sets, i’m able to send day after today. he leaves.

Shanti says my eyes are sharp, ears and thoughts are greater sharp, if all people lies to me, i apprehend it. she sees kaushalya. nimmi asks aarti to take food. she is going.


Full Details of Mere Angne Mein 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Kaushalya involves kitchen. aarti asks kaushalya to have meals. kaushalya talks to her rudely. aarti drops a pickle jar. it breaks. kaushalya gets irritated and leaves. aarti cries. raghav comes domestic.
he gets a call and says i just got here domestic, quality i will come, what’s the hassle, i m leaving. kaushalya goes to nimmi and says shut the door, i’ve to speak. she asks about raghav, discover approximately him. nimmi says exceptional. kaushalya says none worries for shivam, how will he be, if he is quality or not, if he has hassle. nimmi says anyone fear. kaushalya says raghav went after I known as him, i think i can die. nimmi says don’t say this, i m trying. kaushalya says youngsters’s lives are getting spoiled, raghav is going rasleela, discover, else we are able to be made to leave residence as shivam, i want to recognise who’s that madam, call shivam. nimmi says he did not speak to me properly in workplace, i’m able to name him.


She says he is not answering. kaushalya tries calling. she gets angry on raghav. shanti hears her. kaushalya sees her and cries. shanti gets irritated and puts a saree knot in her neck. kaushalya says i fear for shivam, you’ve got modified. shanti says your story will not change until he comes back, we can go and get him. nimmi says i got the stick, come, i stopped seeing your nok jhok. shanti says we are able to start with wine save. kaushalya says you may beat me. shanti beats her. she calls out charni.


She asks aarti to attend to residence, we are going out. kaushalya says we will depart nimmi at home. she asks aarti to throw crimson chilli at any stranger if there’s any hassle. they depart. renu and her husband come domestic to take kaushalya with them. they knock door. aarti opens the door and asks who are you. renu says kaushalya is my nanand, he is her elder brother. aarti worries and says they don’t live right here, pass from here, i will’t can help you come. she shuts door. renu says we are able to move from lower back door, she is the one approximately whom kaushalya informed me, we are able to pass with the aid of lower back door. aarti calls shanti and her cellphone rings. she says dadi forgot cellphone at domestic.


Kaushalya’s brother insists. renu coughs and acts. aarti gets water for her and gives her. he says this is my sister’s house. aarti says i experience bad, forgive me. renu says we are able to cross inner. aarti says sorry. renu pushes her and goes inner. she says this female went mad. aarti throws water and crimson chilli powder at them. she beats them with a stick. renu and her husband run out. the girls look on and suppose what’s taking place.


Shivam and amit under the influence of alcohol and laugh. amit says i will drop you home. shivam says yes, we need to pass home. they funny story and chortle. shanti, kaushalya and nimmi come domestic. shanti says we are able to discover shivam the following day. they see renu and her husband. kaushalya asks what occurred. renu says that horrific spirit has achieved this with us, see she has put water and pink chilli. he says who beats with stick. shanti says sorry, i will see. shanti asks aarti to open door.


Kaushalya makes her brother and renu sit. she scolds aarti. aarti gets greatly surprised. shanti says kaushalya and shivam are troubling me, we have been locating him. renu asks did shivam now not come returned. shanti says news is accomplishing maayka. renu says no. shanti says i understood seeing you, kaushalya called you. renu says no, we simply got here to fulfill kaushalya. kaushalya says yes, i did now not call them. shanti asks kaushalya to go together with them and stay there for some days. kaushalya says you’re making me depart residence. shanti asks them to easy junk from kaushalya’s mind. she says you could get calm minded, you don’t cry now.


Last Part of Mere Angne Mein 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


she gets amit’s name. amit says shivam is with me, he is irritated, i can drop him after 2-three days. shanti says nice. she asks kaushalya not to fear, amit is with him, he’s going to get him domestic, you pass. renu says sure, now we were given shivam’s information, include me. kaushalya says sure, simply 2-3 days. shanti says stay nicely, stay for every week, charni will take care of me. kaushalya says you omit me, don’t overlook me. she hugs shanti. shanti says yes go, you’ll get peace, i can rest now. she is going. kaushalya asks nimmi to peer, aarti made me leave nowadays, your flip is next. nimmi says you are nevertheless wondering this, don’t take anxiety, your pain gets comfort, i can % clothes. kausshalya stares at aarti.

Precap: Kaushalya talks to shanti. she hears raghav’s madam’s voice and gets stunned.



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