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Mere Angne Mein 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Mere Angne Mein 4th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Mere Angne Mein 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with raghav coming home. shanti says i have sent kaushalya to maayka with her brother and bhabhi. he says its true, she will get a few peace. she asks why are you involved. he says i m concerned about shivam, he did no longer come domestic. shanti says i forgot to mention, amit known as and said he’ll drop him when shivam’s anger calms down, what can we say, he did the whole thing, when I got irritated, what takes place, why did he depart, i got indignant on you many times, did you attain door, he must have come again, i would have melted and hugged him. he says i don’t realize what’s occurring, i did now not realize my child will be drunkard, i m involved he can take wrong step. she says no, a few terrible time comes in each person’s life, it will pass, pass and relaxation. i can ship meals by means of charni. he is going.


Full Details on Mere Angne Mein 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Aarti thinks of kaushalya’s phrases and cries. she thinks what did i do, i m mad, i m no longer capable of provide them happiness, i m like burden, i must do something quickly.
raghav’s buddy comes to locality. a person argues together with her. she increases hand. the man holds her hand. raghav sees them and scolds the man. he threatens to name police. the man says i was simply supporting her. raghav asks who referred to as you to assist. he sends every person. he asks her what’s she doing here. she says all mad human beings are here. he asks what approximately railway quarters. she says i sense restless there and idea to shift to lodge, however i were given to recognise this locality is awful. he says but don’t ask something residing here. she says i did mistake, tell me what to do. he asks her to come back to his house for few days, you helped me in shivam’s job, i’m able to atleast do this. she says you will now not assist if i did not get activity. he asks her to return.


Kaushalya remains involved. renu asks what’s going on, have tea. kaushalya says i did not meet raghav before leaving, i won’t name him, i don’t consider him. her brother says raghav is 24-karat gold, he won’t do whatever to ashame family. renu says kaushalya is very simple, every person can idiot her. he goes. kaushalya asks is he fooling me. renu says i did not mean that.


Shanti tells objects listing to nimmi. nimmi asks her to move slow and asks once more. aarti repeats the matters so as. they study aarti. shanti praises her smartness. she asks aarti does she recognize writing and studying. aarti says yes. shanti asks nimmi to present pen and copy to aarti. aarti makes the listing. shanti and nimmi get inspired. shanti looks for her radio.


Aarti says kaushalya is annoyed with me, i did no longer desire to harm all of us. nimmi gets annoyed. raghav gets her friend home. nimmi thinks why did papa get her home, mummy’s dream is popping authentic. she imagines aarti going for walks and hugging the girl, calling her maa. aarti kicks nimmi out of residence. her creativeness ends. raghav comes domestic. shanti comes and identifies mannu.


Nimmi says she is raghav’s buddy, make her depart, i will call mummy. shanti scolds her to doubt raghav. she maintains phone. raghav introduces nimmi. nimmi acts impolite. he asks what came about. nimmi says why do strangers come domestic. shanti scolds her. she asks her to get breakfast. raghav says every so often nimmi receives bizarre things. he tells shanti about mannu going to motel, and that’s why he were given her domestic. shanti says its your private home, you may live. she sends nimmi. she thinks if nimmi is doubting, what will kaushalya assume, her happiness gets a surprise.


Last Part of Mere Angne Mein 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Renu asks kaushalya now not to take tension. kaushalya says charni perhaps doing black magic on shanti. renu asks her no longer to suppose, call and speak. shanti does no longer answer. kaushalya calls again. shanti says i need to get you online. kaushalya concerns and calls on landline. shanti answers. she says i m satisfactory, charni looks after me, i had breakfast, she gave me oats. mannu corrects her. kaushalya hears her and asks who is it. shanti asks are you able to see additionally, you listen the entirety, she is rama. kaushalya asks neighbor. shanti says no, manorama, raghav’s madam, you are taking rest there. manorama and charni are here to take care of me. kaushalya receives harm and cries. renu asks what came about. kaushalya cries and says raghav is doing wrong, he got manorama home, take me there. her brother says its railway strike, i can take you later. she says no, i have to cross there. renu says chill out, we are alive, we received’t let some thing manifest to you, we are able to make manorama leave. he asks them to recognize depend first. kaushalya says i’m able to move there. he calms her. renu says first call nimmi and ask what’s happening there. kaushalya calls nimmi. she could not pay attention nicely and contact ends. she cries and says my destiny is horrific. renu calls again. they worry.

Precap: Precap of Mere Angne Mein 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Kaushalya receives video of manorama singing song, and raghav making a song together with her. she gets shocked.




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