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Mere Angne Mein 4th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 4th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Mere Angne Mein 4th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Mere Angne Mein 4th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode starts with golu seeing nimmi and imagining. they dance on jhanjhariya….. nimmi sees golu and says you… you are that bagad billa. amit asks her to speak to his senior properly. nimmi says he misbehaved with me. golu asks whilst did i misbehave. she says when i was buying plants, he was teasing me, i’ve slapped him. amit thinks its properly risk to scold him. he begins shouting on golu and points gun at him. nimmi says shoot him. golu thinks this girl is krantikari kind.


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Shanti sees kaushalya crying and jokes on her tears. she asks what befell. kaushalya tells the entirety. shanti smiles. kaushalya apologizes to her. she says i m afraid for shivam, will he get married or not. shanti says in case you need to get shivam married, dare to call female’s circle of relatives at home, prevent this crying, prepare for haldi. she laughs and is going.
Golu hears the bells. he asks them to forestall the bell. constable says there may be no temple close by. amit scolds him. golu takes the bullets from gun. he says i used to be following beggars gang that day, its a false impression. nimmi scolds him. she asks him to say sorry. golu says why, i did not do any mistake. he asks amit to get bloodless drink for his sister. amit asks nimmi to look things properly and serve food. she says next time, don’t name me here again. amit says i called aarti. nimmi says shanti did no longer ship aarti. she serves meals. golu sees her and smiles.


He holds his plate. she says i m going, serve yourself. amit asks her to give water to golu. she pours water on golu and says i can now not express regret, it fell by using mistake. amit asks her to apologize. golu says its excellent, i’m able to clear her misunderstanding. he hears bells. nimmi goes. he receives indignant by bell sound.


Amit asks him to have something. they take a seat to have food. kaushalya sees the lahenga and likes it lots. nimmi remembers old days. she says i’m able to get money from shanti. kaushalya says i’m able to get greater clothes. nimmi asks for whom. kaushalya says for shivam’s marriage. nimmi asks what, you’re once more after his marriage, you worry for him, what approximately me. she smiles. kaushalya begins crying. she says i worry for you the maximum, its smooth to get anyone’s daughter smooth, its hard to present our daughter to anyone else, shanti says right, absolutely everyone isn’t always like nandu, global is terrible. nimmi says i m mad to say whatever, i did not imply that, you already know your love and support is imp to me, i m very glad. kaushalya hugs her and blesses.


Amit comes home and thinks some thing is of mummy is mine, i need to do some thing to take aarti on honeymoon. he breaks the lock and takes earrings. ashok asks him where is he going for walks. amit says that is my house too, come in my haldi. he leaves.


Shanti likes the house decorations. nimmi comes and additionally likes the whole thing. shanti asks about designing clothes. nimmi says i will take 1000rs for each person. pari says i m doing makeup, i need 2000rs. shanti asks them to take what she is giving, else they won’t get whatever. aarti worries. shanti asks her to get ready. aarti says i will get equipped after cleaning raina’s clothes. rani thinks to do some thing, as lord is assisting through sending raina. she says i will easy up raina and takes toddler. shivam comes there. aarti collides and his hand gets hurt. he receives angry. she says sorry and goes. kaushalya applies haldi to his hand. shivam asks what are you doing. shanti says i understand everything, kaushalya applied mandap haldi to shivam. kaushalya says no, i saw the wound and applied haldi. shivam recalls amit’s shagun haldi falling on him earlier than. shanti asks him to scrub fingers, else he has to marry once more. shivam runs to clean hands. kaushalya says its properly shagun, i want he receives married quickly.
Precap: Rani prepares special haldi for amit. aarti says i can not allow everyone’s haldi get on me.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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