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Meri Durga 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Meri Durga 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Meri Durga 12th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode starts with madhav pronouncing annapurna loves amrita lots, she will see her happiness. he talks to rishi on video name. annapurna and amrita come there. he gets shocked and ends the decision. annapurna says you wanted to realize my solution, i can no longer do my daughter’s marriage with you. sheela hears this and gets satisfied. madhav says i’m able to’t consider living without amrita, i’m able to no longer force you to change your choice, its time for me to satisfy my promise. amrita begs annapurna to prevent madhav, he may be very quality, i love him plenty. madhav packs his bag. he asks annapurna no longer to fear, he will get his different things day after today. he touches her feet.


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He gets leaving. annapura stops him. he says you are preserving your promise unwillingly, you currently promise me you’ll now not allow amrita get tears in her eyes, you will supply her a good deal happiness. madhav and amrita smile. madhav promises. amrita hugs annapurna and says you gave me lifestyles’s largest happines, however dad…. annapurna says he is harm through closing time’s cheat, however all people will convince him. madhav thinks you all cheated, you probably did now not get cheated by way of a person, you made my work easy. sheela thinks to do something.
Yashpal and subhadra preserve a watch on durga. shri comes there. durga says you right here… shri says listen to me, i went to school, rajveer is calling you at school for exercise, come speedy. they depart. yashpal scolds subhadra and is going. annapurna says if yashpal sees right person in madhav, he will now not have any problem, your dad has enjoy to recognize human beings. amrita says don’t worry, i agree with madhav completely.


Madhav says she trusts me an awful lot. rishi says mum may be glad understanding madhav’s plan. dulaari smiles. madhav says i just did as you stated, amrita believes me a lot. dulaari says i knew it, just you could take revenge of our insult. annapurna says your dad does not want you to get cheated once more. amrita says it won’t take place, madhav and rishi are unique. madhav says i recognise they cheated you and gave you sorrow, believe me, i can take revenge. dulaari says yes, you are proper, whenever i keep in mind that day, i cry, i did a lot for that lady, its top they don’t know that madhav is rishi’s elder brother, i did no longer take any money from them in dowry, you realize i’ve a large coronary heart, i helped them in all matters, yashpal lied to me about amrita, they look harmless, but they’re clever, they advised many memories to me, when amrita’s fact came out. yashpal blamed us and insulted us badly, i will’t forget about such insult, i recognize amrita might now not let you know about her panic assaults. madhav says you’re right, i believe you.


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Dulaari says i got bp, i can now not depart yashpal. madhav says i will depart amrita in mandap and insult her, her circle of relatives will agree quickly, i will stop their faux recognize. rajveer trains durga. he asks her to move the hurdles and complete a spherical in 20 seconds. durga runs and completes in 22 seconds. rajveer says i realize its difficult, but this is the task, we have less time for practice, you have to placed medal on your dad’s neck right. she says sure. he asks her to run. durga runs.


Precap: Durga asks approximately sanjay and aarti. prince asks durga will she come to be his friend. yashpal says i don’t want madhav right here. shri gets indignant on subhadra. subhadra says i will expose durga in the front of every person now.


Update Credit To: Aneesa


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