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Meri Durga 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Meri Durga 19th May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Meri Durga 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with amrita coming to madhav. madhav sees news approximately amrita and him saving the idols. she turns seeing his shirtless. she knocks on door. he sees her and fast wears tshirt. he asks her to turn now. she says mum has sent food. he holds her hand. music performs…. she asks him to go away her hand. he says first say you have forgiven me. she asks why. he says i informed loads in morning. she says its great. he asks why, i knew annapurna will now not tell each person,i scolded you plenty. she says i’m able to understand.


Full Details of Meri Durga 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Shilpa comes and hears them. he says it become appropriate that news of idol theft spread, yashpal got to recognise about it and we were given idol, these days my recognize were given saved due to you and yashpal, thanks. shilpa holds head and says madhav need to have thanked me, i had unfold information. she goes. madhav asks amrita are we able to have food collectively, like we’ve got in office. amrita signs and symptoms no, mum might be awaiting me. he thanks her. she smiles and is going.
Rajveer waits for durga and thinks did she get unwell. yashpal and durga get down the bus. durga waves to rajveer and makes excuse to yashpal. she says we will pass college now. she signs and symptoms rajveer and goes. yashpal asks durga to go to her class. durga meets shri and shows the replica. shri asks did you get reproduction. durga says no, i need your help to discover real reproduction. yashpal is going to pay durga’s expenses. he says i have a few less cash, i need some time, scholar call is durga choudhary. the person tells him that durga is their school going for walks champion. shri comes and does not let yashpal pay attention. shri asks about durga. yashpal says she is satisfactory. the man says you don’t want to pay fees. yashpal asks what, i’m able to pay prices soon, don’t remove her from faculty, its approximately her future.


Durga and her pal speak to make aarti’s buddies hear that she were given the replica. they go. durga comply with them. yashpal says she desires to examine here. the person says no, durga got admission from bad humans quota. shri and yashpal get shocked. yashpal thinks subhadra got her admission done through poor humans quota, cheat again, i did not suppose she will be able to fall so low.


Teacher tells important that durga did no longer make venture. durga says i have copy, i know where it is saved, include me, agree with me. sanjay and aarti hear her. durga says i can show i did my work, you can cast off me from race in case you need. predominant agrees and goes with her.


Yashpal comes to fulfill subhadra. she gets taken aback. she acts good. he says our relation would have got over, communicate to mum if you get time, she neglected you. she says i’m able to’t overlook what you did for me and brij, forgive me, i did it for durga’s top, i were given her to town and got admission in big college, i have spent tons money for her education, who does so in these times. he smiles and says you are saying right, none can try this, i went to durga’s college and got to know you bought her admission in bad human beings quota, no longer by using spending cash, you did now not spend one rupee. she receives taken aback. he leaves.


Durga gets the book from sports activities room and says someone has saved this right here. teacher exams her ebook. she says i used to be no longer lying. essential asks who did this with you. durga says prince…… prince gets greatly surprised. she says major sir, i don’t understand who did this, my dad says human beings find danger to tug back a hit people, maybe a few youngsters are jealous, i got the e-book, its enough now. sanjay and aarti appearance on. predominant praises her. trainer blesses her. prince thinks how did she get that replica. durga remembers following aarti and prince’s pals and seeing in which they saved ebook.


Last Part of Meri Durga 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Essential says proficient and smart children will represent our faculty the following day. he says durga, our college recognize and satisfaction is to your fingers, don’t smash our wish. she says yes and receives the race uniform. important offers uniform to aarti and says if durga can’t participate, you need to do her obligation, you’re her standby, all of the first-class. they thank him. sanjay says you durga. she reminds the mission. he says i gained’t allow you to run in race. she says i can run this race for my dad and win, then i’m able to make you bend, do some thing you want. she goes.


Precap: Durga says i sense someone is coming. durga goes to fulfill her buddy’s mum. her pal locks her.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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