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Meri Durga 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Meri Durga 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update. Meri Durga 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Updates. 

The episode begins with subhadra convincing yashpal to stop durga to bhiwani for her destiny. she says how dad and mom send kids to boarding, think you’ve got sent durga to boarding for her destiny. yashpal recalls the teacher’s words. she asks him to ship durga to her and leave the whole lot on her. durga cries. yashpal sees durga. durga says dadi, yashpal is speaking to subhadra, he’ll send me to bhiwani. annapurna says i will talk to him, he received’t send you. subhadra asks yashpal to answer. he says i will ship durga. she gets glad.

  • Yashpal says durga will visit bhiwani. all of them get bowled over. durga’s buddies say durga’s marks got reduce due to bad handwriting, she has labored tough. durga says don’t ship me to bhiwani. yashpal says all this do no longer remember, bypass method bypass, fail approach fail, durga failed, the result can’t exchange, i determined this before, durga has to go bhiwani, you all cross your house. durga’s pals leave. durga cries.

Subhadra asks maid to get out. she says my everlasting maid is coming, now i need no person. shilpa and bantu are satisfied that durga goes bhiwani. sheela says think if durga goes bhiwani, subhadra will make her educated, then we are able to be right here listening to yashpal. shilpa says you are clever, we did now not assume this. sheela says i can come up with a threat, assume the way to prevent durga from going to bhiwani.

Durga’s friends go to teacher and scold him for cutting 3 marks in durga’s paper. they scold trainer and blame him for making durga go away from village. they curse the instructor. teacher asks them to close up. he says i got here to test science paper, not maths, tell me your names, i will whinge to essential. they run away. manohar says we are able to’t let durga leave. bansi gets an idea and asks them to come.

  • Annapurna tells dadi that durga is younger, how will she live a long way from circle of relatives. dadi asks her no longer to cry, make coronary heart sturdy, perhaps its good for durga and us, yashpal will focus on amrita after durga is going, durga goes to subhadra’s residence, don’t worry for her, she becomes sensible and are available. sheela says elders have arguments, but… brij asks did you forget that amma stated. sheela says children are lord’s avatar. brij says you understand this now. sheela says durga is young, if she is going, house will appearance lonely, we can be unhappy, how will durga have a look at there, if she fails, it is going to be huge hassle.

Brij asks her to suppose properly. she says if we should make durga sit down at domestic like amrita, it is going to be trouble. amrita says durga gained’t sit at domestic, our situation is exclusive, i couldn’t manage my worry. but durga is brave and studious, she is hardworking, yashpal’s choice is proper, she will be able to learn many stuff with shrijata. sheela thinks in view that amrita’s marriage broke, she is speakme plenty.

Durga writes i m an amazing lady, i can take a look at more difficult a hundred times and indicates to yashpal. she says now you may be sure that i m an amazing female, i will look at more difficult. yashpal says you are practical, i believe you, i want you to attain heights, you may be able to take a look at well there, you need to move bhiwani. durga’s buddies get their dad and mom to speak to yashpal. yashpal says i m sending durga to bhiwani, i don’t want to talk anything regarding this. bansi’s dad talks in signs. yashpal asks what are you saying.

  • Durga says he’s saying, won’t you listen to pal, durga did now not fail, she will be able to’t fail, due to the fact person loses when he accepts failure, durga had wound in hand and even then got 32 marks, she proved she is running difficult, she will be able to do it if all and sundry supports her, durga is raw soil, in case you deliver her to anybody else, she will be able to lose her self esteem for all time, you have to come to be her protect, she were given courage from buddies and family, no outsider can give her courage, she saved amrita’s existence from ruining, even as reading for exams. he requests yashpal. she says you’re punishing this woman, help her, don’t allow her leave. durga cries. durga’s pals ask yashpal to agree and no longer ship durga away. brij additionally says the equal. absolutely everyone ask yashpal now not to ship durga to bhiwani.

Yashpal says you all might be wondering i m durga’s enemy, however while she comes back in purple light vehicle, you will apprehend my decision became right, there are numerous things to distract her, durga can observe well there, she desires us and steerage also, she has to move bhiwani. he is going to room and cries. he hears durga crying and sees her lying underneath the bed. he asks are you prepared to head, you can play well, you are going to subhadra’s residence, we won’t be there, you have to cope with yourself.

Durga cries and asks Yashpal to hug her once. He cries. Amrita says Rishi cheated us thinking we are fools, you understood as you study, you have to fulfill Yashpal’s dreams.

Update Credit to: Aneesa

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