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Meri Durga 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Meri Durga 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Meri Durga 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update Latest.

The episode starts with durga waking up. she thinks she will be able to get scolding once more. she thinks of yashpal’s phrases. yashpal says no, i’m able to’t see durga going. brij says you have to cross and drop her. yashpal says i’m able to’t see her, i will get her again home, you go. brij asks am i able to see her going, i have paintings, i’m able to’t go. he asks is it accurate to punish her by using sending her to bhiwani, she worked difficult and were given extra marks, i will’t do that sin. sheela says yes, its yashpal’s stubbornness. brij consents.

Yashpal says selection is taken, she will be able to cross, you have go away, you move. brij says you pass, i will’t cross. dadi asks them to prevent it, concentrate my selection, durga will now not go by myself, we can ship bantu along.

  • Sheela says this is excellent. bantu says i’m able to pass. durga comes and says i won’t move bhiwani. she rushes to temple and receives an idol. she sits there and says i won’t pass. dadi asks are you mad, what are you going with idol, provide it. durga says i can take it alongside. bantu asks how will lord pass from this house. durga says even i m a part of this circle of relatives, i gained’t pass. dadi explains.

Durga says i m family member, you aren’t having hassle once I m going, this is my village, the whole thing is mine here, my friends are also here, i can’t move, i m operating tough, why are you sending me away, i received’t cross bhiwani.

Yashpal says bantu, bhiwani’s bus can be neglected. he is going. durga cries. amrita says i can communicate to durga. sheela says give an explanation for yashpal, he’s doing incorrect to ship her away. amrita says go away us by myself for some time. sheela says nice, we will leave. they depart. amrita explains durga.

She says rishi cheated us as i m illiterate, they think we are silly and couldn’t do some thing, they have been proper, we couldn’t apprehend. however you understood and ran to accumulate evidence, as you take a look at, you stated maths have helped you, educations opens the mind, i couldn’t satisfy yashpal’s dreams, received’t you fulfill his dreams and give him happiness. yashpal hears them. durga says first-rate, i will go bhiwani if he gets happiness. amrita takes the idol from her and asks her to come back.

  • Sheela asks bantu to do something, maintain low tone. bantu says i m going to drop durga. sheela says you don’t must drop her, inform her that she has to return back to own family quickly, in order that she does no longer get admission in faculty there. bantu has the same opinion. shilpa acts and cries to stop durga. shilpa says who will hassle me now, you be careful in bhiwani. brij says if you want whatever, tell me, i can send it to you.

Sheela says durga is younger, whilst she leaves, our residence might be lonely. dadi says we are sending you to subhadra’s inlaws, recollect you must keep our name there. annapurna says you take our values there, be nicely there. durga hugs anybody. she asks yashpal to come and meet her once. she knocks the door. she says open the door, i’m able to’t pass without assembly you. yashpal sits crying. she says just hug me once. amrita says he did now not sleep all night, maybe he is sleeping, come you’ll omit the bus. durga calls him out and cries. yashpal cries and thinks of her.

  • Bantu takes her baggage and asks her to return. he holds her hand and takes her. brij tells sheela that durga is crying due to you. durga leaves. each person cry. pandit gives hanuman ji idol to durga and blesses her. sarpanch says you are brave lady, don’t cry, you are going to satisfy yashpal’s goals, my advantages are with you. durga’s friends come to meet her.

They supply her maths compass. she remembers them. all of them bid her farewell. bansi says we’ve got spent our pocket cash in buying it. she says sorry, i couldn’t skip. her friend says no, you have got labored hard. she says i’ve failed. he says we can come to satisfy you in bhiwani. she asks them to take care of amrita. bansi says we can contend with her nicely, she is our sister additionally. bantu asks her to come back. durga meets bansi’s dad. she sits in rickshaw and leaves. she cries and desires she sees yashpal as soon as. her pals wave her. yashpal remains some distance and waves to her. he cries.

Precap: Durga and Bantu reach Bhiwani. Bantu argues with her and says I won’t come with you. He goes. Yashpal beats up Rishi. Amrita asks Yashpal to allow her to take her life’s step alone.

Update Credit to: Aroosa

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