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Meri Durga 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Meri Durga 26th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Meri Durga 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with durga strolling inside the race. she falls down and sees her footwear. rajveer says put on new footwear the next day. durga thinks the way to get new shoes, i will’t ask from dad and bua. dadi says annapurna made properly meals. she asks sheela to look, breakfast is made, have it. sheela takes food. dadi says madhav could be leaving for work now. sheela thinks its proper dadi said this. she asks shilpa to give food to madhav, i can’t climb the steps. annapurna looks on. sheela asks shilpa to move. dadi says even shilpa is harm. annapurna is going to offer food.


Full Details of Meri Durga 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Bantu tells sheela that billu is requesting more money, he stated madhav has overwhelmed him extra. sheela says he has teased incorrect lady, i won’t provide whatever to him. bantu goes. durga talks to her buddy. sanjay and aarti come. sanjay makes a laugh of durga and says race is the next day, how are you going to run without footwear. durga’s buddy says durga can get new footwear instead antique ones. durga says they will get me new footwear. she asks sanjay why did he play soccer together with her footwear. sanjay says we are able to play now.
Annapurna maintains the meals for madhav. he says you right here. she says i got your breakfast, i can easy this. he says permit it’s, i can control. she thank you him and says nothing is imp than admire for us, you saved amrita’s life and recognize, it will be less if i smooth your room for all time. he says don’t embarrass me, you store my lifestyles every day by way of giving me such precise food, you are house proprietor, you’re like my mum. she blesses him and asks him to have meals. he smiles.


She says if you called me mum, let me do my responsibility. she sees the shirt button broken and says i can restoration it. he says no. she insists and says no need to thank me. he eats meals.


Durga sees sanjay and aarti ruining her shoe and kicking it. aarti asks her to come and take it. durga asks them to present the shoe again. the shoe gets beneath the roller and breaks. aarti and everybody get glad and snort. durga sees her shoes broken. durga choices the shoe and thinks they did what i concept. she sees them smiling. she says this shoe became already broken, you have torn it, now the only who broken this may get new footwear for me, thanks, now its my turn. she runs. sanjay and aarti fear.


Madhav meets amrita at workshop. she takes a portray. they’ve an eyelock. she thanks him. he calls her out. she thinks why is he calling me, will he problem me again. sheela says i gained’t supply cash to billu. billu asks how dare your daughters slap me. sheela says you obtain the prasad. she scolds him and is going.


Last Part of Meri Durga 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Madhav asks amrita to make five art work and 5 clay pots today, day after today some buyers are coming, we need to display the items for them, end this these days. amrita says its just one hour now. he asks her to take tons time, end this till night time. she says this could’t take place. he asks her to depart activity and move domestic, i m the boss here, if you can’t observe regulations, take this and move domestic. she concurs and receives unhappy. he begins guffawing. he says that is your last month earnings, you always stay indignant, so i joked to make you smile. she smiles and asks am i able to do that paintings day after today. he says yes, you could pass home early these days, i got your slap earlier than, you’ve got beaten the goons the day past, i don’t want to combat with you. she smiles. he says your tooth are exceptional, i concept one is damaged as you conceal your teeth, you’ve got a lovely smile, don’t conceal it. she thank you him. he says you obtain your beyond regular time earnings too. she sees her earnings and smiles. madhav sees her and smiles. she leaves.

Precap: Durga comes domestic. the circle of relatives receives amazed. amrita hears billu and thinks did madhav try this to emerge as hero in my sight.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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