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Meri Durga 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Meri Durga 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Meri Durga 28th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

This episode begins with sheela reducing yashpal and brij’s %. sheela praises her beauty. she says madhav has come, i’m able to marry him. sheela smiles and says allow me think about excuse to name him domestic. shilpa says i did preparations to name right here, i informed my buddy to help me. sheela praises her smartness. shilpa says madhav will come here, shilpa weds madhav. sheela smiles and says madhav weds shilpa.

Subhadra asks durga to come and take a seat. she indicates the pizza. durga receives glad. subhadra offers her a piece and asks did you consume pizza earlier than. durga thinks and says sheela got it on makar sankranti, shilpa ate my proportion also. subhadra says there may be no person, you may have it. subhadra’s mum in law amma comes and scolds her. she says this smells accurate. subhadra asks durga to share the pizza with amma. durga offers some percentage.
Amma asks subhadra to make durga wash her room curtains. subhadra coughs. durga offers her water. sheela gets butter for bantu and brij. she scoffs amrita. amrita says i were given confidence and braveness by means of going out. dadi blesses her.

Amma asks durga does she recognize money owed. durga says it manner maths, i apprehend a piece now, i learnt from buddies, subhadra will teach me. amma says she must analyze first. she is going.

Brij asks sheela to present butter to yashpal. yashpal says no. sheela says why yashpal desires, he has half of day work, you come domestic at night. she asks dadi to get simply one dish made at a time, yashpal’s income stopped, if brij’s earnings will run home, we have to drag again hand, we additionally need to get daughter married. all people get bowled over.

Subhadra asks shri to move and sleep, durga’s admission is there in morning. she asks durga to sleep, did she find pizza enough, we don’t cook food while we order pizza, go. durga appears on. yashpal asks dadi and brij to have meals, i’m able to do some thing. annapurna goes to provide the roti from her meals. yashpal asks her to simply prepare dinner for them, we can do something.

Durga liquids water to fill her belly. even yashpal drinks water as a substitute having meals. durga is going. subhadra says i m hungry, we will pass and have big pizza. durga and yashpal could not sleep at night time and sit down conscious. they rest to sleep.

Amrita wakes up while someone knocks the window and scares her. she shivers in worry. she profits braveness and throws jug at the window. yashpal and brij visit see amrita after listening to the sound. amrita appears out of window. everyone ask her to open the door. amrita opens the door and exams outside. they all ask what happened. amrita says nothing, i felt there was someone on the window, so i have thrown jug, glass broke. brij says there is no one, maybe it become your illusion. amrita says yes maybe, i m great. annapurna asks her to come along with her and sleep. amrita says no, i can sleep here. sheela thinks she did no longer get attack. they all go.

Its morning, madhav comes domestic. amrita goes upstairs. yashpal opens the door. sheela smiles seeing him and calls shilpa. shilpa gets happy and greets him. yashpal asks what’s the work. madhav says i were given to recognize you want to offer residence on lease, i m architect of executive building. yashpal scolds him. he asks him to depart and discover another house. shilpa and sheela worry. shilpa cries. sheela says its now not my mistake.

Subhadra sweeps the floor and asks durga to awaken. durga wakes up and hugs her. subhadra pushes her. durga’s hand strikes vase and it breaks. subhadra receives irritated and says you broke high priced flower vase, that is city, now not village. durga cries. subhadra asks did you get scared, you already know i additionally get scared while each person hugs me, i am getting tickling, shall i display. she tickles durga. durga laughs.

She says i ought to get prepared, simply easy the room, get equipped. shri went to coaching magnificence, you have to get admission. durga nods. durga sweeps the floor. subhadra says no longer this manner, i can educate you sweeping. she teaches durga and makes her sweep. she smiles thinking durga turns into maid, i can be queen.


precap: durga keeps the sweepstick. amma asks her to smooth whole house. durga gets stunned. shilpa goes to satisfy madhav. durga involves subhadra.



Update Credit To: Aneeta

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