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Meri Durga 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Meri Durga 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update. Meri Durga 29th March 2017 Written Episode Updates.

The episode starts offevolved with amma asking durga to easy the entire residence. durga receives greatly surprised. amma makes her sweep nicely. yashpal says i ought to go away early, i need to locate a few paintings for handling prices. he calls out durga. he asks amrita to make durga ready speedy. they all observe him. he realizes durga is gone. he smiles and says i forgot, its first-class, it’s going to take time, she went to observe, she went to subhadra’s house, she can come again. he asks amrita and annapurna to talk to durga on smartphone. dadi asks won’t you question me to talk. he asks dadi to speak too. he goes.

Durga sees the toilet. she likes the area and sees things saved there. subhadra comes there. she says there’s different lavatory for you, your uncle has to move workplace, he will bathtub here. durga is going. she sees the horrific dirty toilet. she receives scared seeing lizard.

Brij says you made me wash clothes in the front of every person. sheela says i’ve washed your clothes usually, did you suspect anything for dealing with money, pay attention to me as soon as. shilpa signs her. sheela says amrita can sleep downstairs, we are able to give the room on lease, it’s going to assist yashpal, bunty is aware of a pleasing man, he has despatched him here, but yashpal made the guy leave, he did not recognise this, so i m telling you, now inform me what do you observed. he says i’m able to suppose and say.

Amrita offers him tiffin. brij asks are you nice, did you not go for work. amrita says they requested me to come back while senior comes. he goes. amrita gets the decision and says first-class, i’m able to come. dadi says you commenced going out by myself, we constantly got scared for you, preserve this knife. amrita says i want to win over my fears by means of braveness, now not this knife. dadi blesses her. amrita goes.

Subhadra talks to her friend and says i concept my mystery will come out and i can lose my maid. durga comes there. subhadra issues and ends call. she asks while did you come back durga, you have got some food, however there’s not anything left, your uncle had all, its no longer his mistake, i can make something for you, however we have become overdue, we ought to go for admission. durga says we are able to pass college first, we are able to come returned and eat. subhadra takes her.

Shilpa meets bunty and asks him now not to tell madhav about her plan. madhav comes there. she sees him and hides underneath the table. madhav scolds bunty for sending him to yashpal’s residence with out asking him, don’t display me your face, i will find residence on my own. he is going. shilpa sees him. she says how will i get madhav home now.

Subhadra receives durga to school. durga smiles seeing the big faculty. subhadra says you need to come right here each day. durga sees the scholars and campus. she says its very huge school. subhadra says sure, you are lucky to get admission right here, its biggest college of bhiwani.

  • Durga meets predominant. he asks subhadra to see marks, its much less, if she does not perform her, we’d ought to expel her from faculty. durga says what’s he saying. subhadra asks her to exit. durga goes. subhadra says don’t worry, she will be able to observe. he says she got admission now, but if performance is terrible, then. she says i can take care, its essential for me that she research here.

durga waits outside. she feels hungry. durga’s friends give the present to yashpal and say its from durga’s facet. yashpal asks did it come from bhiwani. manohar says no, she were given it right here. yashpal receives the specifications and reads the paper. he checks the race competition and durga prevailing the glasses as the prize. he recollects slapping durga. he wears the glasses and says she has run in race for me, and i slapped her. manohar says sure, durga cares for you, whilst she got danger to win glasses, she were given harm but won the race. he says i did injustice together with her, i can make an apology to her. he calls subhadra. bansi says make us speak to her. he says sure. subhadra writes durga’s details in shape. she gets yashpal’s call and thinks to speak later. he says its excellent, i’m able to make you all meet durga, i will take you all to bhiwani, consciousness on research, you all must work hard, as she is also working hard to return first. he hugs the kids and smiles. he thinks durga did a lot for me, i could not apprehend her, i will try and apprehend you now.
Precap: amma says ants are hurting me. durga and subhadra clean the room. madhav calls yashpal a thief. amrita receives indignant and slaps him.


Update Credit To: Dolly


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