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Meri Durga 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Meri Durga 30th March 2017 Written Episode Updates. Meri Durga 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode begins with rajveer training the children. seniors involves him. senior say we stored you as sports instructor, we can’t spend plenty on you, we’ve an athlete in faculty, she gets some medal for us, why are you after that female. rajveer says precisely my factor, i study we ought to assume huge to reach massive factor, i’m able to see that during this lady which you all can’t see, this girl will take us to country wide degree, take my phrase for it, agree with me, it will likely be college’s name. senior says she is lacking, w can’t run after her, you have less attendance, we are able to hearth your assistant, boys crew is going to play kabaddi, manipulate them, or surrender from this school, move and find that female. rajveer says i will meet foremost and goes.


He says i’m able to find that lady once. durga liquids water. he passes with the aid of her. she hears the kids counting and walks at the back of him. he meets a instructor. she walks beyond him. she sees a woman aarti. she walks and steps on skateboard. she disturbs aarti. aarti receives irritated and asks why did you break my sport. durga says i stepped in this board and this came about. aarti insults her.

Durga says i got here here to have a look at. aarti asks her to leave and laughs. durga argues. aarti warns her to go away right away. durga goes. aarti asks wherein is prince and calls him out. prince makes a person dance and laughs. the person says depart it, permit me cross. prince says keep dancing, i will take revenge, you made snakes dance, now naagdevta see i made him dance. the person runs away. aarti comes there and says such pity for snake, will you now not combat for me. he says sit back, what passed off. she complains approximately durga. he receives indignant and says i can see her, come show who is it.


Sheela and shilpa come to peer madhav. shilpa sees him and smiles. suraj hua madham….plays……..sheela stops him to speak. she says we invited you to return home, yashpal isn’t always horrific hearted, he’s peon in government school, he performs gambling and buys lottery, if he loses, he gets indignant on others, but he does his responsibility even supposing he has to beg or thieve, you don’t misunderstand, he turned into pissed off that day, my husband does lots for own family, we notion to provide room on hire to get assist. shilpa says don’t mind yashpal’s words, i m yours, come my home, you received’t miss your circle of relatives. he says i found vicinity to live. he leaves. she receives taken aback.


  • Subhadra asks durga to awareness on studies, consider the path, you have to cross through stroll. durga says i will run and go. subhadra says you will fly. amma asks wherein did you are taking her, provide me some food, who will wash curtains. subhadra thinks she can open mouth now. amma asks durga to smooth floor. subhadra asks durga to speak to yashpal, move upstairs. she calls yashpal and says durga became missing you. she asks durga to come to have meals after speakme. durga takes telephone and goes.


subhadra says you’re harm, its right you scolded durga, i’m able to see paintings, you cross and have tub via cold water. amma says you simply make phrases and goes. durga talks to yashpal and says subhadra took me to shrijata’s college, its very big. he says i stuck you, you have stolen my love, you ran for me, i got the glasses, your pals were given that to me. she says they made me wait loads. he says i can see the entirety nicely now, i m illiterate and could not examine your coronary heart, you don’t be illiterate, you need to have a look at hard, not run. durga says i can paintings difficult. subhadra asks her to have meals and speak later. yashpal says have food, examine properly, take care durga. she ends call.
Precap: madhav says i know your fact, you’re a thief. amrita slaps him. subhadra gets irritated on durga. shri comes domestic and sees this.



Update Credit To: Mrs. Gupta

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