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Meri Durga 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Meri Durga 5th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Meri Durga 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode begins with shri teaching durga. amrita calls shri and talks to durga. durga asks how are you. amrita says i m high-quality, how are you. durga says how will i be without you. amrita asks approximately panipat battle. durga asks what, is there riots. amrita laughs and says not now, i want to know approximately antique battle. durga says if i knew, why could dad send me right here. shri tells the whole thing approximately panipat warfare to amrita. durga says amrita can’t memorize and write this, and asks her to speak to her buddy. she says my pal will help you, i leave out every body, how is dad, inform me, i will study hard. amrita asks her to take care. durga says you too, and phone my pal.


Full Details on Meri Durga 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Amrita meets durga’s friends and get information about the warfare. they help her. she makes the drawing. she thinks of madhav’s words. durga sits to study.


She thinks of race and rajveer’s phrases. she sits analyzing after which rests to sleep. she wakes up with the aid of song. she sees subhadra dancing and exercising. subhadra asks durga to awaken, shri went to extra training. durga asks what’s this. subhadra says all wealthy humans do that, get up. durga manages paintings and gets geared up for school.
Subhadra ties bandage to her finger. she says i had to dry clothes also, how will i do. she acts. durga gives help and runs to get clothes. she gets work and says i m going now. subhadra says do one extra paintings, amma could be coming, hold her breakfast. durga does work. subhadra asks her to head nicely and feature meals at the manner. amma comes and durga leaves.


Amma asks for breakfast and shuts window. subhadra screams as her finger comes within the window. durga hears her and springs lower back. she does the aid. she says i ought to leave fast. yashpal receives a few men with sacks. dadi asks what’s all this. yashpal says my friend in college informed me about a person wanting vicinity to hold the things, i gave the room to him on lease, none will live here. he offers the cash. sheela and shilpa get shocked. dadi says you bought an excellent idea, we are able to get lease and no worry to maintain any stranger domestic. he smiles. dadi asks them to have chocolates. dadi offers money to sheela to pay the invoice.


Subhadra’s maid stops durga on the way. she does not say whatever and goes. shilpa smiles seeing madhav. suraj hua maddham…..performs…….. she opens hands. he is going and hugs someone else. shilpa screams no. sheela asks what came about. shilpa says i had many dreams to fulfill madhav and supply him tea each day, whilst will this show up. sheela asks her to sleep, else she will be able to get dark circles. she asks her to agree with her thoughts, and notice what she does now, simply madhav will stay there. she smiles.


Rajveer’s buddy says you’re education the women by way of leaving boy’s kabaddi team, i don’t recognize. rajveer says sure. the team of workers comes and looks on. his friend says you’re ruining your profession after them. rajveer says wow, you thought excellent, we are teachers, if we’ve such small mentality, what will we train students, have a few shame, ladies aren’t vulnerable, see how she fell and were given as much as run, approximately my career, lord will see, you think if you worry on your profession, i will prepare 5 girls and lead them to runners. the body of workers laughs and asks him to put together runners and present them the following day. rajveer recalls durga and smiles. he says why day after today morning, we are able to meet these days evening.


Last Part of Meri Durga 5th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Madhav is at place of work. amrita comes there. he sees her and ends call. he asks did you come to mention sorry, task did not whole, i asked your schooling, this will have no longer befell in case you studied. he says amrita will be announcing bye to this workplace today. he sees absolutely everyone’s work. amrita asks him to return along with her. madhav asks her to say it right here, i don’t care in case you cry and apologize, so don’t waste time. he taunts her. he says i suppose you just have marriage dreams, you ought to have idea approximately going beforehand in existence. she asks him to return with her. she takes him and indicates the drawing. he gets shocked. she smiles and asks him to just locate the year in it and tell her about the struggle. he gets speechless. she asks are you now not getting it. she suggests him every other drawing.

Precap of Meri Durga 6th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Madhav runs to amrita and falls down. she falls over him. they see every other. durga comes college and collides with trainer. he scolds her. sanjay and aarti smile.



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