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Meri Durga 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Meri Durga 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Meri Durga 6th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode starts offevolved with yashpal going to amrita. he says i can’t trust madhav lied to us, he ruined your hardwork, cross home, i can ask madhav. she says no, you cross domestic, i’m able to talk to him, i’m able to manipulate. he says i don’t experience he’s a pleasing man. he is going. kuljit appears for her dad and calls him out. she sees a vehicle shaking and runs to see. she sees satnaam internal and asks him now not to fear, she will do something. durga’s buddies pray for durga’s win in race. yashpal waters the flora and hears them. he asks them what are they doing right here by using leaving lessons. her pal lies. yashpal asks them don’t they have shame to skip time and lie, they did now not have experience like durga, she by no means lies. her buddy says maybe she lied someday. yashpal says by no means say this once more. he gives soil in his hand and says durga is true like this soil, she will be able to tell me any sour fact, if she lies, it means she will have massive purpose and for someone’s excellent, pass now and observe, grow to be sensible like him. her buddy says yashpal has blessed durga, we can pass and deliver this soil to durga.


Full Details of Meri Durga 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Nandini talks to rajveer and asks important where is trustee. foremost is going to check. rajveer says i m involved durga did no longer come on mark. nandini asks him not to fear. essential says trustee is achieving. he says sorry, i must depart and locate durga. durga sees kuljit and satnaam. she gets a stone and breaks the car replicate. she receives satnaam out from the door. kuljit asks satnaam who has done this. satnaam coughs. kuljit asks him is he nice. he asks her to go in race. kuljit refuses to depart him. durga and kuljit help him. kuljit asks her to go, else her race may be ignored. durga says permit it get ignored, we are able to run collectively else not. kuljit smiles.


Amrita involves workshop and looks for madhav. she gets envelop from madhav. she receives taken aback seeing madhav and her wedding ceremony invitation card. durga gets a stone and tries to cut the ropes. satnaam gets free. amrita gets madhav’s name. madhav asks how did you want it.


He asks her to select the card for his or her marriage. she asks where are you. he says we can meet in night, i have a large marvel, be equipped. he ends name and says i m beginning my plan and settle scores maa. satnaam asks durga and kuljit to move. rajveer comes and asks durga to go. durga says rajveer will control your dad, come kuljit. rajveer thinks what did durga move, i desire durga wins the race with honesty.


Sheela says i advised you a person recognised offered amrita’s portray to enhance her self belief. yashpal says how dare madhav does this, he cheated us. brij asks why did he do that, what became the need. amrita calls madhav. yashpal says permit him come domestic, i will kick him out. all of them listen dhol sound. madhav comes with shagun and nagada. he shows the ring to yashpal. he asks for amrita’s hand. they all get greatly surprised. madhav says i love her plenty and need to marry, sorry i needed to get shagun things myself, my dad isn’t always in this international, else he could have come here. everyone get bowled over. shilpa cries.


Yashpal scolds madhav for cheat and lie. he says you haven’t any location in amrita’s life and this residence, we were given to recognise you have got despatched your buddy and made him purchase amrita’s painting. madhav receives greatly surprised. sheela says i knew this, amrita did no longer had skills. madhav says i had to lie because of this, amrita is very talented, in the future she can make your name shine, i desired to show this in order that she receives braveness, i have sent that man to enhance her self belief, but her competencies is proper. he says yashpal is a father, maybe he has also lied to boost kids’s self belief.


Last Part of Meri Durga 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Yashpal says all i suggest to mention is, get out. madhav receives shocked. amrita cries and says i love madhav. yashpal and all and sundry get greatly surprised.


Precap: Durga and kuljit run inside the race. her friends get the soil and pour at the ground. durga falls down and takes the soil in her hand. rajveer appears on.


Update Credit To: Aneeta


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