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Meri Durga 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Meri Durga 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Meri Durga 7th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Meri Durga 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with trainer asking anyone to write down essay on what they need to end up after developing up. durga thinks what are they writing. aarti smiles seeing her, and signs sanjay to look. sanjay signs and symptoms aarti to inform instructor. aarti tells her to see durga. teacher asks what came about durga, why have you ever not commenced writing the essay. durga asks what essay. anybody snigger. durga says few lines in english. teacher sees her e-book empty and says you’re in seventh popular, you don’t know to write, why do you time skip right here and there, than targeting studies. she asks the magnificence to listen, if any pupil fails in take a look at, they’ll be punished. durga worries.


Full Details of Meri Durga 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Shilpa tells madhav that it did now not happen precise, mummy in ill, we are able to lose electricity line, you understand the load of daughter’s marriage.


He says how will i, i have no daughter. she says yashpal is not prepared to present room on lease, my mummy is trying to give her existence. they attain the vicinity. a lady asks shilpa to see her mum. sheela does drama by using status at the bridge. shilpa asks madhav to come along with her. madhav asks sheela to return, you can’t do this, its wrong. sheela says i’m able to leap for my daughter. he says i can name police. sheela says i m no longer scared. madhav asks her to consider shilpa and own family. i can assist you. sheela says each person say and does now not assist. shilpa begs him to help them by using taking the room. madhav says k nice, i’m able to assist you, promise. sheela smiles and says now i m come. she slips down the bridge and hangs, asking them to store her. madhav saves sheela by using pulling her up. sheela thanks him for saving her. shilpa says thanks, you probably did lots for me today. he says no, i did this for a mum, i know price of mum in lifestyles. he asks them to come back.
Its night time, durga sits reading. she says i idea simply maths is trouble, however even english language goes over head. subhadra’s husband asks her what is she doing. durga says i must do homework and examine english from shri. he says she went to her bua’s residence, she will come tomorrow. durga worries.


She hears subhadra talking to yashpal. she takes the telephone and tells yashpal that she misses him a lot. he says i realize, so i referred to as you. durga says i consider how you used to drop me to high school, got jalebis for me, the way you used to wake me up, i’m able to analyze english from shri, i comply with subhadra, i look at and do family work properly. subhadra issues. durga says i sweep residence quickly, i wash utensils properly and that i m studying to wash garments, i’m able to no longer permit her fear. yashpal asks why are you doing this. durga says i m studying matters. he says you have become mature. subhadra takes cellphone and says its time for her to study now, she facilitates me in work, durga will become collector and are available there. he gets satisfied and thank you her. he ends call and tells annapurna that durga has emerge as mature, she is doing work and studying. he prays for durga. durga prays for him. she says i will fulfill his goals with the aid of studying difficult. rajveer waits for durga and asks jaggi to hold jalebi and milk equipped. durga is dozing at home.


He asks the ladies to heat up and practice. he thinks durga come soon and display your expertise to all of us. aarti comes. he asks her to start exercise. she asks who is fifth runner, its 6am now. rajveer sends them to exercise. he wishes durga comes. the seniors meet rajveer. he thinks in which is durga, she said she can come at 5am.


He says nowadays we will start with four runners. he asks them to run and counts. durga comes walking and calls him out. rajveer smiles. durga says sorry, i were given overdue to return. rajveer says our winner has come, our fifth runner. aarti gets irritated seeing her. he says you’ve got come, i idea you gained’t come. she says i used to be going to come back, i slept, hanuman ji woke me up. he asks did hanuman come to wake you up. she says no, i imply temple bells. he asks why did you are available in faculty dress, don’t you have sports activities dress. aarti laughs on her. durga says i did no longer realize other garments are had to run. he asks how can you run in footwear. she says i’m able to win barefoot, don’t worry, i’m able to keep your task. he says first-class, maintain your bag and stand on this line. he smiles.


Last Part of Meri Durga 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Durga continues her bag and springs. she sees aarti. he says we are able to take a spherical earlier than running, run on three. all people start going for walks. durga runs beforehand. rajveer smiles. durga thinks i did not get breakfast and meals at night, how shall i run, i m feeling vulnerable. aarti says i let you in take a look at. durga asks her now not to trouble her. they whole a round. rajveer asks all and sundry to return on their positions. he says the winner will get milk and jalebis nowadays. aarti laughs on durga. he asks durga to run when he says pass. durga sees the jalebis and thinks i’m able to consume the jalebis. he thinks i can inform durga approximately opposition whilst she wins this practice.

Precap of Meri Durga 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Rajveer asks durga to run quicker. aarti runs ahead. he receives greatly surprised. durga loses. sheela leaves rats inside the grains room.



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