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Naagin Season 2 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Naagin Season 2 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Naagin Season 2 10th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 

Shivangi with anshuman and gurudev takes rocky to shiv mandir. rocky asks her to set up nagmani in temple as he’s from takshak extended family and can’t enter shiv mandir. shivangi says whoever protects nagmani is shivji’s disciple. she holds rocky’s hand and walks into shiv mandir. plant life fall on their way. gurudev says nowadays takshak nag entered seshnag shiv mandir and shivji accepted him. shivangi keeps nagmani in front of shivling. shivling lifts up and absorbs nagmani. shivangi says shivji blessed unity of 2 clans. rocky promises that shivangi’s enemies are his enemy, they both will punish their enemies, even though it’s miles his badi maa. shivangi says they cannot kill mahendra baba is his father and the female whom he sees in dreams is his mother. rocky is greatly surprised to pay attention this secret and says no… gurudev asks if he desires to see his mom’s face, then are available in. they each stroll to gyaani maa. gyaani maa does magic and suggests mahendra killing his spouse/rocky’s mother by means of mistake. rocky shatters since. he says how can his father kill his mother, he could be punished.

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Anshuman says gyani maa that shivangi had visible takshak and sheshnag clan nags together. gyaani maa sees photograph in nagmani ebook. shivangi says she noticed similar image in takshak lok, what’s the secret in the back of it. gyaani maa oes magic once more and brings the incident on display. she says this is the location where she will be able to get answer to all her questions. shivangi asks in which is that this location. gyani maa says she does not recognize, shivangi ought to discover herself. gurudev throws powers on rocky and shivangi and says their powers are elevated and will assist them combat sesha. rocky says sesha performed a game with him, now he will play a recreation together with her and defeat her.

Sesha walks to shankamaa and asks in which is rocky, she searched everywhere. shankamaa says shivji have to have used rocky to kill shivangi’s ichadhari nag buddy via sesha as nag must be knowing her secret. sesha asks wherein is rocky now. shankamaa suggests that rocky is in domestic. she leaves. shankamaa turns into shivangi and says 119-yr-vintage nagin will face the wrath now.

Sesha walks into rocky’s room and asks where turned into he. he says he became expecting her in takshak lok after which came right here. she thinks rocky did no longer go to panchner haveil then. she then in the direction of him and asks to neglect shivangi. shivangi hiding at the back of bed pinches rocky’s leg. he writhes. sesha asks what came about. rocky says some thing pricked in slippers. lights burst off. sesha changes her clothes to lovely black sari and starts luring rocky with a romantic music. aa zara bahon me samaja…song.. rocky feels shy seeing shivangi. shivangi bites sesha and offers her hypnotic poison. sesha collapses. rocky walks out and asks shivangi what changed into that, he became trying to play recreation with sesha. he gets romantic with her and dances. bol de tu zara….song..performs in the historical past. rocky then sees yamini and her team coming. he fumes that he’ll now not spare his mom’s murderers. shivangis says yamini could be very merciless and they need to be very cautious.

Ruchika wakes up within the morning. rocky sipping coffee greets her exact morning. sesha thinks she wishes to understand what befell ultimate night time. she asks rocky if some thing passed off final night. rocky says sure, she got here to his room and tiredly slept on his mattress. sesha thinks she had to spend night time with rocky, how can she nod off. rocky says he will cross and meet badi maa and walks out. sesha thinks she cannot sleep so without difficulty, some thing had befell. rocky walks into yamini’s room and sees tanya, manjusha, ranveer. he shouts what are they doing and asks to get out from here. yamini says they may be repenting for their mistake and indicators tanya to persuade him. tanya apologizes. yamini requests to forgive them. rocky reminisces shivangi’s phrases to no longer screen his secret and fake. he says he can do whatever for her and forgave all 3. rubel enters and informs that shivangi has lower back. rocky acting angry walks out and shouts at shivangi to get out. shivangi says she will now not move, she did no longer get divorce but. yamini asks rocky to kick her out. aaliya and avni smirk and act, asks rocky to ship her out. sesha says shivangi can not harm rocky. shivangi says she will call mahila morcha an get him arrested for seeking to kill her. rocky acts as afraid and says she will be able to stay till divorce. yamini calls sesha as multicolor nagin and says shivangi lower back, do something. sesha thinks why she came.

Shivangi walks in. rocky pulls her to his room and gets romantic. a romantic track performs within the history. shivangi sees sesha coming and will become mini nagin. rocky asks what passed off and sees shesha coming into. sesha asks why did he allow shivangi in, she isn’t even nagin now and can’t damage him. rocky says she has include a few motor and they must hold enemy close to them to understand their motto. sesha thinks he is right, she must have include a few motto and ought to find out. sesha flies to shiv mandir and sees gurudev praying. she becomes snake and attempts to enter, but can’t, realizes takshak extended family nagin cannot enter seshnagclan’s shiv mandir. she then sees anshuman and is shocked, thinks simplest nagmani can relive a person, so shivangi were given returned nagmani and became nagin. rocky is with shivangi persevering with their romance. shivangi hears sesha’s voice and hides as snake. sesha comes and says rocky they must cross again to takshak lok and takes him there. shivangi thinks she wishes to move at the back of rocky. sesha with rocky goes to shanka maa and insists to see nagmani. shankamaa lifts shivling and shows nagmani. sesha is surprised, picks nagnami and says it’s far faux nagmani. she says she desires to slit her hand. maid brings knife. sehsa cuts her hand and continues nagmani on it. her wound heals. sesha says this nagmani is real. rocky thinks how can nagmani come here, he saved in sheshnag’s shiv mandir. shivangi watches hiding. shesha says it approach shivangi’s vintage gurudev has a few large magical powers.

Rocky returns home and walks round in his room. shivangi enters and rocky asks how did nagmani reach takshak lok. shivangi says she stored it there doubting sesha. rocky says she instructed it is volatile if nagmani is in takshak lok. shivangi says shivji is at each places, so he’ll guard nagmani, they should get nagmani from there quickly somehow. he says shhh.hh.. and starts romance once more. a romantic track…performs in the historical past again. shivangi hears a person coming and hides as nagin again. avni, rubel, and mansi enter. anvi asks rocky in which did he cover bhabih. rocky receives apprehensive and calls shivani. shivangi turns into human. avni hugs her happily and says they have to birthday celebration on shivangi’s return and she or he will arrange it. mansi prays god shivangi and rocky’s jodi must be together forever. rocky additionally prays for all their togetherness.

Last Part of Naagin Season 2 10th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Birthday celebration begins. aaliya cat walks and asks how turned into it. anybody clap for her. sesha tells yamini that her residence is famous for events, whether someone dies or lives. yamini says aaliya were given some venture, so she is cat strolling. sesha asks where is shivangi. yamini waves her hand like snake and should be somewhere here. shivangi is seeing strolling in hall. tanya goes to manjusha and says nagmani is with sesha and she or he is doing pooja on terrace to know a way to get it, manjusha has to guar outside. manjusha says she will do something for nagmani. they both walk in the direction of terrace. rocky silently follows them. they both act as losing interest in celebration and taking walks to terrace. manjusha says she advised she wants to do pooja, in which is association. tanya asks her to lock door. manjusha does. tanya turns into shivangi. manjusha receives tensed and asks what is she doing right here. shivangi says she is nagin and manjusha could be sacrificed in her pooja. she throws manjusha in air and manjusha falls down.

Precap: Shivangi kills manjusha and thinks her father’s first murderer is lifeless. rocky thinks this is beginning, all murderers will die one at a time. sesha tells shivangi that her expensive ones will die. she kills anshuman and says he’s useless and shivangi’s powers are long gone. rocky thinks he’ll decide who will die and who may be alive.

Update Credit To: Aditiya

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