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Naagin Season 2 28th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 2 28th May 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Naagin Season 2 28th May 2017 Written Episode Update. Naagin Season 2 28th May 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


Anshuman tells shivangi that he will get nagmani returned from takshak lok. shivangi says she will be able to get nagmani again. guruma says when a person is assisting her, she ought to take delivery of help. anshuman tells he will assist shivangi get back nagmani and her love rocky. gurumaa says rocky is beneath influence of hatred, most effective love will bring him lower back to her and asks shivangi to g and convey again nagmani and her love. shivangi leaves with anshuman.


Full Details of Naagin Season 2 28th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Sesha returns rocky’s domestic as nagin and then adjustments to human. she holds nagmani and thinks she can inform yamini that she nagmani for which she took many baba’s assistance is along with her. she hides it under her head again and leaves as snake once more. jadunath on the other side sees cave closed and thinks how will he get nagmani now. he calls tanya’s cellular, but she does not select name. rocky returns domestic reminiscing his love for shivangi and their happier moments. mai phir bhi tumko chahunga..tune…performs in the history. he sees rumel frozen observed via different own family individuals. sesha enters yamini’s room and sees her frozen protecting gun. rocky hears a person chanting mantras and followed it to a room wherein tanya is chanting mantra. she sees her smartphone ringing and alternatives it. rocky becomes nag and watches her silently. guruji speaks to tanya and says someone took nagmani and they could not do some thing. she says she befriend rocky for nagmani, but couldn’t get it, she will meet jadunath the following day and they may get nagmani at any price. rocky walks away stunned that tanya was simply gambling with him for nagmani.
Shesha shakes yamini to rise up. yamini defreezes and asks what is she doing right here, she needed to get nagmani. sesha smiles. yamini does her regular drama and says shivangi need to have taken nagmani they should get it. sesha smiles once more and says nagmani is with her and gets it from her head. yamini excitedly jumps and asks her to provide it. sesha asks to have patience and maintains it lower back in her head and says she killed shivangi. rocky on the opposite side walks to his cousins and tells that shivangi is dead and she will now not trouble them. all of them say he cherished shivangi. he says he faked his like to do away with her. yamini enters and says it’s time for birthday party. they will have fun avni’s mehandi today.


Gurudev prays shivji that he couldn’t shop his largest disciple shivangi. shivangi enters. guruji is surprised and says she was lifeless. shivangi calls ansuhman and says he saved her. guruji asks who’s he. shivangi says he is anushman, some other ichadhari nag. she couldn’t keep nagmani, rocky betrayed him and gave namgani to sesha and sesha threw her from cliff, anushman stored her on time. anshuman says he will assist shivangi get back nagmani and her love rocky. they each go away.


Avni’s mehandri celebrations maintain. anshuman and shivangi enter as rajasthani musician and mehandi fashion designer. yamini seeing large veil on shivangi asks her to reveal her face. shivangi says she will be able to show her face best to her husband. yamini tests all dancers faces. shivangi receives tensed. simply whilst yamini is about to test her, anshuman stops yamini gambling musical tool and silently sends shivangi apart. yamini exams another dancer. shivangi slips and rocky holds her. sesha asks rocky if she is first-class and asks shivangi who is she. yamini yells she is mehandi designer and turned into boasting best her husband can see her face, but is sticking to each different guy. party keeps.


Manjusha asks ranveer to ask yamini where is nagmani. yamini hears that and yells to get avni and prithvi’s marriage first after which tany and rocky’s, then think of nagmani. rocky sees tanya going and follows her. she goes to jadunath’s cave. rocky thinks why she goes there. tanya meets jadunath and says they labored so difficult to get nagmani, however could not get it, she says she is positive ruchika/sesha has nagmani. jadunath shouts he needs nagmani at any cost.


Yamini goes to her room to get ready and praises herself that she is 68, however searching sixteen, desire she gets nagin layout jewelry..she sees shivanya in reflect and panics. on the other aspect, rocky informs shesha that he noticed own family freezed whilst he entered home and defined complete incident and says tanya is in the back of it. sehsa asks why will she. rocky says she is with jadunath and they want nagmani. sesha says they ought to no longer speak this problem right here and have to speak in room. avni walks reminiscing rocky being very happy with shivangi and their dance. she thinks bhai was very glad with shivangi, but is performing as glad with out her, why did shivangi bhabi betray him. she enters room and sees a snake after which it turning into sesha. she shouts ruchika nag. sehsa grips her in tail, gives her sound asleep poison, continues her in cupboard and ties her extremities and mouth. she then will become avni and thinks she can do whatever for rocky and nagmani. aaliya comes and asks her to come back down for engagement. rocky additionally comes and pampers her and takes her down. shivangi goes to room for something and opens cupboard. she is shocked to see avni tied in and frees her. avni shouts if she is ghost. shivangi says she is actual. avni shouts she escaped death once more and betrayed bhai, bhai thinks she is useless and is unhappy. shivangi says her love betrayed her and takes her out and shows sesha as avni getting mehandi sitting next to prithvi. avni is greatly surprised seeing her duplicate. shivangi says it is sesha ichadhari nagin, even she became nagin however not now. avni yells they each are betrayers. shivangi says she isn’t and takes her to a room and well-knownshows that yamini is behind all this and she or he killed her mom shivangi. avni does not consider. anushman enters and says they need to show her evidence.


Last Part of Naagin Season 2 28th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Anshuman disguises as shivanya and is going to yamini’s room. avni watches hiding close to door. yamini panics seeing her and stammers that she killed her, really 8 people consisting of her killed her, how did she get alive, she is a ghost, warns no longer to come close to her. avni hides seeing sesha coming. sesha enters. yamini asks her to keep her from shivanya’s ghost, she did now not realize even nagins become ghost. sesha says she isn’t shivanya, she is sesha and attempts to grip her in her tail, but gets surprise and falls aside. shivanya leaves room. yamini yells she could not do anything to shivanya’s ghost. shesha yells it is shivangi and follows her. shivanya silently passes. yamini sees shivangi in red sari and asks shesha if that is shivangi, then who’s this.


Naagin Season 2 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Shivangi thinks she will now not get avni’s marriage with prithvi and destroy her existence. rocky addresses all and sundry that he notion his sister is marrying a exquisite guy, however prithvi is a hard center crook and is simply released from prison after spending 2 months in jail for looting a financial institution.


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