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Naamkaran 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Naamkaran 11th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Naamkaran 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode begins with avni hearing dayaben. dayaben receives flight details and says amol is coming by using a one of a kind name. avni thinks aman is in a few hassle, neela changed into proper. dayaben asks whilst did you come back, how is my house looking, amol is coming, he is very imp to me. diksha says we have to distract neil. riya says it will be wrong. diksha says simply do what i inform you, then see how he involves marry you. riya says i m scared, excellent i’m able to do. diksha says as soon as amol comes, no one may have time to suppose for you. riya says satisfactory, i m prepared.


Full Details of Naamkaran 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Diksha says call neil home these days night, i’m able to let you know what to do. avni says i came here as i started writing the e book, i wanted to reveal it, oh no my telephone battery got dead. dayaben says nice, we are able to see later. avni asks am i able to use your smartphone. dayaben says certain,
its on table. avni checks her smartphone. she reads the message. she says aman is coming again and gets emotional. she thinks to ahead message. diksha holds her.
Diksha says you constantly secret agent and takes the phone from her. she asks what had been you seeing. avni says i took it for… dayaben says you’re spying diksha, now not her, i told her to use my phone, move and spot amol’s room. she offers telephone to avni. avni forwards message. riya comes and says its desirable you’re right here, i’ve imp work, come. avni says i’m able to give this phone to dayaben and are available, my phone is on charging. riya takes avni’s phone. avni returns smartphone and says even my brother is coming from london, i m excited to fulfill him. dayaben asks in reality, whilst is he coming. avni says very quickly, i will meet riya and are available.


Shweta asks neil to have food and shows his fav matters. he asks why are you doing this, you did mistake, how will you react this manner. she says i realize i’ve hurt you lots, you went a long way, i had to try this. neil says i m usually with you, you want matters to be exactly the manner you need, you desired me to marry riya, once I agreed, you are trying to prevent this marriage why. she says in your betterment, i told you to break the relation. he asks why did you take large step, you can have spoken to papa.


Avni asks how can i name neil. riya says i have to speak to him, i’ve cooked food for him, please call him, i m concerned. avni hears dayaben leaving for airport. she concurs to riya and calls neil. he says i suppose punching bag labored. she says riya desires to meet you, she is in tension. he says it changed into no longer her mistake, i m reaching in some time. avni says he is coming. riya hugs her and thanks. avni says i m getting a lot late and leaves.


Riya says neil is coming however how will i do all this. neil says i received’t lie to you, i m going for dinner at riya’s place, i hope you won’t create any scene, don’t ruin my agree with. shweta asks him to head and experience. neil is going. servants get aman’s p.c. avni holds the big p.c body and sees him. she thinks its said elder sister has mum’s ansh, you probably did now not get mum’s love, i will fill her vicinity, i received’t permit something appear to you, i ought to meet you.


Neil is on the way. avni leaves from there. neil comes domestic. diksha asks riya to make neil have this spiked juice, then the whole lot might be first-rate. riya says this could be wrong, i m feeling terrible to do this. neil calls out riya. diksha says loosen up, you need to do this, control your would be husband. neil comes upstairs. riya hugs him and thank you him for coming.


Neil says i promised you, agree with me, i will make everything great, come on smile, cheer up. avni stops car and says i can call neela, i m certain she reached airport. she seems for her phone and remembers retaining telephone on charging in dayaben’s residence. she says how am i able to be so careless. riya gives the juice to neil. he says thank you, you aren’t having it. she says no, i simply had inexperienced tea. he beverages.


Riya thinks of spiking the juice and issues. he asks what’s happening, there are a whole lot decorations. she says its unique day for dadi, amol is coming lower back. he says brilliant, i can get risk to fulfill him. she says dadi will neglect me once he comes. she offers him every other glass of juice and says dadi loves amol a lot. he asks are you nice. she says yes, i got a companion such as you, i used to be wondering i will get a loving own family after marriage. neil says don’t fear, i’m able to speak to mother and make the entirety quality. he receives dizzy. he drops the glass and falls at the bed. riya gets tensed.


Neela waits at the airport. she calls avni. she says dayaben and hetal got here to take aman, why did avni now not come. diksha symptoms riya. riya receives near neil. she gets away and concerns. diksha pushes riya over neil. avni comes domestic. diksha symptoms riya. avni appears for her phone. diksha sees avni’s cellphone ringing and sees maa’s incoming name. diksha thinks to click on pictures by means of ananya’s cellphone. she disconnects. she symptoms riya to get near neil and takes their pix.


Last Part of Naamkaran 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Avni says where did my cellphone move and asks maid to locate it. she calls on her wide variety. she hears the ringing. she is going to look. diksha drops phone and is going. neil’s hand moves the jug. water falls over his face. he gets conscious. diksha runs to her room. avni enters riya’s room and sees neil and riya. neela calls avni again. avni is going to take cellphone. neil choices the cellphone and sees riya and his photograph clicked. avni asks him to return her smartphone. he appears at her angrily.


Precap of Naamkaran 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Avni sees neil helping fatima and thinks you are not like you are visible, you recognize difference between proper and incorrect. he sees her and thinks you aren’t awful at heart, its a query you are proper or wrong. he holds her. they argue.


Update Credit To: Aneeta

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