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Naamkaran 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Naamkaran 12th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Naamkaran 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with neil getting conscious and seeing riya. avni alternatives her smartphone. neil takes it. she asks him to return her phone. he checks his and riya’s pics. he gets irritated and asks riya to prevent acting, you had been talking of marriage and then this reasonably-priced element. avni says riya tell him to return my telephone, i need to move. she goes after neil and falls. he falls over her. they see each other. they arise. avni asks for her phone. neil asks riya how will you do that, disgusting. riya says sorry, i notion you may spoil this marriage. avni says give me my phone, then do this drama.


Full Details of Naamkaran 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Neil says you recognize this is large crime, is that this way to make things high-quality. he scolds avni for growing troubles, you introduced remedy in my juice. avni asks what nonsense. he suggests her the photos. avni gets shocked. neil asks are you understanding now. avni says i did no longer do some thing, riya tell him. neil says i m police officer and realize people like you, i apologized to you, people like you don’t deserve apology, you’re low trendy fallen lady who can go any limit, my opinion changed into right. avni asks riya to say its nonsense. riya gets quiet and says i did all this for your announcing.
Avni gets greatly surprised. riya says you advised me to name neil, and the whole thing will get first-class, but not anything got satisfactory, neil were given extra aggravated. avni says sufficient, you already know i did not do some thing. neil scolds avni. he says i m sure this plan was yours, finally your genuine face got here out, i am hoping we in no way meet again. avni says i additionally wish the identical. she leaves. neil sees riya and goes. diksha says riya, you acted smart, you obtain neil lower back, accurate job. riya cries and says sorry ananya.


Dayaben says why did amol not come till now. she gets a name. she asks is amol fine, not anything should manifest to him. neela sees ketan and says i can observe him, he might be going to aman. avni maintains her phone in car and says consciousness, you need to reach aman. neil walks on the road and receives hit by a vehicle. avni gets stunned seeing neil. amol and his friend get down the auto. his friend says take a seat in vehicle, you may be going jail for drunken driving. neil holds amol’s leg. amol leaves. avni gets shocked seeing amol driving. she says aman…..


Avni runs to neil. neil asks her to note vehicle wide variety. she says sure, i will do, first control your self, shall i take you to sanatorium or domestic, what’s going to i inform all people, maa isn’t answering, who will agree with it happened by means of mistake. she takes neel domestic. she offers him medicines. he remains aggravated. she says you may move, but first put off this blouse, wear this. he asks does this have your new plan. she says i don’t need your mother and father to get scared seeing blood stains in your shirt, your mum is already worried, exchange. he thanks her. she jokes.


He says i’ve thanked you for now not telling every body approximately shweta, for pretending that shweta turned into unwell, knowing she turned into doing drama. he says sometimes, our dear ones do matters which ashames us, we think how do they… she gets rid of his blouse and helps him alternate. she says how do they change a lot. he says why do i think, this started with me and ending on you. she says i was looking to know, what decision will you are taking, cancel engagement or… he says so that mother receives advocated for incorrect, never. he receives hurt. she says sorry. he jokes.


She asks did you fight along with your mum. he says no, hassle by no means solves through combat. she asks why do you fight with me. he says perhaps i don’t need to remedy fights. she says in case you get to recognize your expensive one did something that you did not anticipate, what would you do. he says i spoke to mm and tried to apprehend, on occasion even proper people do mistakes, i attempted to understand the reason, why are you asking me. she says nothing.


He says if people don’t meet eyes announcing some thing, that have to be by no means relied on. she says if that’s the case, i will meet your eyes and say, i did no longer click on the ones pics, tell me will you trust me. a person knocks the door.


Dayaben worries and says whom to name. riya says name neil, our plan failed. dayaben says i m involved for amol. diksha and riya argue. dayaben asks them to stop it now. she thinks wherein did amol move from airport. amol says marvel and is derived in. dayaben smiles. he says amol mehta is again. dayaben hugs him. physician asks neil to take rest at night time. he asks avni to change his dressing in morning and goes.


Last Part of Naamkaran 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Avni offers medicines to neil. she makes him sleep. she says call me in case you need anything, excellent night time. neil says ananya would recognize some thing approximately this coincidence, i’m able to now not depart individuals who get drunk and force. avni says aman is related to this, shall i inform police, what shall i do. she sees aman’s percent and says my aman can in no way do that. dayaben feeds laddoo and meals to aman. avni says i must understand truth from aman, i ought to pass and meet aman, neil’s twist of fate occurred. aman asks why is riya not satisfied seeing me. riya says not anything, i used to be now not worrying you, have laddoo. hetal says you missed riya’s engagement, its wrong. diksha says sure, maybe riya will omit her marriage. dayaben scolds her. she says everything will get pleasant, amol has come.aman says yes, your marriage will occur well, while will you are making me meet your would be husband, show me his %. riya suggests neil’s picture and says he is police officer, be careful. he receives greatly surprised seeing neil’s picture and recalls the twist of fate.


Precap of Naamkaran 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update. Avni says don’t realize what’s actual and what’s now not, if he without a doubt were given inebriated and did coincidence, he can be punished. neil hears her and receives angry.


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