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Naamkaran 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Naamkaran 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Naamkaran 12th June 2017 Written Episode Updates.


The episode starts with avni saying i m leaving from neil’s life, sorry to feature sleeping medicinal drug for your kheer. she ends name. neela says neil i need to depart from here. she asks fatima is this her residence, why did she do this with her. neil hears her. fatima says avni got freed from dayaben’s clutches, neil does not even understand her real name, neil might have arrested her if i instructed you. neela asks what did you do, neil knows she is avni. fatima receives greatly surprised. she asks does neil know her truth. neela says sure, he wants to help avni and punish dayaben, this mad girl has run away. fatima says i have to inform avni. neela says no, she gained’t receive neil’s assist.


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Fatima says why did you not inform me till now. neela says i idea you’ll now not take neil’s assist, we must prevent avni. neil comes and says there’s an idea, in case you assist me. bebe says they did not come until now. prakash says perhaps they went someplace. bebe says i instructed neil to come domestic before sundown. she argues with shweta.
prakash says i realize you aren’t glad with my and shweta’s marriage, but we are happy, marriage runs with love. bebe name callings him. she asks him to name neil. avni and ali are at airport. avni says i don’t like strolling away, i had to get aman from dayaben, i will’t depart him. ali says now and again we should circulate back and attack to win in large conflict, we can come lower back and get aman, i promise.


He gets bowled over seeing the news of dayaben’s granddaughter’s return, avni has come again. neil tells media that dna proves this lady is avni aisha. ali asks avni what does she want to do now. avni says this can be dayaben’s plan. dayaben sees news and asks ketan to locate approximately that lady. diksha jokes. dayaben gets angry. amol comes and asks what took place. dayaben sees they all guffawing ad receives indignant. ketan asks her did she take drugs. amol takes the wedding photo of ashish and neela. he gets stunned. ketan asks him to head and get water. amol asks what is ananya’s mum doing with papa, i abducted her, she threatened me that none should understand ananya is her daughter. ketan says it manner my doubt turned into right, avni is alive.


Avni involves police station. dd greets her. shweta says i m listening to bebe’s taunts due to ananya. prakash says ananya saved neil from mehta family cheat, it way her heart is easy. shweta says best, i can deliver her cash, however not make her my bahu. bebe hears this and looks at shweta. avni comes to neil and says i’ve to speak.


Neil asks her to peer avni aisha’s dna record, how did you return, did you cancel strolling plan, or overlooked me. she says i did mistake, i must have not come here. he says sorry. she asks do you really want to be in this marriage, why did you prevent me, do you’ve got any solid motive, i have run away as you couldn’t do something, being close to a criminal. he asks about whom are you announcing. she says dayaben, you watched you could stop me by using threatening to arrest my mum. he asks is neela your mum. she says she is like my mum. he says come, we are able to pass domestic, bebe is waiting, its your desire.


Ali comes home and meets fatima and neela. they ask for avni. physician test dayaben. diksha says we have no cash for drugs. doctor says this is calcium remedy, i can change it. ketan asks amol to go together with medical doctor. dayaben says someone is laying a lure for us, we should discover about avni.


Avni stops neil and asks how do you already know this female is avni. he asks why are you fascinated. she says perhaps this female is a fraud. neil asks why do you care, my family is waiting, you won’t inform me i m right or wrong. she says i m associated with avni. ali concerns. neela says neil will control. ali says he can arrest avni. neela says neil will now not arrest her, neil caged avni in marriage, i m with avni for the reason that adolescence. neela says avni wishes neil right now, no longer you, neil promised he’s going to assist avni, she need to agree.


Neil says i m taking avni domestic, i have to speak to dayaben, you suggest dna file is fake. she says sure, its all false, like this lady. he asks why don’t you assert something, why shall i agree with you that this girl isn’t avni. she shouts i m avni aisha, fatima’s granddaughter, aisha’s daughter, ashish’s illegitimate baby, i got shot by way of dayaben, i m that avni who used to wipe my mum’s tears and sung lullaby for her, i’ve seen my mum wreck, i m dayaben’s illegitimate granddaughter, whose naamkarann did no longer happen till now, i have just this bullet mark because the signal, this lady is mendacity, who’s she. she lifts veil and sees dd. she gets greatly surprised. neil suggests the document of avni and fatima’s dna. she asks did you already know the whole lot on marriage day. he says yes, the whole thing. it rains. they get seated someplace.


Last Part of Naamkaran 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Neil says you could have told me fact before additionally avni. avni says you may have arrested me earlier than. he says i wanted to arrest, no longer because you’re a criminal, you usually lied to me, i knew you constantly cheated me. she asks why did you no longer arrest me. he says real offender is dayaben, she is unfastened out of doors, how ought to i arrest you, i promise you, i can positioned dayaben behind bars, i promised neela and fatima too, the system will get justice for you, trust me, i realize you lost the entirety and even your youth. she cries and hugs him.


Precap: Bebe says this sort of large lie, what is that lady moving into this house. neil and avni come domestic. avni asks bebe to punish her. bebe says high-quality, meet me at the door day after today.


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