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Naamkaran 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Naamkaran 14th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Naamkaran 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode starts with riya and aman coming to cafe. she says neil isn’t always right here, don’t recognize in which he went. aman says he is policeman, he might be busy, deliver him a few space, we are able to leave. he collides with ali. juice falls over his footwear. ali apologizes. aman scolds him. ali thinks who is this man with riya. aman asks ali to smooth his shoe. ali receives indignant. neil says enough dressing now. avni says sit quiet, your mum will get involved. she does the aid. he looks at her. he says forgive me for mistake, believe is just like the glass portions, as soon as it breaks, it does now not join once more, do you believe this. she thinks try and ask me, however you received’t get to understand anything. ali says this is my cafe, there must be a board right here, rude and smug people are not allowed, now get out. aman receives irritated and prevents him.


Full Details of Naamkaran 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Aman says you could have to sell this cafe to me. ali says you are very small in age and deeds, its foolishness to explain human beings such as you, now get out. aman says i will get your cafe shut via telling my dadi, she should purchase it, then you definately paintings right here and clean my footwear, you don’t recognize my dadi. fatima holds aman’s ears and says i’m able to let you know, who’s your nani. she scolds him.
Ali smiles. riya says vintage lady, depart him. fatima scolds riya and says you’re with him, so i was wondering how did this sick mannered guy come here. riya says sure, he’s my brother amol mehta, dayaben’s grandson. ali and fatima get stunned. she thinks my aman and cries.


Avni says i will call maa and come, do you need to inform your family or need to stay in my residence. he asks for his phone. she offers him. neil calls dd and says i met with a small twist of fate, i m best, mother have to now not recognize this, get the medication package, there may be medicinal drug of each sickness, we’ve got medicine to do away with all illnesses. dd says i can get the mystical medicinal drug container. avni asks neil are you now not breaking your mum’s accept as true with by using hiding this, gyaan is for others, now not yourself?


Riya asks ali to handle dayaben, she will’t endure aman in trouble. she asks amol to return. they depart. fatima says ali, he is our aman. ali says he is our avni’s aman, its that circle of relatives’s upbringing, don’t worry, i can manipulate. he thinks to tell neela that he were given aman, she might be happy. prakash asks dayaben to take a seat, and goes to get tea. she exams his phone to discover neil. she sees him coming and maintains smartphone again. she says neil could be taking accurate care of shweta. he says neil did not get freed from police activity, he went on subject experience. she thinks prakash does not realize about neil’s twist of fate, in which is he. dd meets neil and asks are you satisfactory, what is she doing right here, did she do this. he gets angry on avni. neil asks dd to forestall his nonsense research, get my bag. avni asks such a big bag. neil says i was wondering to stay right here until i get better. she asks him to head. neil says you took care of me the day gone by and now this attitude. she says to procure an awful lot strength to ask, you probably did not say thank you.


Ali says i don’t have neela’s range, i can go and deliver news that aman got back. he is at the manner. the man calls ketan and says don’t recognise what she needs, she is not announcing whatever. ketan says keep her there, i m reaching. neela struggles to get unfastened.


Avni is leaving. neil says you appearance in hurry, like a criminal is in hurry to quit evidence. she says i m in hurry to locate some thing, not disguise, you suspect i m thief. she walks to him and says you watched i don’t know, you’re staying right here by way of fake excuses, you want to check my residence, have the keys, test the whole thing properly, take it slow, don’t forget about to inform me if you get some thing. she taunts him and goes. dd laughs. he says she is foolish, she gave keys. i’m able to test and come. neil says she gave keys as there’s nothing to locate here, we need to find about her, its written on her face that she is a liar, ananya.


Avni says even voice messages are not going, i should meet aman and understand coincidence reality. ali reaches there and says neela would be glad understanding aman got here again. she sees him and thinks if ali sees me here, he’s going to recognize i m avni. she goes through back door. she makes the auto alarm ring. he thinks what came about to vehicle. he checks the auto. she locks the principle door. he stops the alarm. he walks to the residence again. she runs. neela says avni might be involved, i must depart any way, lord assist me. the goons drink. neela falls down the stair. the goon says you could’t run away. they make her take a seat returned.



She gets the photos from the man’s pocket and thinks this proof will take Dayaben to jail. Dayaben says Prakash also does not know about Neil, go to police station and find out Riya. Riya asks Amol to come with her. Dayaben and Amol worry. Dayaben says no, he won’t go anywhere, Amol take rest at home, I will go police station with Riya. She asks Amol not to worry for anything, I will find Neil.


Last Part of Naamkaran 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Ketan reaches the place. Neela tries to get free. Ketan thinks who is that woman who reached here by following me. Neela opens the ropes and runs from here. Ketan and the goon come and see her gone. The goon says she was here. Ketan asks where did she go. He scolds the goons. He worries.

Ali sees the house locked and says maybe I did not see this before. He leaves. Avni hides and thinks to meet Aman soon. She calls Neela again. She worries as Neela’s phone is off.


Precap: Avni says my heart is right, my Aman can’t hurt anyone, I can’t wait more, I want to meet him once. She goes to see Aman and gets shocked seeing Aman beating an old servant, and drinking.


Update Credit To: Aneeta

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