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Naamkaran 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on Lollyupdates. Naamkaran 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update. Naamkaran 14th June 2017 Written Episode Updates. 


The episode starts with neil asking who’re you. he tries to unmask ketan. ketan pushes him and runs. neil’s hand receives harm. everyone come. prakash says i think it was some thief, how are you neil. neil says i m high-quality. prakash says i can tell guard to lock meter room. bebe and shweta pass. avni does the resource to neil. neil says it turned into dayaben’s plan, i m positive ketan came right here to find fake avni, what do you believe you studied, relax, its small wound. she says no, how many human beings gets hurt because of me, i don’t need this, so i instructed ali, friendship is on one side and revenge on another. neil says your friendship is powerful. she says yes, he got me lower back from demise, its his prayers too, that cafe became our dream.


Full Details of Naamkaran 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update


She asks is it hurting a lot. he says i have to be cautious, it received’t harm any longer. he thank you her. he asks her to sleep on mattress, he will sleep on sofa. she says no, i can sleep on sofa. he says don’t argue once more, else i will arrest you and ship prison. she says fine, we will sleep on couch flip by using flip. he says works for me. she goes. he thinks why did i get harm hearing about ali, i must keep this relation until i arrest dayaben, then we are able to be on our very own methods.
Avni receives up and sees neil napping. she remembers bebe’s phrases. she smiles seeing neil. she covers him with the blanket. track performs….. she is going out. pandit says natural bath is important before shiv parvati puja. they pour water on avni and chant mantras. avni sees bebe and shweta. pandit is going tilak to avni. bebe says you are now prepared for shiv parvati puja, it will be in night, you need to preserve nirjal rapid, i need to see your devotion toward this relation, if you are appropriate to end up my bahu, i will additionally preserve nirjal fast along you, if i can live hungry, you could also do. avni asks but what’s the want. bebe asks did you get scared, you stated you may do anything. avni says i m now not scared. bebe says then hold the fast. i’m able to inform you the motives for this, don’t tell this to neil, shweta you see to it she does now not drink water, turning into wife is straightforward, becoming bahu is tough.


Neil wakes up and does no longer see avni. he goes out and sees avni with shweta. he sees her moist garments. he asks what’s all this. shweta says we went to jog, human beings are mannerless, they’ve thrown water on her, don’t doubt, do you imply bebe did this. neil says i truly doubt on bebe. shweta says never. neil takes avni and asks her to say fact. shweta signs no to avni.he asks avni to head and alternate. shweta is going. neil says i understand bebe did this. avni says no. she asks are you lying to me, who usually trusts me, sorry. she asks him to give her garments from outdoor, i forgot it. he says i will see. he checks her clothes and asks what’s this, i don’t recognize.


She says i got garments, but you don’t snicker. he says why will i chortle. she comes out sporting his shirt. tu hello roshni hai…plays…. neil sees her and laughs. she says i advised you not to chuckle. he asks who wears such clothes. she asks him to forestall laughing, else she will be able to beat. he says beat and laughs. she receives pillow. he says i m a policeman. they have got a pillow combat and lovable nok jhok. he asks her to go and inform bebe. she takes towel to wrap up. he says sorry, i recognise bebe instructed you to try this, but she is chilled out, she has setup dad’s business, she is educated, don’t recognise why she does this. she says i felt properly seeing you also love bebe as a good deal as she loves you, i did not get this chance, i’ve visible children’ dadi getting shielding, but my dadi attempted to kill me.


Neil says lord gave you 2d chance as bebe, just love her once and notice, this relation’s that means will exchange. Neela asks what, you each got attacked, who did this. neil says i did now not see, however i m positive ketan did this and it changed into dayaben’s mind behind this, i did no longer let her meet avni. ali receives poha for ali. avni recalls bebe’s speedy and says not now, later. neela says now we need to suppose properly, what to do now. ali says its due to neil, dayaben will recognize ananya and avni’s connection. avni says no, neil did right. neil says we must make dayaben confess, every criminal has a susceptible factor, we should hold attacking until she breaks. neela asks how will this occur. they communicate. ali appears on.


Dayaben breaks replicate and says there is no avni, she died, i killed her by means of my arms. she goes. diksha says i assume ananya is avni, it manner a person can be actual ananya. ketan says sure, we need to locate ananya to realize approximately avni. diksha says mum will recognise we are smart.


Avni asks neil why did we come here. neil says i need to move on my knees and give flowers to a girl, whom i like plenty. he buys plant life for the unique person. he asks what colour of plants do you like. she says neil, i did not….. neil says since you came in my lifestyles, no day handed once I did now not think of you, while you hugged me, i felt…. she says please, there may be no location for romance in my existence. he laughs and says study you, i m taking flora to impress bebe, now not you. she says i will display you, what did you assert. she runs after him. he falls down. she laughs on him.


Last Part of Naamkaran 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update


She asks him to stop guffawing and supply hand. she collides with a person and falls over neil. flora fall on them. shayad yehi hai pyaar…..performs…. human beings chuckle. neil offers hand to avni. she says i can manipulate. he says every now and then you need to take assist, until whilst will you live alone and hurt yourself. she holds his hand and gets up. he offers her handbag. he buys plant life. she seems at him.


Precap: Neil asks do everybody by ananya’s name. she says yes, my university pal. he says we must reach here before dayaben. ananya verma dances inside the birthday celebration. dayaben gets bowled over seeing her.


Update Credit To: Dolly


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