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Naamkaran 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Naamkaran 18th April 2017 Written Episode Updates. Naamkaran 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode begins with avni thinking of neela. she thinks of neil’s words. she says shall i take neil’s assist in locating mumma, i m so stressed. she answers neela’s name and asks wherein are you. neela says a few people kidnapped me, they’re related to aisha’s demise, i got a large evidence, i will come domestic and tell the whole thing, i will attain soon. she ends call seeing goons and runs. avni hopes the whole lot is nice. ali asks what, neil’s coincidence, you’re telling this to me now, is he first-class. dd says he’s excellent, but we did no longer locate wrongdoer, i were given a clue, once this reaches neil, see how neil catches him. ali sees the p.c.


Full Details of Naamkaran 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Avni sees the image wall. she thinks of dayaben, diksha, riya and ketan. she cries. little avni involves her. she says the wound is still sparkling, you have to take revenge for aman and me. avni says i got a brand new call to take revenge. little avni says dayaben changed aman’s identification, our name became aisha’s dream, nowadays aman has emerge as amol mehta. avni says i won’t permit mum’s identity erased. she takes aman’s percent and says dayaben raised you for 15 years, she ended aman’s identity and gave delivery to amol, but now your sister has come. aman and his pal come there. avni says you have to neglect dayaben’s questioning and adapt aisha’s wondering, i’m able to make you aman from amol, i can do your naamkaran. little avni smiles. aman and his friend enter the house.
Neil sees id card and says this guy will take us until right offender, right job dd. dd says we will get information quickly. neil asks in which is ali. aman says we need to stop ananya from achieving police, if she does not agree through threatening, we can kidnap her. he hears avni calling out maa. he sees avni and neela’s %. avni asks did you return and appears for neela. aman hides and sees her.


Neela comes home and sees a vehicle out of doors. she enters domestic. aman asks his pal to get chloroform. neela sees them and thinks aman….


Ali says you did no longer name me after all this. fatima sees them. neil talks on cellphone and says dd, that man is not at domestic. he gets shweta’s call and says she always calls me, we ought to not waste time. ali asks neil in which have been you considering that night time. dd says don’t fear, i gained’t tell ali that you had been at ananya’s house at night. ali asks what. neil asks dd about tracker. ali says you started hiding matters, what’s your scene with ananya. fatima says ali was showing dostana and now asking about ananya.


Dd says we got to recognize about rajat. neil says notable, we could move. they depart. ali receives wondering. shweta says neil isn’t always answering. shweta sees the blood stained blouse and concerned. she says is neil is any problem. neela cries seeing aman. aman walks to her and shuts her mouth. avni talks to dayaben on call. aman and his buddy take neela. dayaben says amol has come, you desired to satisfy him. neela faints. aman says she has seen us, we are able to take her. avni says yes, i will come. aman and his pal put neela within the vehicle and go away. avni runs out to see.


Shweta meets ali and asks about neil. ali says he turned into with me just now, he is fine, he’s locating some criminal. she says why is he not choosing my name. avni receives a kerchief and choices it. she thinks who has come here. she exams the digicam feeds. she sees aman and his pal getting into domestic, neela coming domestic and getting abducted with the aid of them. she receives stunned. she says i’m able to’t imagine aman can do one of these fallen component.


Last Part of Naamkaran 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Aman and his pal rajat are at the manner. neela is tied. rajat asks where are we going. aman says i recognise, we will be caught if ananya gives assertion towards us, name ananya. rajat calls avni. aman talks to her. she gets irritated. he says we’ve got your mum. she asks how dare you try this. aman says think twice before giving statement against me. she says you’re doing large mistake aman. he says close up, recall i m dayaben’s grandson. she sees his picture fallen down and says you have become an animal. he says shut up, else you can’t see your mum, come and take her in case you love her, i can inform you what to do subsequent. he ends name. she worries. rajat asks what to do of her now. aman says allow’s reach the area after which assume. avni sits crying. she thinks i will teach him a lesson.
Precap: Avni packs a few matters and gets ready. dd tracks rajat. neil and dd search for him. avni and neil board the same bus.


Update Credit To: Dolly

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