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Naamkaran 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Naamkaran 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update On Lollyupdates. Naamkaran 1st May 2017 Written Episode Updates. Naamkaran 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update.


The episode begins with hetal doing avni’s aarti. avni sees aman and recollects formative years moment. diksha says your fav food is cooked nowadays, how changed into jail food. avni remembers dayaben. she takes a step in the house with aman. dayaben asks her to do some thing she wishes. avni smiles. neela reaches ali and says i got the blood, in which is fatima, is she best. ali thinks wherein is ananya. fatima asks who’s it. neela sees her excellent. she asks are you great. fatima says yes, what’s going to take place to me.


Full Details of Naamkaran 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Neela asks what’s this ali, why did you misinform me, solution me. fatima says i will let you know, see this photos, he feels avni and ananya are identical. neela gets taken aback. riya asks dayaben to check what she has to show. dayaben says permit me paintings. riya says i’ve shortlisted the clothes for marriage, i want your help, show
Me ancestral jewelry. dayaben thinks the jewelry is mortgaged. riya says please, get it. dayaben says first-class, permit me go. riya thanks her. Ali asks how did you get the pics. fatima says i have seen you seeing images all night, why do you experience avni and ananya are same, they can’t be same, avni is not any greater. dayaben tests her cupboard and tells every person approximately the robbery. riya asks how did this occur, we should test servants. diksha says no, servants are antique, ananya is new, this needed to show up after she got here right here.


Dayaben asks diksha and riya to be quiet and allow her think. she asks hetal to test complete residence, i’m able to not go away the person that did this. avni thinks neil if you knew the fact, maybe you can recognize, maybe sooner or later you could recognize my and aman’s relation. she thinks to name neil or now not. she receives neil’s message. neil writes i felt there was purpose in the back of your lies, there was some helplessness at the back of your fights with me, you proved i was wrong. riya and diksha appearance on. riya says avni can be leaving the residence once dadi comes here, her game is over.


Dd reads neil’s message and asks did friendship with ananya recover from? neil asks did i do right. dd says sure, she will’t be blamed and trusted, higher stay faraway from her. shweta comes and says you said right for the primary time, thank god ananya were given away, i did now not like that woman, she is a thriller, see new problems arriving continually, you need to now not be pals along with her. she makes tea for him. neil says i don’t take sugar. shweta says we ought to have candies whilst accurate news comes. dd asks what’s the best news. shweta says neil is busy guy, he has no time to speak to me, i fixed his engagement with riya after 2 days, isn’t this an awesome information. neil says engagement passed off, why once more. shweta says i need to make a new begin, when marriage date receives constant, deliver your treasured time to me. neil consents.


Diksha and riya come to avni and ask for rings. avni asks what are you locating. riya says dayaben’s earrings box, we are seeking out it. avni says its no longer positive. they check the room and display the packing containers. riya asks what’s this. avni gets shocked. shweta asks neil to neglect everything and make a brand new begin, your life could have the whole thing correct after marrying riya. she goes.


Neil says while a relation isn’t operating, it should be ended and new start have to be made, why to keep vain friendship, come we must go to ali’s house. avni says i don’t recognize about the packing containers. diksha says you mean someone kept packing containers here. dayaben comes and asks what’s going on. diksha says your rings packing containers are observed in ananya’s room. aman comes and claps. he says second threat, reformation, she desires this. dayaben asks avni why did you try this.


Avni says i don’t have any concept about this. diksha says you act harmless. riya says little need of this appearing now, the fact has pop out, when you did crime, we need to make her reach jail. aman says she were given me arrested through neil, wait i will call him.


Fatima says i instructed ali that avni and ananya aren’t identical, however he does not pay attention to me, avni turned into shot at heart. she stops and says perhaps my avni is alive, my avni’s coronary heart turned into on proper facet. neela recollects physician announcing avni’s coronary heart is on right facet, bullet become shot on left facet, she is fortunate, your daughter is best. neela thinks i forgot fatima recognize this fact. she asks them to forget about all this and no longer scratch antique wounds. she leaves.


Last Part of Naamkaran 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Maid comes and says motive force gave this for diksha. dayaben comes and finds the jewellery in it. all of them get shocked. avni asks is this rings yours. she unearths the box empty. avni remembers seeing diksha and riya preserving bins. she continues the jewellery in diksha’s car. facebook ends. avni sees the bank slip at the box and returns the packing containers to dayaben. dayaben scolds diksha for framing ananya to make her fall in anybody’s sight. she asks diksha to apologize to ananya. avni scares them and says if this matter reaches police, one more family member has to head prison, people will say its criminal’s own family.

Naamkaran 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Dayaben says none should recognize jewelry is mortgaged to bank. all people sees the video. aman asks dayaben are they not wealthy, does she now not have powers, was the whole thing a lie. avni appears on.


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